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News and Opinion

Coverage of erosion since October 21, 2021.

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U.S. House Hearing on the National Security Implications of Climate Change in the Arctic 

"...· The Arctic will see both competition and collaboration among the United States, Russia and China as climate change continues to affect both maritime and land resources, such as loss of sea ice, increased land erosion, rising sea levels, wildfires, and permafrost melting, all of which have implications for U. S. national security..."

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Effect of Octopus Creek wildfire to be felt for years: report

"...“Following a wildfire, the chances of soil erosion, landslides and floods can increase. This risk can be enhanced with intense rainfall or rapid snowmelt,” she wrote in her report..."

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VIDEO: Pierce Creek completely blocked, water flows across Chilliwack Lake Road after heavy rainfall

"...A vehicle drives through Pierce Creek as it flows across Chilliwack Lake Road on Friday, Nov. 19, 2021. (Jenna Hauck/ Chilliwack Progress)Crews from Valley Waste and Recycling remove rocks and debris from underneath the Pierce Creek Bridge on Friday, Nov..."

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Lower Arrow Lake wildfires caused future water quality and flooding hazards: report

"...“Following a wildfire, the chances of soil erosion, landslides, and floods can increase,” an RDCK news release accompanying the reports states. “This risk can be enhanced with intense rainfall or rapid snowmelt. ”..."

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Climate Change Fallout Causes Torres Strait Islander Leaders To Sue Australian Government

"...In a landmark legal case, two Torres Strait Islander leaders are suing the Australian government for failing to protect the disproportionately affected Torres Strait Island people against harm from climate change. Wadhuam Paul Kabai, Wadhuam Pabai Paibai, and their team allege the government breached its duty of caring for the island community by not taking greater steps to mitigate the effects of rising sea levels from climate change. They will argue that it needs to dramatically reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions to stop the loss of the Torres Strait Islanders’ home and culture, and seek a judicial order stating such..."

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Motor vehicle access restrictions in effect in wildfire areas

"...The closures affect backcountry roads across approximately 536,000 hectares, and are due to severe wildfire damage. Concerns include wildfire impact to habitats that need time to recover; erosion of charred soils and impacts to fish habitat; increased vulnerability of wildlife due to migration disruptions, habitat loss, and improved sight lines for hunting where vegetation was burned; and increased access to wildlife habitat due to the construction of approximately 2,900 kilometres of fire guards..."

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How Drought Could Make Sea-Level Rise Worse

"...That balance is now likely at an end. California and the western United States face drier futures with climate change, and although there is already significant concern about how drought will continue to interact with agriculture, wildfires, and habitats, sea-level rise and coastal erosion tend to be part of an entirely separate climate conversation. Because drought is so strongly linked with natural shoreline retreat in southern California, it could further imperil attempts to shore up the coastline against sea-level rise..."

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Mary Lowther column: Getting the cover crops in before the freeze

"...Fortunately our nights have been warm this past week, so I’m pushing the gardening envelope to sow cover crop on areas I hadn’t gotten to yet. Cover crops are plants grown for several reasons, none of which include being eaten. They can retain nutrients and microscopic life forms, prevent erosion and the growth of weeds, soften the soil by adding their nutritious mass to it and create passageways for earthworms and other beneficial organisms as their roots rot, but perhaps the greatest contribution cover crops make is helping to create a sponge-like soil that holds water in place during summer drought, keeping it available for food crops..."

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Flood watch in effect for Lake Erie, Detroit River and Lake St. Clair shorelines

"...ERCA says with current lake levels still elevated as compared to long term averages, low lying areas along the shorelines are still susceptible to flooding and accelerated rates of erosion due in combination of higher water levels and wind induced waves..."

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Visitors to national parks can now take 'coasties' to track coastal erosion

"...The initiative was pitched by to Parks Canada climate change specialist Garrett Mombourquette, who says the pictures will be used to track coastal erosion, dune crest movement, ice presence near shore and vegetation after extreme weather..."

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Backcountry closures in Thompson Okanagan implemented for wildfire season recovery

"...The 2021 wildfire season burned more than 550,000 hectares of habitat in the Thompson Okanagan region, severely displacing wildlife and destroying vegetation. Unregulated public access, according to a release from the Ministry, could have negative effects on sensitive burned ecosystems, including increased soil compaction, increased spread of invasive species and accelerated erosion of wildfire-charred soils, which impacts aquatic ecosystems and fish habitat..."

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Group Looks To Address Erosion At Crowley's Pool

"...“As climate change continues and the flooding events and severe spring freshets increase, the riverbank is continuing to degrade and that's also putting the Stock Farm Road at risk,” she said..."

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Jobs in erosion

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

USO III Liquid Waste - Metro Vancouver (Burnaby, BC)

"...You are self-motivated, eager to learn, will bring a positive energy to the work group, and must enjoy working outdoors..."

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Environmental Project Engineer - Flexible Work Location

"...Field duties, including but not limited to erosion and sediment control/environmental inspections, test pit excavation..."

related opportunities

Junior Environmental Management Specialist

"...Collaborating with, and to the extent necessary providing support to, other discipline teams in Golder’s Environmental..."

related opportunities

Intermediate Fluvial Geomorphologist

" restoration projects, including restoration of natural processes and habitat conditions, erosion control and fish passage improvements, and facilitate infrastructure improvements Depending on..."

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Recent episodes that mention erosion.

The assault on journalism and why it matters - Professor Peter Greste (UNESCO Chair in Journalism and Communication, University

Duration: 54:06

"...The freedom of journalists to do their jobs and report in the public interest has been under threat since the US terror attacks in 2001..."

further listening

Wheat Pete's Word, Dec 9: Winter erosion, residue, and alternating rows of corn and soybeans

Duration: 17:24

"...When it comes to gauging the success of management decisions, it?s important to run more than one replication in a trial, but observing differences is a great way to decide on what might deserve a closer look next year..."

further listening

Any living roots count when protecting soil after harvest

Duration: 5:13

"...Does southern Alberta ever get wind? Hmm, is rain wet? Leaving bare ground exposed to wind erosion in southern Alberta just doesn’t seem like a good idea, says Peter Johnson, host of “Wheat Pete’s Word. ” Johnson and RealAg Radio host Shaun Haney talked through an agronomy problem sent in by a listener earlier this week..."

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Weather Resilience Through Cover Cropping - A Panel Discussion

Duration: 53:50

"...John Kempf hosts a discussion about sowing cover crops on fallow fields where the weather has disrupted crop planting..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about erosion.

Peter Hitchens | “I Have Given Up” | #CLIP

"...Two years ago, Peter Hitchens spoke to John about the widespread erosion of freedoms, cancel culture as a modern day burning at the stake and how he no longer has hope for any change..."

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Mr. Bruce Knight: Catalyzing a National Ecosystem Services Market

"...Knight explains the history of the Ecosystem Services Market Consortium (ESMC) and details how ecosystem service markets can add incentives to motivate farmers and ranchers to improve soil health..."

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How These Volunteers Are Fighting Soil Erosion

"...Ecosystem Restoration Camps, a Dutch nonprofit, has launched more than 20 camps on six continents to fight soil erosion..."

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Ms. Pipa Elias: Non-Operator Landowners – Opportunities for Engagement on Soil Health (updated)

"...Elias joined The Nature Conservancy in 2014 as a Senior Policy Advisor for land use and climate change and has published more than a dozen reports on sustainable forestry and agriculture related to climate mitigation..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about erosion relevant to the latest news.

Biochar: A Game Changer for Sustainable Agriculture

"...It could efficiently sequester a vast amount of carbon in the soil, thus increasing soil productivity, repairing soil erosion and minimising agriculture-related greenhouse gas emissions..."

related research

Types of Physical Soil Degradation and Implications for Their Prevention and Monitoring

"...Physical soil degradation is a deterioration of the soil?s structure diminishing its functions and ecosystem services..."

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Sustainable Hard and Soft Measures for Coastal Protection

"...Alongside the prevailing natural causes of melting glaciers due to global warming and sea level rise, extreme events such as storms and cyclones; man-made artificial structures in the near shore regions/in between shallow and intermediate water depths can potentially destabilize the shoreline and lead to excessive coastal erosion if not addressed carefully..."

related research

Do Forest Landscape Pattern Planning and Optimization Play a Role in Enhancing Soil Conservation Services in Mountain Areas of

"...The relationship between landscape patterns and soil conservation, as well as the need for nature-based soil erosion control and landscape pattern optimization, have increasingly gained attention in the scientific and political community in the past decade..."

related research

Supporting Evidence-Based Water and Climate Change Policy in Scotland Through Innovation and Expert Knowledge: The Centre of Ex

"...CREW is governed according to key policy areas in Scotland?s water sector including flooding, coastal erosion, catchment and natural resource management, rural sustainability and water quality management..."

related research

Satellite-Based Soil Erosion Mapping

"...Soil erosion has long been recognised as a significant process of soil destruction, affecting millions of hectares of land worldwide, resulting in loss of fertility and biodiversity, decreased stability of marine and terrestrial ecosystems and enhanced exposure to climate change..."

related research

Assessment of the Vulnerability of Architectural Monuments to Dangerous Natural Processes

"...The prevailing danger in built-up historical areas is the flooding of cultural heritage sites, initiating karsts, landslides, erosion, etc..."

related research

Understanding morphometric response to erosion and flash floods in Jhelum River Basin: index-based geospatial management approa

"...Understanding drainage characteristics of watersheds for stability and gradual release of waters downstream is imperative to recognize their linkage to erosion and flash flood processes..."

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Earth Observation Services in Support of West Africa?s Blue Economy: Coastal Resilience and Climate Impacts

"...The region boasts of two vibrant Large Marine Ecosystems (LMEs), namely the Canary Current Large Marine Ecosystem (CCLME) and the Guinea Current Large Marine Ecosystem (GCLME), which provide vast fisheries and other marine resources..."

related research

Conservation Value and Habitat Diversity of Fluvial Lakes and Gravel Pits in River-Floodplain Systems

"...However, these ecosystems are subjected to various human pressures such as alteration of hydrological regime, artificial land use of the riparian zone, sediment erosion, shoreline modification, and eutrophication in the entire region..."

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The biology and ecology of coral rubble and implications for the future of coral reefs

"...Structural complexity provided by the living coral reef framework is the basis of the rich and dynamic biodiversity in coral reefs..."

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