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Coverage of environmental impact since April 7, 2021.

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$102M funding for green infrastructure, COVID-19 resilience projects in Saskatoon

"...“The Meewasin trail network is built with goals for the lowest possible environmental impact and highest standards for safety and accessibility,” said Meewasin board chair Colin Tennent. “The planned enhancements are invaluable outdoor spaces where community members and future visitors can stay active, learn about the environment, and experience nature that supports physical and mental wellbeing. ”New trails, benches, picnic tables and interpretative signage will be added, along with increased safety measures..."

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Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) Blog

"...In 2019, the United Nations Environment Programme (“UNEP”) released its latest global chemicals outlook report, which indicated that the 2002 goal of the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development, reiterated in 2006 and 2012, of achieving by 2020 the environmentally sound management of chemicals and wastes, will not be achieved. It undoubtedly was not. The UNEP report noted that trends data suggested the doubling of the global chemicals market between 2017 and 2030 will increase global chemical releases, exposures, concentrations and adverse health and environmental impacts unless the sound management of chemicals is achieved worldwide..."

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What is sustainable fashion? ECO Canada

"...Sustainable fashion is fashion that’s mindful of its social, environmental and economic factors. It’s fashion developed by companies that pay their workers a living wage, give them safe, healthy working conditions and monitors its environmental impact, taking care to use more sustainable materials and reduce resource use throughout their products’ life cycle..."

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Tracking the progress of fusion power through 60 years of neutral particle analysis

"...As the world's energy demands grow, so too does growing concern over the environmental impact of power production. The need for a safe, clean, and reliable energy source has never been clearer. Fusion power could fulfil such a need..."

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North Island-Powell River MP introduces bill to combat food waste

"...“This bill is an opportunity to examine our food system, stop the overproduction of unhealthy foods flooding the market, and ensure that excess healthy fresh food is available for all,” said Maurita Prato, Lush Valley executive director. “This examination of food waste in our food system will decrease methane production, support food security and move our food system towards a more sustainable future. ”..."

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South Surrey N-95 equivalent manufacturer launches mask recycling program

"...“There is so much needless waste created, and much of the problem is the bureaucracy behind it all,” LifeCycle partner Andy Straisfeld said in a release. “There is a lot of potential with recycling and repurposing PPE. It's a circular economy..."

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Province to finish funding for Oliver irrigation system repairs

"...“The canal pipeline has served a critical role in delivering irrigation water to over 5,000 acres of farmland in Oliver, surrounding Area C (rural Oliver), and the Osoyoos Indian Band lands for 100 years. The 2016 rockfall significantly threatened this crucial irrigation water supply,” said Oliver mayor Martin Johansen. “The $11-million rerouting project is currently underway along Gallagher Lake and this $5-million provincial contribution towards this project is gratefully received by many small and large farms, orchards, wineries and businesses in the agricultural sector..."

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Permanent irrigation water pipes on way near Oliver, B.C., 5 years after rockslide destroyed system

"...Water flowed, but with reduced capacity and was vulnerable during the dry season, according to the province. On Friday, the B. C..."

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Red Deer company poised to be part of green economic recovery: BDC

"...A Red Deer-based energy company is poised to be part of Canada’s green economic recovery, says the Business Development Bank of Canada..."

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Deep water port project in Quebec receives mixed reactions from Indigenous groups | APTN News

"...But the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake formally objected to the project when consulted on the environmental impacts..."

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Study calls for urgent climate change action to secure global food supply

"..."The combination of climate change and the quality of nutrition is the major public health challenge of this decade and, indeed, this century. Despite positive advances in world nutrition rates, we are still facing the ongoing threat of climate change to our global food supply, with Sub-Saharan Africa and part of Asia most at risk" Professor Binns said..."

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Saanich halts herbicide use at Kings Park greenspace amid neighbourhood outcry

"...A herbicide application process planned for Kings Park in Saanich was paused after the community expressed concern about the environmental impacts..."

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Jobs in environmental impact

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

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Sustainable Development Compliance Officer - Katzie (Pitt Meadows, BC)

"...The SDCO investigates and processes alleged KFN law violations and takes remedial action as required to obtain compliance, recommends legal action as required, gathers evidence and prepares information for prosecution..."

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Recent episodes that mention environmental impact.

Episode 67: Factory 45 with Shannon Lohr

Duration: 40:50

"...Learn how to make smart choices for new clothing with minimal environmental impact, decipher which materials are eco friendly, and learn tips for creating a capsule wardrobe. ..."

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Funding the Future of Social Entrepreneurship with Wayne Miranda – March 24th 2020

Duration: 30:32

"...Want to build a business that’s about more than a bottom line? Wayne Miranda, Social Finance Investment Readiness Lead at the McConnell Foundation wants to help you do it! Wayne’s passion is to grow ventures that generate a social and environmental impact..."

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Inconspicuous Consumption: The Environmental Impact You Don't Know You Have

Duration: 52:00

"...Everyday choices – like deciding which shirt to buy or on which platform to binge-watch shows on – may impact the planet more than you think..."

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#114 Dr Craig MacIntyre, Salmon Farming, Aquaculture, River Health, Tree Planting, Environmental Impacts, Esk Rivers , Protecti

Duration: 02:02:43

"...It’s a fishy business this week as we chat with Dr Craig MacIntyre, Director of the Esk Rivers and Fisheries Trust and District Salmon Fisheries Board..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about environmental impact.

How This Founder Built a Billion-Dollar Ethical Egg Business

"...It’s also incredibly conscientious of its environmental impact – the farm doesn’t use herbicides or pesticides, and farmers practice pasture rotation..."

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The Commonwealth Marine Economies Programme - The Pacific

"...Her research has been focused on fate and consequence of pollutants in the freshwater, coastal and offshore marine waters, and establishing links between the freshwater zone and marine system and coastal zone management with extensive experience of designing, implementing and evaluating monitoring programs to assess environmental impacts of human activity on the marine and coastal zone..."

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Creating a Circular Food Economy

"...Our Food Future aims to reimagine the food system, eliminate food waste, and lessen environmental impact..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about environmental impact relevant to the latest news.

Recycling of construction and demolition waste and its impact on climate change and sustainable development

"...Analysis showed that C&D waste recycling could be an effective mitigation option to reduce the risk of landslides; reduce the energy consumption; offset the greenhouse emissions where about 39% is attributed to the construction industry; recover added-value materials; create jobs; and protect the earth?s natural resources..."

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The application of system dynamics in different practices of a waste management system

"...An increase in waste reduction, source separation, and recycling rate could decrease the environmental impact, but it is not necessarily profitable from an economic perspective..."

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Residual Mexican biomasses for bioenergy and fine chemical production: correlation between composition and specific application

"...The conversion of renewable biomasses into biofuels and chemicals represents a strategic way to reduce the use of fossil feedstock, by contributing in switching to a more sustainable society..."

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Multi-criteria assessment of the viability of valorising vegetable by-products from the distribution as secondary raw material

"...Despite its enormous potential, a low percentage of this food wastage is valorised causing negative social, economic and environmental impacts..."

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Hydrogen fuel and fuel cell technology for cleaner future: a review

"...Hydrogen through fuel cells can be used in transport and distributed heating, as well as in energy storage systems..."

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Grid versus off-grid electricity access options: A review on the economic and environmental impacts

"...Existing literature on the environmental impacts primarily focuses on greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation, with off-grid (solar PV and storage) systems’ emissions in the range of 50–130 gCO2-eq/kWh and grid generation from close to 0 gCO2-eq/kWh (for renewables and nuclear sources) to over 1,000 gCO2-eq/kWh (for coal)..."

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Blue?Green Infrastructure for Flood and Water Quality Management in Southeast Asia: Evidence and Knowledge Gaps

"...Here, we review the literature on BGI for flood risk mitigation and water quality improvement in Southeast Asian cities to understand the scope of practical knowledge and identify research needs..."

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Comprehensive evaluation and prediction of tourism ecological security in droughty area national parks?a case study of Qilian M

"...However, there is still a lack of systematic research on the environmental impact of tourism activities and on achieving sustainable development of ecotourism in national parks..."

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Process intensification technologies for the recovery of valuable compounds from cocoa by-products

"...Over last decade, both science and industry have focused on finding new cost-effective technologies for phytochemical recovery that are able to lower extraction times, energy consumption and environmental impact..."

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Rethinking the geography of energy transitions: low carbon energy pathways through energyshed design

"...An energyshed is the geographic area that contains the land, infrastructure, people, profits, and environmental impacts connected to final energy consumption..."

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Resource and environmental assessment of pyrolysis-based high-value utilization of waste passenger tires

"...Reducing the consumption of electricity and natural gas in the high-value utilization process has a significant effect on the decline of the main environmental impacts..."

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