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Coverage of energy resources since July 13, 2023.

Zero: Oil industry’s plan for climate action? More fossil fuels

"...The best performer was France’s TotalEnergies, which calls itself “a major player in renewable energy production,” including hydroelectricity, solar, wind power and biofuels. In 2022, Total’s green energy resources accounted for a negligible 1. 3% of total revenue..."


MEI-Ipsos Poll: Majority of Canadians support carbon capture, energy corridor projects Montreal Economic Institute

"...“People all across the country understand that a prosperous Canada involves our ability to trade and access energy resources nationwide,” said Renaud Brossard, senior director of communications at the MEI. “Whether it is to transport electricity, oil, or natural gas, Canadians support the idea of having established rights-of-way to streamline the process. ”..."


B.C. eyes green hydrogen economy with cross-country partnership

"...Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Andrew Furey and B. C. Premier David Eby held a joint news conference Tuesday prior to signing a statement of cooperation around clean energy generally and the hydrogen economy specifically..."


Poll: Six in 10 Quebecers in favour of developing new pipelines Montreal Economic Institute

"...“Quebecers recognize that each cubic metre of gas we export to Europe is a cubic metre of gas less that Russia exports,” explains Renaud Brossard, senior director of communications at the MEI. “The population is much more open to developing our energy resources than are its representatives at the National Assembly. ”..."


Exclusive: The feds bought a pipeline for $5B. How did the cost balloon to over $30B?

"...Trans Mountain, along with the federal government, maintains that the new line is in Canada’s national interest, especially in terms of opening new markets for Canada’s landlocked energy resources. “The Trans Mountain Expansion Project will ensure Canada receives fair market value for our resources while maintaining the highest environmental standards,” the company wrote in an emailed response to Global News. Citing an independent report produced by consulting firm Ernst & Young, the pipeline company added “that Trans Mountain’s expanded operations will contribute $17..."


Ottawa releases vision for transition to ‘net-zero’ electricity systems

"...“The potential of hydrogen, renewables, nuclear, biofuels, critical minerals, batteries, electric vehicles, green steel and aluminum, decarbonizing conventional energy resourcefully and more, draw on Canada’s tremendous advantages,” said Steven Guilbeault, minister of environment and climate change, and Jonathan Wilkinson, minister of energy and natural resources, in the report..."


Wind and waves: Former UVic engineer making case for offshore renewable energy

"...“There’s a huge amount of energy in the ocean,” said the researcher, who was a senior engineer with a UVic project studying wave energy resources off Canada’s West Coast. “How to harness it is the challenge. ”..."


Redefining America’s ‘Energy Communities’ Can Boost Clean Energy Investments Where It’s Needed Most

"...Millions of Americans live in communities heavily dependent on the fossil fuel industry, facing both risks and opportunities as the U. S. moves to a low-carbon future..."


COLUMN: Luxury is killing us -- Top 1% emit more carbon than rest of upper class

"...A recent study published in Nature Energy, “Emissions savings from equitable energy demand reduction,” found meeting the needs of 20 per cent of people in Europe who use the least energy while reducing demand from the top 20 per cent high energy users “can achieve considerable greenhouse gas emissions reductions of 11. 4% from domestic energy, 16. 8% from transport and 9..."


Ponoka County council hears presentation on renewable energy and landowners

"...• Renewable energy resources include moving water, wind, heat from the earth, sunlight and sustainable biomass..."


AlphaBow fined by Alberta regulator for constructing pipeline prior to approvals

"...Before building infrastructure like pipelines, companies must apply for the appropriate licence from AER, which enables the regulator to assess the risks and effects of the work, and make sure the project is in line with the safe and responsible development of energy resources. AER said the fine amount was based on the seriousness of the company’s breaking of the rules and the effect or potential effect those actions have on public safety, the environment or resource protection..."


Alberta Energy Regulator fines Calgary company for building pipelines without a licence

"...The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) ordered AlphaBow Energy Ltd. to pay $25,000 after it built two pipeline segments in November 2021 near Hardisty, Alta..."


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Jobs in energy resources

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Telecom Administrator

"...The role is the primary support function for the daily maintenance, administration and system management for all telephony systems..."

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Transportation Project / Design Engineer

"...Tetra Tech is a leading provider of high-end consulting and engineering services for projects worldwide..."

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Senior Director Business Development Indigenous Relations, Energy Resources

"...Energy Resources Bilingual French English Montreal, QC (preferred), Burlington, ON Grow your career with a company that shares your passion! We are looking for our Senior Director Business..."

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Intermediate Mechanical Project Engineer

"...planning and feasibility studies and development of business cases;..."

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Recent episodes that mention energy resources.

How Locational Value Is Transforming Energy Policy Across the U.S.

Duration: 21:00

"...What changes are driving an increase in the use of locational value for distributed energy resources? Policymakers across the United States are struggling to determine the best model for optimizing electric power distribution that meets their priorities and grid needs..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about energy resources.

342. FULL INTERVIEW - Simon Dyer on Alberta's Pathway to the New Energy Economy

"...But alas Alberta, Canada's oil capital also has the best renewable energy resources in the country..."


Offsetting the future with Kai Landwehr

"...Emissions are reduced thereby replacing fossil energy resources with renewable energies, and by implementing local afforestation measures with smallholder farmers and energy-efficient technologies..."


Connected Communities: A Multi-Building Energy Management Approach

"...of Energy and Bill Livingood, NREL join Cara Carmichael and Seth Coan of Rocky Mountain Institute to discuss recently release research about “connected communities. ” Learn how these communities, made up of collections of buildings and distributed energy resources, integrate energy management strategies at the multi-building scale..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about energy resources relevant to the latest news.

The Promethean Fate of Economy: Will Hydrogen Really Be Prometheus III?s New Gift to Humanity?

"...This gift, thanks to the fact that green hydrogen is an easily storable raw material, a clean fuel, a vector and a means for accumulation of energy, can contribute, as already pointed out by Jeremy Rifkin, to overcome, at European level, the problems of exhaustion of non-renewable energy resources, of pollution, of climate change, of security and independence of energy supplies, of economic recovery after covid-19 pandemic and Ukrainian war, of lack of democracy in energy generation..."


Thermal Energy Storage (TES) for Sustainable Buildings: Addressing the Current Energetic Situation in the EU with TES-Enhanced

"...The environmental sustainability and the limitation of the energy consumption of buildings are of substantial importance in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating the consequences of climate change..."


Performance investigation of novel semitransparent buildings with integrated photovoltaic windows based on fluid-thermal-electr

"...The integration of solar panels with semitransparent windows is used for electricity generation and sunlight penetration, leading to better energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption..."


Integrated hesitant fuzzy-based decision-making framework for evaluating sustainable and renewable energy

"...According to the achieved results, landfill gas and biogas have the highest rank among the alternatives to renewable energy..."


Triboelectric nanogenerators: the beginning of blue dream

"...Making full use of the huge ocean wave energy resources is the dream of mankind for hundreds of years..."


Yellow, red, and brown energy: leveraging water footprinting concepts for decarbonizing energy systems

"...Energy use has historically been a high-quality proxy for socioenvironmental impacts of interest, but this characteristic depends on the relatively stable historical relationship between energy use (typically measured as exchanges of marketed energy resources and carriers like natural gas and electricity) and these impacts?a relationship that is increasingly weak..."


Linking personal remittance and fossil fuels energy consumption to environmental degradation: evidence from all SAARC countries

"...Therefore, this research spotlights the heterogeneous effect of remittance, financial development, fossil fuels energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions in all SAARC economies using dynamic panel data from 1990 to 2020..."


Capping carbon emission from green data centers

"...The world has witnessed a global surge in energy consumption and carbon footprint since the industrial revolution..."


Artificial Intelligence and the Decarbonization Challenge

"...The DSO was able to employ available and incoming distributed energy resource assets more effectively thanks to AI Similar to this, a German transmission system operator employed AI to produce more accurate grid loss forecasts..."