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News and Opinion

Coverage of erosion since January 31, 2024.

Residents dealing with erosion react to N.S. abandonment of Coastal Protection Act

"...Now the Nova Scotia government has decided to abandon the Coastal Protection Act that was given Royal Assent in 2019, Peach's son Stan says it only reaffirms what the family has known all along: that when it comes to erosion, his mother is on her own..."


Special weather statements issued in parts of N.S., N.B.

"...Environment Canada has issued special weather statements across most of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick ahead of a mid-week storm..."


‘Significant rainfall' expected in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, with risk of flooding

"...“Similar storms in the past have caused travel delays and hazardous driving conditions, and road shoulder erosion and washouts. Significant snowmelt and runoff may occur,” Environment Canada said. “Be sure to clear storm drains and gutters of ice and other debris..."


30-year solution for shoreline erosion in Chatham-Kent

"...The section between Coatsworth Road and Stevenson Road was closed in 2019 due to erosion along the Lake Erie shoreline..."


Grand River Conservation Authority passes their 2024 budget

"...The GRCA board, which is made up of members from 26 different municipalities, approved the budget on Friday. In a news release, the GRCA will be investing in programs that that protect life and minimize property damage from flooding and erosion, improve the health of the Grand River watershed, and connect people to the environment through outdoor experiences. Story continues below advertisement..."


Drawing a line in the sand as communities adapt to climate change

"...SDG 15: SUSTAINABLY USE ECOSYSTEMSCombat desertification and restore degraded land and soilEnsure conservation of mountain ecosystems to enhance their capacity to provide benefits essential for sustainable developmentPromote fair, equitable sharing of and access to benefits related to genetic resources useEnd poaching and trafficking of protected species and address demand and supply of illegal wildlife productsMobilize and increase financial resources to conserve and sustainably use biodiversity and ecosystems and to fund sustainable forest managementEscalating forest losses, land degradation, and species extinction pose severe threats to the planet and people..."


UN kudos for Canadian project to climate-proof coastal estuaries

"...A West Coast conservation group is getting global kudos for its work protecting the heart of coastal ecosystems. The Nature Trust of British Columbia’s project to study and climate-proof 15 key estuaries on Vancouver Island, the central coast and Haida Gwaii has been recognized by the United Nation’s Ocean Decade program, the federal government announced Wednesday. The UN’s global ocean campaign, ending in 2030, aims to revolutionize science and wield it to safeguard the ocean from global warming and pollution while devising strategies to feed the world and drive economic development fairly and sustainably..."


Council approves McDonalds drive-thru in Thames River floodplain but not everyones lovin it

"...A proposed commercial development in northeast London drew dire warnings from its opponents on Tuesday. Its a danger to public safety if you build this type of facility on a floodplain, warned Coun. Sam Trosow..."


Radioactive waste beside Ottawa River will remain hazardous for thousands of years: Citizens' groups

"...Citizens groups from Ontario and Quebec have issued a warning saying that the radioactive waste destined for a planned nuclear waste disposal facility in Deep River, Ont. , one kilometre from the Ottawa River, will remain hazardous for thousands of years..."


Redboine Watershed District has funds to help give away, and want landowners to know about it

"...The workshops cover many different activities related to anything from nitrogen management practices, rotational grazing practices, water retention projects, erosion mitigation, and shelterbelts, noted Hunnie.  ..."


Land before dinosaurs: Fossils from Permian era exposed in P.E.I. after Fiona storm

"...In September 2022, the power of the waves from Fiona's hurricane-force winds caused coastal erosion, breaking apart cliffs, washing away dunes and revealing hidden fossils, says John Calder, a Halifax-based geologist and paleontologist..."


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Jobs in erosion

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Utilities Engineering Technologist (Sanitary and Stormwater Compliance)

"...Strong computer skills with the ability to use software programs such as CityWorks (CMMS), GIS, Microsoft Office and..."

related opportunities

Intermediate Civil Engineer

"...Be involved in all stages of a project, from concept to completion, including: undertaking the design; preparing design..."

related opportunities

Ecologist (Senior)

"...wetland assessment, restoration ecology, erosion and sediment control plans, or soil bioengineering..."

related opportunities

Senior Waterway Planning Engineer (Open Until Filled)

" stabilization design, slope stability design, erosion protection work design, and flood routing schemes..."

related opportunities


Recent episodes that mention erosion.

Canola School: Strip-tilling creates a happy medium of seedbed prep, water conservation

Duration: 5:13

"...To till or not to till? It's an ongoing conversation in areas where water is controlled through irrigation or risk of soil erosion is high..."


Thirsty cover crops consume valuable moisture in dry years

Duration: 6:22

"...When it comes to soil management, living roots produced by cover crops provide a laundry list of soil health benefits everything from building soil aggregates and pore spaces to improving soil infiltration and controlling wind and water erosion..."


Profitable Practices: Strip tilling with Dan Petker

Duration: 7:35

"...Minimizing erosion, better crop inputs management and higher corn yields is what Port Rowan, Ont. , farmer Dan Petker was looking for when he adopted strip tillage five years ago..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about erosion.

How These Volunteers Are Fighting Soil Erosion

"...Ecosystem Restoration Camps, a Dutch nonprofit, has launched more than 20 camps on six continents to fight soil erosion..."


Bangladesh's water crisis - A country under water | DW Documentary

"...We see how flooding threatens the country's food security, how soil erosion thrusts thousands into homelessness, and how climate refugees are forced to flee their homes in a desperate act of survival..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about erosion relevant to the latest news.

Swiss Agricultural Life Cycle Assessment: A method to assess the emissions and environmental impacts of agricultural systems an

"...This paper focuses on emission models for gaseous N, nitrate leaching, P emissions to water, soil erosion, pesticides, heavy metals, emissions from animal production and impact assessment methods for soil quality and biodiversity..."


IoT in Stormwater Management

"...With increasing urbanization, climate change, and aging infrastructure, there is a dire need of an effective water management and wastewater management in smart cities..."


Mapping of land degradation using spectral angle mapper approach (SAM): the case of Inaouene watershed (Northeast Morocco)

"...Land use and land cover dynamics demonstrate the relationship between human-induced development and the evolution of soil degradation and biodiversity conservation in a watershed..."


Impact of forest landscape restoration in combating soil erosion in the Lake Abaya catchment, Southern Ethiopia

"...As an effect of forest degradation, soil erosion is among Ethiopia?s most pressing environmental challenges and a major threat to food security where it could potentially compromise the ecosystem functions and services..."


Assessment of Bank Erosion, Accretion and Lateral Migration Using Remote Sensing and GIS: A Study on the Sankosh River of Himal

"...Channel migration, erosion and accretion are significant geomorphological processes in floodplain regions, impacting both natural and man-made structures..."


High spatiotemporal-resolution mapping for a seasonal erosion flooding inundation using time-series Landsat and MODIS images

"...Seasonal erosion flooding events present a significant challenge for effective disaster monitoring and land degradation studies..."


Cover crop cultivars and species differ in root traits potentially impacting their selection for ecosystem services

"...Background and aims Cover crops have the potential to aid in adapting agricultural systems to climate change impacts through their ecosystem services, such as preventing soil erosion, remediating soil structure, and storing carbon belowground..."


Glyphosate spraying exacerbates nitrogen and phosphorus loss in karst slope farmland

"...Therefore, in the prevention and control of agricultural non-point source pollution, the threat of glyphosate to the surrounding aquatic ecosystem cannot be ignored, especially in karst areas with frequent rainstorms and serious water erosion, long-term monitoring and risk assessment of glyphosate are needed..."


Morphological and Habitat Quality of Salmonid Streams and their Relationship with Fish-Based Indices in Aotearoa New Zealand an

"...Hydrogeomorphological processes (such as sediment transport, bank erosion, and flooding) operate at the catchment scale and determine habitat features in river reaches..."


Spatial Distribution of Particulate Matter in Iran from Internal Factors to the Role of Western Adjacent Countries from Politic

"...Environmental politics and governance are important topics in the Middle East, where issues such as climate change, pollution, environmental degradation, desertification, and soil erosion are prevalent, with particulate matter pollution being a major contributor..."