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Environmental Risk

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News and Opinion

Coverage of environmental risk since December 16, 2020.

Are chemical pollutants altering the behaviour of wildlife and humans?

"...A scientific forum of 30 experts formed a united agreement of concern about chemical pollutants and set up a roadmap to help protect the environment from behaviour altering chemicals. The conclusions of their work have been published today in a paper led by Professor Alex Ford, Professor of Biology at the University of Portsmouth, in Environmental Science and Technology. Until now the effect of chemical pollutants on wildlife has been studied and risk assessed in relation to species mortality, reproduction and growth..."

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Non-profit Quebec law centre to aid environmental group targeted by Alberta oil firm

"...In March, Environnement Vert Plus and other groups accused Pieridae Energy of lobbying the federal government to obtain nearly $1 billion worth of funding for its Goldboro LNG project. In an open letter to federal and provincial leaders, the groups asked governments not to finance the project. In its formal notice, Pieridae Energy accuses the environmental organization and its partners in other provinces of having failed in an obligation based on a relationship of trust..."

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Mission’s sanitary improvement project gets funding boost BC Gov News

"...New provincial support will help communities around Mission benefit from an expanded and modernized sanitary system that will also help protect the Fraser River ecosystem. “The environmental and community impacts of old wastewater and sewage treatment systems can create real challenges, not only for the local governments but for the people and businesses that rely on this critical infrastructure,” said Pam Alexis, MLA for Abbotsford-Mission. “By supporting this project, we are showing our commitment to reduce the environmental risks to the Fraser River while also bringing vital services to people in our community..."

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Preferred conveyance route chosen for Comox Valley Sewer Service

"...The Comox Valley Sewage Commission approved a plan Tuesday to upgrade the pipes and pump stations that move wastewater from Courtenay, Comox and the K’ómoks First Nation (KFN) to the Sewage Treatment Plant. Planning and community engagement work has been underway since 2018 to develop a Liquid Waste Management Plan that will eliminate the environmental risk of moving raw sewage through an ‘at-risk’ pipe along the beach at Willemar Bluffs..."

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Ice Littering Still Illegal and Dangerous to Wildlife & Nature

"..."For the most part, the majority of anglers are very respectful of their impact on the environment and make sure that they take all of their garbage when they leave. The odd individual however sometimes does not," expressed Rob Stolz, Conservation Officer Sergeant for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment. "And this litter that is left on the ice after a day of fishing can pose serious environmental risks..."

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Coral decline -- is sunscreen a scapegoat?

"...In recent years, there has been a rapid increase in public, political and scientific interest in the effect UV filters have had on coral reefs; especially organic UV filters used in sun protection products. Coral reefs are important for biodiversity and provide great economic values, such as tourism and recreation. Significant decline in the diversity and abundance of coral in recent years has been attributed to climate change and longer-duration temperature events, which are exacerbated by human activities that cause coral bleaching, like overfishing and land run-off of nutrients and chemical pollutants..."

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City of Port Alberni offers $10,000 for information about McLean Mill oil spill

"...READ MORE: No environmental risk from oil spill at McLean Mill, says consultant..."

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Auditor General Reports on Management of Forest Service Roads B.C. Wildlife Federation

"...Forest service roads (FSRs) are a highly valued part of the province’s transportation network. The audit assessed whether the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development managed safety and environmental risks on FSRs in accordance with its policies. While FSRs are built primarily to access timber for forestry operations, they are often used for other industrial and commercial purposes and provide important access to communities, private residences, recreation and wilderness areas..."

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No environmental risk from oil spill at McLean Mill, says consultant

"...TerraWest states that shallow groundwater and surface water at the spill site were impacted, but none of the spilled product entered any stream, lake or wetland. Biologists did not identify any impacts to the fish habitat..."

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Early COVID-19 lockdown in Delhi had less impact on urban air quality than first believed

"...Lead-author Zongbo Shi, Professor of Atmospheric Biogeochemistry at the University of Birmingham, commented: "Rapid, unprecedented reduction in economic activity provided a unique opportunity to study the impact of interventions on air quality. Emission changes associated with the early lockdown restrictions led to abrupt changes in air pollutant levels but their impacts on air quality were more complex than we thought, and smaller than we expected..."

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Drinking water significant source of microplastics in human diet

"...Scott Coffin, Ph. D. , California State Water Resources Control Board, will present the world's first regulatory investigation of microplastics in drinking water..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about environmental risk.

Environmental Risks in the Energy Metals Life Cycle

"...Energy fellows Michelle Michot Foss and Rachel Meidl discuss the dynamics of non-fuel minerals associated with the energy transition..."

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6. Marine Food-Chains: Mercury

"...The reclamation of these sites involves many environmental statutes, including the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), the Endangered Species Act, the Clean Water Act, the Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)..."

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5. Preparing for War: NEPA

"...During this session, Professor Wargo stresses the importance of considering the persistence of pollutants in the environment..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about environmental risk relevant to the latest news.

Toxic metals in oil sands: review of human health implications, environmental impact, and potential remediation using membrane-

"...In the process of exploiting unconventional oil resources such as oil sands, priority pollutants such as heavy metals are released into the environment..."

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Endocrine disruptors in teleosts: Evaluating environmental risks and biomarkers

"...A wide range of structurally diverse EDs such as, sex-steroid hormone mimics, pesticides and fertilizers, prevail in the environment originating from waste of industries, pharmaceutics, sewage treatment plants and agriculture..."

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"...The issue of fracking is often intertwined with other environmental concerns about fossil fuels, such as sustainability, air and water pollution, and elevated levels of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere..."

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Air pollution and behavioral biases: Evidence from stock market anomalies

"...Air pollution is one of the most serious environmental risks and imposes multi-dimensional externalities..."

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Climate Budget Tagging: Amplifying Sub-National Government?s Role in Climate Planning and Financing in Indonesia

"...The economic growth that Indonesia has experienced relies heavily on the availability of natural resources, and consequently the success to mitigate environmental risks is associated with climate change..."

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Risk Assessment of Groundwater Contamination Sites

"...The risk assessment of groundwater contamination sites encompasses health risk assessment and groundwater pollution risk assessment, which targets human health and groundwater quality respectively..."

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Framework for Assessing Economic, Environmental and Social Value of Monitoring Systems; Case Water Balance Management in Mining

"...FEES defines the customer value of the water balance system and supports the economic, environmental and social impact and risk assessment in mining sector, and demonstrates the costs and risks as well as the benefits achieved by a potential customer..."

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Assessing environmental pollution levels in marinas

"...Detailed data of pollutants in marinas are necessary to provide a global approach of environmental risks in the context of international management strategies..."

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Multivariate water environmental risk analysis in long-distance water supply project: A case study in China

"...The variation of water quality in long-distance water supply projects is often different from that in natural water bodies, especially the environmental risks of artificial open canal water transfer projects are seldom studied..."

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Contaminated site?induced health risk using Monte Carlo simulation: evaluation from the brownfield in Beijing, China

"...This paper applies Monte Carlo simulations to evaluate the impact of pollutants on human health at a contaminated site in Beijing, China..."

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Fractionation and fixation of rare earths elements in soils: effect of spiking with lanthanum, cerium, and neodymium chlorides

"...These processes may be attributed to competitive binding of elements and soil properties; they must be taken into account when assessing the environmental risks of soil pollution with REEs..."

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