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Coverage of environmental quality since March 10, 2022.

Extreme cold weather causing oil spills in North Dakota; 60 reports over past week CityNews Kitchener

"...Public health is not at risk due to the remoteness of the spills, Suess said. The spills most commonly have involved crude oil and produced water wastewater that is a byproduct of oil and gas production, containing oil, drilling chemicals and salts. Produced water spills can cause long-term damage to impacted land..."


Revelstoke to examine composting program in 2024 budget

"...If implemented, the program would reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by almost 10,000 tonnes per year. The Citys council report also noted that the cost of mixed waste at Revelstokes landfill is set to increase from $240 per tonne. By comparison, a tonne of compost costs $120 and a tonne of garbage costs $80..."


Water systems in Cowichan region in critical shape, watershed board warns

"...The Cowichan Watershed Board is a partnership between Cowichan Tribes and the Cowichan Valley Regional District with a mandate to provide leadership for sustainable water management and to protect and enhance environmental quality and the quality of life in the Cowichan and Koksilah watersheds and adjoining areas..."


New Social Sciences building solar panel wall is a promising sign for future sustainability

"...We were striving for a 30 per cent reduction [of greenhouse gas emissions] by 2025 and we exceeded that milestone, so were sitting at around 37 per cent reduction right now, said Perdue.  ..."


Hydro-Quebec allegedly violated the Environmental Quality Act

"...In particular, Hydro-Quebec is accused of having "made a change to the authorized activities by building work areas and roads with embankments on the banks of watercourses and in peatland-type wetlands, without obtaining the Minister's authorization modifications. "..."


See how 30 Canadian cities stack up on environmental quality with this Dal researcher's scorecard

"...To make up for this gap in knowledge, Dr. Rainham and colleagues developed an innovative approach that assesses environmental quality based on nine indicators which were drawn from five environmental domains: outdoor air pollution, natural environments, built environments, radiation, and climate/weather..."


Cultus Lake Park to receive almost $10M for new waste water treatment plant

"...Im please to share that the province and federal government have committed nearly $10 million to the construction of the new Cultus Lake North Wastewater Treatment Plant. ..."


B.C.'s 2021 floods a

"...A year later, the true level of contamination Thandi and thousands of other residents waded and swam through during the floods is finally taking shape. An analysis of water quality across Sumas Prairie released Thursday revealed a toxic soup of fossil fuels, cocaine, pharmaceuticals and heavy metals. ..."


Methane emissions in Canada much higher than official estimates, reports show

"...A recent survey of oil and gas facilities in Canada found widespread methane releases. Satellite imagery saw giant plumes of the gas escaping landfills. And published research suggests claims of success at curtailing the gas may be partly the result of accounting changes, not actual reductions..."


Methane emissions underestimated, a growing number of reports suggest

"...As the federal government moves to tighten regulations on methane emissions, new assessments suggest the amount of the potent greenhouse gas escaping into the atmosphere has been significantly underestimated..."


Town of Lake Cowichan applies for $7.3-million grant to upgrade wastewater plant

"...The Town of Lake Cowichan has applied for a $7. 3-million government grant to help pay for the final phase of upgrades at its wastewater treatment plant. (File photo)..."


North Cowichan applies for grant for upgrades to sewage treatment plant in Crofton

"...At the council meeting on March 2, council endorsed an application that has already been submitted by staff to the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program Environmental Quality sub-stream for a grant that would fund 73. 33 per cent of the total projected $3. 5-million cost of the upgrades to the clarifiers at the sewage treatment plant..."


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Quality Manager

"...Environmental) certifications and developing and updating processes and procedures to ensure certifications are maintained..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about environmental quality.

Decarbonized Homes, Healthier Communities

"...Such an approach is a crucial opportunity to 1) lower housing cost burdens, 2) improve housing and environmental quality, and 3) reduce climate and air pollutions, of which are benefits that are particularly important for our most overburdened and underserved communities..."


Ms. Katie Harrigan: Federal and State Level Soil Health Legislation

"...Provisions to land stewardship programs such as the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) and Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) encourage soil health planning, resource-conserving crop rotation planning, soil tests and soil remediation through increased incentive payments..."


2. Principles & Strategies in Environmental Law

"...Environmental law seeks to balance the costs of environmental degradation with the economic benefits that companies reap..."


1. Introduction to the Course

"...Lectures will present histories of nuclear experimentation, industrial and organic agriculture, air quality, plastics, wilderness, green building certification, and land use regulation..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about environmental quality relevant to the latest news.

An econometric evaluation of the effects of economic growth, energy use, and agricultural value added on carbon dioxide emissio

"...The empirical findings indicated that economic growth and energy use trigger environmental degradation by increasing CO2 emissions, whereas enhancing agricultural added value improves Vietnam?s environmental quality by reducing CO2 emissions in both the long-run and short-run..."


Developing a blue-green infrastructure (BGI) community engagement framework template

"...) can reduce flood-risk and also benefit public health and improve environmental quality (air/water quality, biodiversity, etc..."


Safety Evaluation on Water Pollution of Reservoir in Youyang County

"...The water quality of reservoirs is measured according to the national ?surface water environmental quality standard?..."


Technology transfer for green investments: exploring how technology transfer through foreign direct investments can contribute

"...A nonlinear link between foreign direct investments, trade openness, economic growth, urbanization, energy consumption, and environmental pollution with CO2, N2O, CH4, and ecological footprint in the OIC nations is confirmed by the study?s outcomes, which however reveals inconsistent results..."


Stock market development and environmental quality in EU member countries: a dynamic heterogeneous approach

"...However, to the best of my knowledge, there has been no research on the linkage between stock market development and environmental quality in the EU, while controlling for natural resource rents, trade openness and energy consumption at the same time..."


Technological Innovation for Improving Energy and Water Consumption Efficiency and Sustainability on Government Buildings in So

"...The internet of things, digital twin, big data analytics and smart meters, were identified to be useful in improving efficiency and sustainability in energy and water consumption in buildings, whilst also improving indoor environmental quality..."


The Environmental Kuznets Curve Under Norden ?Green Deal? and Action Plans in Nordic European Countries

"...As policy implications, Nordic European countries should amplify environmental management practices and policies to achieve low carbon footprint production or consumption in their economies, as well as pursue on a long-term basis, initiatives for a Green Nordic label, and energy efficiency as settled in the Norden Environmental Action Plan..."


A statistical approach for the use of environmental quality standards (EQS) in marine sediments in the environmental quality as

"...Purpose The environmental quality standards (EQSs) were defined by the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC) and daughter directives for hindering the chemical pollution of surface water bodies..."


Indoor Environmental Quality Assessment in a Newly Renovated Office Building in Delhi City

"...The data analysis includes pollutant concentrations with and without operation of the ventilation system, indoor/outdoor ratio of pollutants, indoor air quality during working and non-working hours etc..."