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Coverage of environmental effects since June 14, 2023.

Court ruling should lead to narrower B.C. environmental assessments: analyst

"...A leading B. C. expert in environmental law says future federal assessments of major projects will be more narrow following a Supreme Court of Canada advisory ruling against federal legislation governing the environmental effects of such projects..."


A look at some reaction to the Supreme Court's ruling on feds' environmental review law

"...Five out of seven judges found most of the law unconstitutional, because it seeks to regulate activities within provincial jurisdiction. Here is some of the reaction to the decision:“The Government of Canada developed the Impact Assessment Act to create a better set of rules that respect the environment, Indigenous rights and ensure projects get assessed in a timely way. We remain committed to these principles..."


Supreme court says feds went ‘overboard’ on climate change law

"...The Supreme Court of Canada is seen on Friday, June 16, 2023 in Ottawa. Canada’s top court is expected to rule today on the validity of the federal government’s environmental assessment legislation. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld..."


NewsAlert: Supreme Court majority rules against federal impact assessment law

"...Alberta Premier Danielle Smith, whose province challenged the legislation, called it a “massive win” for provincial rights. She said it gives “exclusive provincial jurisdiction” to matters such as building new greenhouse gas-emitting natural gas power plants..."


Green growth or “degrowth”? That is the question

"...Much of the debate centres around the concept of decoupling – whether the economy can grow without corresponding increases in environmental degradation or greenhouse gas emissions. Essentially, it signifies a separation of the historical linkage between GDP growth and its adverse environmental effects. Importantly, absolute decoupling rather than relative decoupling is necessary for green growth to succeed..."


Blog: Last Day of Chalk River Nuclear Landfill Hearing

"...In 2016, the privately-owned Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) proposed a Near Surface Disposal Facility (NSDF) for their Chalk River site. The NSDF is required to undergo a federal environmental assessment (EA) under the legislation that was in place at the time, specifically the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 (CEAA, 2012). The CNSC must issue a decision statement under section 54 of the CEAA, 2012 as to whether the designated project is likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects..."


Sept. 2 deadline for comment on Semiahmoo First Nation biofuel project

"...Officials say in addition to creating multiple jobs, the facility will divert some 70,000 tons of organic food waste from area landfills and incinerators annually, eliminate around 55,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually, generate 3. 5 million gigajoules of RNG and help avoid the use of some 22,000 tons of chemical fertilizers every year..."


This turtle is one step away from being run over. It doesn’t have to be this way

"...Canada's current lack of a national mandatory road ecology strategy takes a distressing toll on the wildlife population. Thousands of animals and millions of birds die each year from road collisions. In the province of Ontario alone, approximately 12,000 deer and other wildlife are killed in crashes annually, with 400 people injured..."


Climate change strains the health-care system. How we treat patients is part of the problem

"...A new guide aims to educate doctors on how to reduce environmental impacts of the care they provide. In recent years, Canadians have experienced the health impacts of extreme heat, poor air quality from wildfires and harmful algae blooms caused by excess nutrients and pollution, all of which are exacerbated by climate change. Though the climate crisis strains the Canadian health-care system, the sector itself also contributes to the problem, accounting for five per cent of Canada’s total greenhouse gas emissions..."


Environmental group raises concern about flooding at Alberta coal mines

"...An environmental group is calling for stronger action from Alberta’s energy regulator after it announced heavy rain had caused flooding and excessive surface runoff at energy sites, including coal mines..."


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Jobs in environmental effects

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

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Condition Monitoring Analyst

"...application, design, functionality and understanding the environmental effect on the equipment performance..."

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Environmental Specialist, Biologist in Oakville, Ontario | Careers at

"...We believe that the key to protecting the environment begins with understanding it..."

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Senior Environmental Scientist - Impact Assessment/Permitting (Mid-Senior Level)

"...(Toronto ON): Environmental Resources Management (ERM) is a leading global provider of environmental, health, safety, risk, and social consulting services..."

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Senior Environmental Coordinator -- Environmental Review (#93/20)

"...Environmental ReviewThe Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is responsible for the stewardship of Canada's largest port, and our vision is to the world's most sustainable..."

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Recent episodes that mention environmental effects.

Andrea Copping: The Latest on Marine Energy Projects

Duration: 29:00

"...Source: Sea Change Radio..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about environmental effects.

Does the GTA Need New Highways? | The Agenda

"...Premier Ford says everyone is asking for the new highway, but who is everyone? Is it what the province needs now? And what are the concerns around environmental effects to Ontario's Greenbelt..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about environmental effects relevant to the latest news.

Selected Aspects of the Environmental Analysis of HDPE Film Using the LCA Method

"...Based on a life cycle assessment, the environmental effects associated with the HDEP film production technology were estimated, and the impact of the production technology on greenhouse gas emissions was determined..."


Assessing the role of foreign direct investment in environmental sustainability: a spatial semiparametric panel approach

"...The findings also reveal that energy consumption, economic growth, industrialization, and population size exacerbate environmental pollution, while technology and urbanization do the opposite..."


Impact Analysis of Internalizing Environmental Costs on Technical, Economic, and Environmental Performances for Power Plants

"...From 2017 to 2050, fossil fuel consumption is expected to decline by about 124 billion m3 of natural gas equivalent, along with 136 MTCO2E reduction in pollutant and GHGs emission..."


Environmental impact assessment and efficiency of cotton: the case of Northeast Iran

"..., respiratory effects resulting from winter smog caused by emissions of dust, sulfur, and nitrogen oxides to air) posed the greatest environmental burden in cotton production, followed by non-renewable energy, carcinogens, and global warming..."


Role of Machine Learning in Sustainable Manufacturing Practices: An Outline

"...The paper discusses ML?s uses in sustainable manufacturing practices (SMP), such as supply chain management, waste management, energy efficiency, equipment maintenance, water quality management, and other fields..."


The Challenges and Solutions in Sustainable Buildings

"...As a result, to reduce the adverse environmental effects and save energy consumption, the composition of renewable resource technology and sustainable buildings is considered a suitable solution and will be investigated in this section..."


Energy cycle assessment of bioethanol production from sugarcane bagasse by life cycle approach using the fermentation conversio

"...Moreover, by replacing fossil fuels with clean energies, more energy efficiency and less environmental consequences can be achieved because fossil fuels cause air pollution leading to acid rain, eutrophication, damage to forests, and harm to wildlife..."


Understanding material and energy use in the processes of decoupling CO2 emissions from economic growth

"...In this study, to address this shortcoming, we investigate the role of materials on the decoupling of carbon-dioxide emissions (CO2) from economic growth and compare it with the role of energy use in the world's top-19 emitting countries for the 1990?2019 period..."