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News and Opinion

Coverage of environmental resilience since February 12, 2021.

Residential development proposed for Galloway Lands, local organizations push back

"...The application to change the land use of the area is currently working its way through the RDEK bureaucracy. The large, currently forested (and previously logged) lot is zoned as a ‘rural resource’ and ‘rural residential (country)’ zone. The application is to change it to ‘rural residential (estate)’ and ‘parks and recreation..."


Sustainable or sellout? Four revealing questions in a companys environmental disclosure

"...In 2020, 10,000 companies, cities, states and regions disclosed data on environmental performance through our global environmental non-profit CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project), making us the largest repository of information on climate change, deforestation and water security issues. Companies and investors commonly look to CDP for data on basic information such as greenhouse gas emissions. ..."


Small earthquake felt in Sayward

"...A small earthquake was felt in Sayward on Feb. 17. Photo courtesy Earthquakes Canada..."


Biomass facility allowed to discharge effluent into Fort St. James lagoon

"...Fort St James Green Energy is a biomass facility located in Fort St James, B. C. (Fort St..."


Manitoba church fined $10K for breaking public health orders again

"...The church had posted live-streams of services on its Facebook page in recent weeks appearing to show people not wearing masks and not practising physical distancing. The church, which has been handed a number of fines in the past months, has previously said the public health restrictions are unconstitutional and violate freedom of religion..."


Termite gut microbes could aid biofuel production

"...Wheat straw, the dried stalks left over from grain production, is a potential source of biofuels and commodity chemicals. But before straw can be converted to useful products by biorefineries, the polymers that make it up must be broken down into their building blocks. Now, researchers reporting in ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering have found that microbes from the guts of certain termite species can help break down lignin, a particularly tough polymer in straw..."


Boil water advisory in High River following water main break

"...The location of the water main break according to the Town of High River. (Image from High River's Facebook page)..."


Teck begins commissioning Elkview water treatment expansion

"...“The completion of the Elkview Saturated Rock Fill expansion is another important step forward in the implementation of the Elk Valley Water Quality Plan. We continue to make significant progress in advancing the plan and reducing selenium levels throughout the watershed. ”..."


PCRC Hosts Dining With The Chef

"...Each Thursday, pre-registered participants in the Dining With The Chef program receive a food basket with ingredients delivered to their door, and a local chef from an area restaurant will guide at home cooks through preparation and plating via Zoom. Coordinator Rachel Templeton says the event is highly sought after..."


PHOTOS: Ice volcanoes erupt all over the shores of Okanagan Lake

"...From ice volcanoes and floating pancakes to icicles dangling to create works of art, this cold snap has turned the Okanagan Lake shores into nature’s sculptures..."


Trees being illegally cut down in North Cowichan's forest reserve

"...At least 50 trees have been illegally cut down in North Cowichan’s forest reserve. (File photo)..."


Recommended Reading

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Jobs in environmental resilience

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Senior Manager, Climate Action & Environment - District of West Vancouver (West Vancouver, BC)

"...Reporting to the CAO and an internal steering committee, they will establish milestones for District programs and report against them, including corporate environmental responsibility and District-wide initiatives such as carbon reduction targets, protection measures for natural assets, integration of sustainability into District processes and projects..."

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Recent episodes that mention environmental resilience.

RealAg LIVE! with Brian Voth, on all things markets

Duration: 40:53

"...Mice, flax, a birthday, and whats supposed to be the soul topic of todays conversation: markets..."


Balance, adaptive grazing, and custom feeding cattle a LIVE! with Andrea Stroeve-Sawa

Duration: 32:15

"...Todays RealAg LIVE! guest breaks down what it means to run a feedyard, discusses grazing, and balancing family life amidst it all..."


Morroco, Mickey Mouse, and the fertilizer markets LIVE! with Josh Linville

Duration: 34:58

"...Covering all the countries and the fertilizers they produce from Moroccan, Russian, U. S. , Canadian, even Belrusian Josh Linville of StoneX extensively covers the fertilizer markets in this RealAg LIVE! Dont forget to tune into RealAg LIVE! every weekday at 3pm E, 1 pm M on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch! SUMMARY Linville graduated..."


Real partnerships and fostering your leadership effectiveness LIVE! with Kelly Dobson

Duration: 43:02

"...What does it mean to be a good leader, really? What does it take to get improve, and how do you measure your progress? Kelly Dobson of LeaderShift Inc..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about environmental resilience.

Cultivating biodiversity and resilience | Circular Design for Food | Episode 2

"...The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is a UK charity that develops and promotes the idea of a circular economy, which - driven by design, eliminates waste and pollution, circulates products and materials, and regenerates nature..."


Biomimicry 3.8 Innovation from Nature with Mark Dorfman

"...Prior to Biomimicry 3. 8, Mark worked in the non-profit sector researching and writing case-studies on industrial chemical pollution prevention and wastewater management practices that ultimately influenced the creation of federal and state pollution prevention policies..."


Why Overpopulation Isnt the Problem You Think It Is

"...These populations typically lack the technology and wealth that result in high energy expenditure, increased industrialization, and pollution..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about environmental resilience relevant to the latest news.

Financial Analysis of Highland Bamboo Plantation: A Comparative Analysis with Other Land-use Systems in Ethiopia

"...Hence, there is a need for a reform of the existing agricultural extension policy of the nation that has been biased to agronomic crops and it needs to be modified in a way that it is inclusive of alternative land uses on the basis of their financial profitability, social preferences and environmental resilience..."


Environmental resilience through artificial intelligence: innovations in monitoring and management

"...The crux of the review revolves around AI?s pivotal role in environmental control, examining its specific implementations in wastewater treatment and solid waste management..."


Identification and assessment of hidden capacities of urban resilience

"...Then, using exploratory factor analysis by statistical package for social science (SPSS) software, three hidden factors were identified for social and institutional resilience, while four hidden factors were identified for economic and physical?environmental resilience..."


A Multi-functional Design Approach to Deal with New Urban Challenges

"...This approach encompasses solutions that respond to city scale needs in terms of stormwater management and the local conditions of thermal comfort and livability at the neighborhood scale..."


The Propagation of Online Rumours Slandering Multinational Companies in Egypt

"...This gives unprecedented ground to rumours on all levels, economic, social and political, with the rise of Web 2..."


Extracting typical occupancy schedules from social media (TOSSM) and its integration with building energy modeling

"...Building occupancy, one of the most important consequences of occupant behaviors, is a driving influencer for building energy consumption and has been receiving increasing attention in the building energy modeling community..."


?Facebook Is My Guerrilla?: On Ways in Which Social Networks Co-create Illness Experiences of Persons with Rare/Atypical Sympto

"...It concerns her health narrative and the author?s observations of her everyday (invisible) struggles and (visible) articulations on Facebook, in the processes of getting a sense of what her symptoms meant, an accurate medical diagnoses and treatment and support in the medical system..."


NSLPCD: Topic based tweets clustering using Node significance based label propagation community detection algorithm

"...Social networks like Twitter, Facebook have recently become the most widely used communication platforms for people to propagate information rapidly..."


Symbiont AI and Embodied Symbiotic Learning

"...In this paper we propose a new type of general-purpose assistive agent called a Symbiont AI that is designed to support users with greater task flexibility and environmental resilience, and that can be trained on new tasks by non-technical users using a novel method we call Embodied Symbiotic Learning..."


Length?Weight Relationship, Condition Factor, Gonadosomatic Index and Gut-Content Analysis of Planiliza planiceps (Valenciennes

"...Planiliza planiceps (Valenciennes 1836) commonly known as tade-grey mullet is having non-carnivorous feeding habit, high-quality flesh, wide environmental resilience power and high fecundity make it a good candidate for poly-culture..."


Visualizing YouthMappers? Contributions to Environmental Resilience in Latin America

"...This chapter highlights the contribution of YouthMappers in ways that reduce inequalities around information access in Latin America (SDG 10), meanwhile advancing environmental resilience across the hemisphere, addressing a number of projects promoting biodiversity, conservation, and tourism that improve life on land (SDG 15)..."


Intellectual Capital Disclosure in the Digital Era: Challenges and Opportunities for MNEs

"...An empirical study was undertaken to identify the current state of the various social media usage (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube) among multinational enterprises (MNEs)..."