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News and Opinion

Coverage of environmental degradation since July 19, 2022.

Activists ask UNEA to order the global industry to abide by resolutions on safe environment

"...According to Dr Million Belay, the Coordinator for the Alliance for Food Sovereignty for Africa (AFSA), agriculture is one of the main sources of environmental degradation and pollution globally. As a continent, we need to shift towards sustainable agriculture, heal our soils which synthetic fertilizers have acidifed, move away from agrochemicals, some of which have been banned for use in their countries of origin, he said..."


Event Summary: Climate Geopolitics and The U.S. Military at COP28

"...It is not only climate adaptation but also the transition to renewable energy that comes with risks and opportunities for the US military. Ferguson stated that the war in Ukraine provided a wake-up call for the need to ensure sufficient energy resources from a dependable source. Domestically, she noted this can be accomplished through distributed generation on military bases..."


World News in Brief: Sandstorm alert, albinism and climate change, rights in Peru

"...The UN World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said in a new report on Thursday that every year, around 2,000 million tonnes of dust enter the atmosphere, darkening skies and harming air quality in regions that can be thousands of kilometres away. WMO chief Petteri Taalas said this was partly due to poor water and land management. The phenomenon was also exacerbated by higher temperatures and drought brought on by a warming climate, leading to higher evaporation and drier soils..."


Green growth or degrowth? That is the question

"...Much of the debate centres around the concept ofdecoupling whether the economy can grow without corresponding increases in environmental degradation or greenhouse gas emissions. Essentially, it signifies a separation of the historical linkage between GDP growth and its adverse environmental effects. Importantly,absolutedecoupling rather thanrelativedecoupling is necessary for green growth to succeed..."


Conservationists appeal gravel mine approval near Big Hill Springs outside Calgary

"...Some 250,000 visitors every year are drawn by the park's forested hikes, waterfalls and even a fish hatchery. What's more, it supplies clean freshwater to Big Hill Creek and the Bow River. “The Big Hill Springs is a cold-water mineral spring that runs year-round that provides a steady temperature and freshwater which is important aquatic habitat,” said Kennedy Halvorson, a conservation specialist with the Alberta Wilderness Association..."


Ethiopia and Tanzania Share Experiences and Lessons on Water Allocation Planning

"...Group photo in front of the Lake Victoria Basin Water Board offices in Mwanza. Water allocation planning can play an important role in addressing competing water demands and water management challenges. Photo by Gordon Mumbo..."


How nature can help cities survive

"...Given this explosive growth, one might expect another apocalyptic environment book foretelling the end of nature and naming cities as the culprit. What Wilson, a British historian and the author of five books, offers instead is more nuanced, and even guardedly optimistic. Urban areas are “ecosystems deserving of our protection and nurture,’’ he writes..."


Briefer: One Year Later: Unraveling Climate and Ecological Security in Ukraine

"...In the wake of the initial invasion, the Center for Climate and Security published a briefer overviewing challenges and concerns regarding climate and ecological security in the midst of the conflict. One year after the invasion, this briefer reassesses the wars implications for the energy transition, as well as global climate, ecological and food security..."


COP27: Protecting biodiversity is protecting the Paris Agreement

"...According to the agency, efforts to reduce deforestation and forest degradation and restore ecosystems, for example, could contribute to lowering annual greenhouse gas emissions..."


World population reaches 8 billion, raises environmental concerns

"...But, with the majority of the worlds population growth concentrated among the poorest countries, there can not be correlation between population growth and the rise in greenhouse gas emissions..."


Letter: Foreshore expansion a bad idea

"...My fears surround the potential environmental impacts Nov. 10, 2022 2:56 p. m..."


Ochugboju leads UN panel on innovative solutions to global environmental crises

"...The super-session for nature seeks to identify practical solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, protecting biodiversity on land and sea, restoring life to degraded land and soils, tackling pollution and achieving circular economies..."


Recommended Reading

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Recent episodes that mention environmental degradation.

Nithin Coca: Indonesian Coal Crisis

Duration: 29:00

"...Source: Sea Change Radio..."


Yale Health Experts

Duration: 13:23

"...On Dispelling Dark Psychic Forces- Creating Mindfulness and Joy..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about environmental degradation.

The Unimagineable Impact Of Electronic Waste Disposal | Blame Game | Spark

"...Blame Game investigates the murky world of global electronic waste disposal, where legal grey areas, a lack of investment in recycling, unscrupulous businesses, and politicized application of the existing laws lead to wasted opportunities, environmental degradation, and for the people of Agbogbloshie - hellish living conditions in a toxic dumping ground..."


2. Principles & Strategies in Environmental Law

"...Environmental law seeks to balance the costs of environmental degradation with the economic benefits that companies reap..."


The real reason nature keeps getting worse #shorts

"..."With ongoing environmental degradation at local, regional, and global scales, people's accepted thresholds for environmental conditions are continually being lowered..."


Maldives: Fighting back the tides of trash | DW Documentary

"...Working with an environmental organization, they have obtained trash compactors that make plastic waste transportable, allowing it to be shipped abroad for recycling..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about environmental degradation relevant to the latest news.

The role of food industries in sustainability transition: a review

"...Promoting plant based diets, reduced food waste and adopting circular economy principles can significantly contribute to sustainable consumption patterns..."


Global ambient air quality monitoring: Can mosses help? A systematic meta-analysis of literature about passive moss biomonitori

"...Surging incidents of air quality-related public health hazards, and environmental degradation, have prompted the global authorities to seek newer avenues of air quality monitoring, especially in developing economies, where the situation appears most alarming besides difficulties around ?adequate? deployment of air quality sensors..."


Enhancing energy efficiency and cost redemption through solar-powered electric vehicles with induction cooking system for mobil

"...This paper addresses the urgent challenges posed by limited energy resources and environmental degradation, focusing on the critical issue of excessive energy consumption and advocating for sustainable practices..."


Urbanization and Benefit of Integration Circular Economy into Waste Management in Indonesia: A Review

"...The purpose of this paper is to critically review the impact of urbanization on waste generation, what is currently being done, and the benefit of integrating a circular economy into waste management to address the waste problem in Indonesia..."


Exploring the impacts of greenhouse gas emissions and environmental degradation on cereal yields in East Africa

"...In this regard, this undertaking assesses the impact of environmental degradation, greenhouse gases (GHGs), agriculture methane emissions, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and population growth on cereal yields in East African countries using panel data spanning 1992?2018..."


Nonlinear relationships between Foreign Direct Investment decisions and environmental degradation in high- and middle-income co

"...The main findings suggest that electrification and energy transition away from fossil fuels to renewable energy may be crucial to limiting the polluting effect of Gross Fixed Capital Formation, Trade Openness and Foreign Direct Investment..."


Circular Economy Business Model Framework Considering Product Sustainability

"...With the development of technology and industry, which started in the latter half of the twentieth century, environmental degradation intensified because of the depletion of natural resources, global warming, the disintegration of the ozone layer, acid rain, droughts, and other issues..."


Asymmetric effects of high-tech industry and presence of pollution-haven hypothesis in APEC countries: fresh evidence with pane

"...In this pursuit, the response of CO2 emission is provoked by renewable energy consumption, FDI, natural resource, interaction term of FDI and NR, medium?high-tech industry, and economic growth on APEC countries for the period 1996?2020..."


An environmental assessment of the impacts of corruption, foreign investment inflow and trade liberalization in the rapidly eme

"...In the wake of various catastrophic consequences of climate change, Malaysia, a rapidly developing economy, is also inevitably experiencing environmental degradation that merits prompt and serious attention from policymakers and its government..."


Another look at the nexus between economic growth trajectory and emission within the context of developing country: fresh insig

"...Using quarterly frequency data for the case of Russia from 1992 to 2018, the present study explores the interaction between disaggregated energy consumption (renewable energy and non-renewable energy), trade flow and economic growth on a broader measure for environmental degradation (ecological footprint)..."


Stock market development and environmental quality in EU member countries: a dynamic heterogeneous approach

"...However, to the best of my knowledge, there has been no research on the linkage between stock market development and environmental quality in the EU, while controlling for natural resource rents, trade openness and energy consumption at the same time..."