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Coverage of family farms since October 25, 2023.

Allegations of neglect at Manitoba animal sanctuary

"...Wiebe says she sent her goats to live at the ranch earlier this year after selling her family farm, feeling it would be a perfect new home for her beloved animals..."


Voters in Pictou West prepare to cast ballots in Nova Scotia byelection

"...The PCs are being represented in today's byelection by Marco MacLeod, who runs a small custom lumber mill on his family farm..."


Nova Scotia byelection vote set for Tuesday in riding formerly held by popular Tory

"...PICTOU, N. S. Voters in the rural Nova Scotia provincial electoral district of Pictou West are ready to go to the polls Tuesday in a riding that voted decisively Tory in the 2021 provincial election..."


India has millions of dairy farmers. It's creating a methane problem that's tricky to solve

"...India is the world's largest milk producer, and is home to 80 million dairy farmers who made 231 million tons of milk last year. Many farmers, like Tamilarasu, only have a few cows, but the industry as a whole has 303 million bovine cattle like cows and buffalo, making it the largest contributor to planet-warming methane emissions in the country. The federal government has made some positive steps to reduce methane, but wants to focus emissions cuts elsewhere, like by moving to renewable energy, saying most methane emissions are a fact of life..."


Maple syrup season came weeks early in the Midwest. Producers are doing their best to adapt

"...DEERBROOK, Wis. (AP) Jeremy Solin doesn't need a jacket right now on his family farm in northern Wisconsin. There's no snow blanketing the dead leaves in the grove of sugar maples..."


Covered Bridge Potato Chips in Hartland, New Brunswick destroyed by fire

"...Premier Blaine Higgs, Minister of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries Margaret Johnson, and Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour Minister Greg Turner, who is also minister responsible for Opportunities New Brunswick, released a joint statement on the fire on Saturday..."


After three devastating years of drought, theres no future for our farm

"...Numbers have modestly recovered since, but that recovery is imperilled now by years of severe drought. Water is everything to a farmer, and without rain and snowpack melting into river basins, crops suffer and cattle have nothing to graze. The drought in 2021 was reportedly just as devastating as the Dirty Thirties, when my grandpa nearly lost everything in the dust bowl..."


Hamilton urging enrolment in Farm 911 to improve emergency response to vacant land

"...Farm 911, also known as The Emily Project, builds on an eastern Ontario initiative connected to the death of a seven-year-old a decade ago on a family farm. “This program will provide our firefighters a way to quickly identify the access points to these properties, when seconds count, fire Chief Dave Cunliffe explained in a statement..."


Farmers maintain optimism for spring seeding despite winter drought

"...Melvin farms vegetables in the Annapolis Valley region and is hoping for a more stable growing season this year. He says last spring brought a drought to Nova Scotia, which was followed by heavy rains through the summer and fall. With the El Nio weather pattern bringing variability to weather patterns, Melvin says producers need to be prepared for volatility exacerbated by climate change..."


Saskatchewan man pleads guilty to killing wife with strychnine drink

"...A Saskatchewanman has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the poisoning of his wife on their family farm..."


Petitioners rally for B.C. family living ‘unlawfully' in RV on family farm

"...A petition for the city to allow the family to live in a fifth wheel on a family farm has eclipsed 4,000 signatures Brendan ShykoraNov. 6, 2023 8:00 a. m..."


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Recent episodes that mention family farms.

Legacies are to be lived and not left Dr. Mark Lyons, CEO of Alltech

Duration: 13:50

"...Many of you run family farm businesses filled with the opportunities, challenges and satisfaction that comes with it..."


Three ways to prioritize mental health on the farm

Duration: 5:08

"...The agriculture industry is driven by family farms, where personal and professional lives are intertwined..."


The Successors, Ep 11: Big, bold ideas, showing up as your best self, and keeping a tee time

Duration: 33:02

"...The Successors is a RealAgriculture podcast series hosted by Kara Oosterhuis focusing on agriculture from the perspective of the up-and-coming generation..."


Episode #78: Adam Chappell

Duration: 53:35

"...Adam Chappell is a regenerative grower and cover crop advocate from Cotton Plant, Arkansas..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about family farms.

A Cleaner World Could Start in a Rice Field | Jim Whitaker and Jessica Whitaker Allen | TED

"...Rice is the world's largest food source and it's also a massive emitter of methane gas, a key contributor to climate change..."


Justin Rhodes: Special Book Launch Bonus - The Rooted Life

"...Justin is a seasoned homesteader having enjoyed many years of practicing beyond organic and permaculture methods on a 75-acre family farm near Asheville NC..."


A taste of a circular economy for food in So Paulo (teaser trailer)

"...A fascinating and diverse megacity, So Paulo illustrates how a circular economy for food can take place on the ground..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about family farms relevant to the latest news.

Understanding Sustainable Agriculture

"...Globally, food and agricultural production systems are confronted with unprecedented problems due to the increased demand for food due to population growth, increased hunger and malnutrition, unfavourable climate change consequences, overexploitation of natural resources, loss of biodiversity and food loss and waste..."


Water use efficiency and public goods conservation: A spatial stochastic frontier model applied to irrigation in Southern Italy

"...Technical efficiency of farms with similar structural and management characteristics greatly varies across crops and geographical areas, because of the different natural resource endowment and agro-climatic factors..."


Potential Agricultural Use of Reject Brine from Desalination Plants in Family Farming Areas

"...Water desalination offers a potential solution to this problem, but the process results in a reject brine that needs to be properly disposed of to prevent increasing soil salinity and environmental degradation..."


PEG induces maturation of somatic embryos of Passiflora edulis Sims ?UENF Rio Dourado? by differential accumulation of proteins

"...Sour passion fruit (Passiflora edulis Sims) has economic and social relevance and is an alternative crop mainly for family farming agriculture..."


FiNCO farms for knowledge exchange: A Colombian seed for a good Anthropocene

"...Family farms in the Colombian Andes have been navigating changes by using modalities of integrated management that recognize family interdependence with nature, which illustrates social?ecological resilience on a small scale..."


The paths of solidarity economy: the emergence and maintenance of social policies through collective action

"...Its conceptualization, however, is often taken for granted in solidarity economy literature..."


Slurry Tales: Newspaper Coverage of Livestock Slurry Reproduces Public Discourse on Agriculture in Germany

"...The rapid transition of livestock husbandry in the 20th century involved a broad adoption of slurry-based livestock housing systems that resulted in farm economic benefits, but also in societal debate related to the environment and animal welfare..."


Correlations between climate resilience in family farming and sustainable rural development

"...Given the recognition that climate change predominantly affects the most vulnerable groups, there has been a growing interest in reorientations that can influence family farming?s resilience..."


Integrated farming system producing zero emissions and sustainable livelihood for small-scale cattle farms: Case study in the Me

"...Wastewater effluent from the biogas tank can be treated by biochar and results show that it then meets the standards for irrigation purposes..."


The intertemporal evolution of agriculture and labor over a rapid structural transformation: Lessons from Vietnam

"...Farming has remained securely household-based and the family farmland distribution has remained largely unchanged..."


Multi-criteria assessment of the sustainability of farming systems in the reclaimed desert lands of Egypt

"...The objective of this paper is to assess the level (and types) of crop-livestock integration in the dryland systems and whether they result in different well-being and improved efficiency of these agroecosystems..."


Shifting or drifting? The crisis-driven advancement and failure of private smallholder irrigation from sand river aquifers in so

"...This study assesses the heterogeneous character of private smallholder irrigation in the challenging environment of southern arid Zimbabwe, where family farms operate along sand river aquifers, forming a reliable natural storage of shallow groundwater..."