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Fire Regimes

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News and Opinion

Coverage of fire regimes since August 4, 2020.

New models predict fewer lightning-caused ignitions but bigger wildfires by mid century

"...Scientists including Meg Krawchuk of the OSU College of Forestry and former OSU research associate Ana Barros, now of the Washington Department of Natural Resources, say the findings can help local decision-makers understand how a changing climate might affect natural and human-caused fire regimes differently and inform fire staffing, preparedness, prevention and restrictions..."

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Climate change leads to unprecedented Rocky Mountain wildfires

"...Philip Higuera, a professor of fire ecology in the W. A. Franke College of Forestry and Conservation at the University of Montana, was the paper's lead author..."

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Smoke Seasons

"...If the events of 1950 shows us that boundary-crossing global-scale smoke is not in itself new, the frequency and intensity of our twenty-first century fire regimes are the product of escalating climatic change. In the twenty-first century, the scale of wildfire and transient wildfire smoke has disoriented and alarmed many of us. The media calls the faded orange sun, midday darkness, and air quality warnings unprecedented, apocalyptic, and an omen of a troubled future..."

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Climate change and fire suppression

"..."We wanted to know how climate change and fire suppression, each in different ways, can influence fire regimes," said coauthor Naomi Tague, a professor of ecohydrology and ecoinformatics at UCSB's Bren School of Environmental Science & Management..."

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Climate change and suppression tactics are critical factors increasing fires

"...Hanan is a researcher with the University's Experiment Station and Assistant Professor of Natural Resources & Environmental Science in the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology & Natural Resources. She and her collaborators at UC Merced, UC Santa Barbara, Washington State University and the University of Washington, Tacoma, used a novel modeling approach to examine how climate change and fire suppression influence fire regimes across watersheds..."

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How soil fungi respond to wildfire

"..."There has been renewed interest in how climate change is influencing the frequency of fires and how that's going to affect fire-mediated ecological processes in California going forward," said Peay, who is senior author of the research. "So it's important to have specific details about how changes in the fire regimes in California, and the West Coast in general, are going to be influencing ecosystems. "..."

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In fire-prone West, plants need their pollinators -- and vice versa

"...IMAGE: Fireweed (Chamerion angustifolium) blooms in Yellowstone National Park, Montana. New research highlights the importance of plant-pollinator interactions in restoring ecosystems in which natural wildfire regimes have been altered or suppressed..."

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Without the North American monsoon, reining in wildfires gets harder

"...The North American monsoon has dictated the length of wildfire season for centuries in the U. S. -Mexico border region, according to new University of Arizona research that can inform land management amid global climate change..."

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Megafire does not deter Yosemite's spotted owls

"..."In Yosemite there is a diversity of forest habitat" explains Schofield, "This means the Rim Fire burned with a diversity of severities creating a range of post-fire habitat for owls to choose from. " The study notes that in portions of the adjacent Stanislaus National Forest that were also burned by the Rim Fire, burn severity was more homogenous likely due to the contrasting logging and fire management regime on the National Forest..."

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Herbivores, not predators, most at risk of extinction

"...Already the consequences of declines in modern herbivores from land-use change and hunting have begun to echo those that occurred on Earth 1 million years ago; alterations to plant life, changes to fire regimes, and disruptions to nutrient cycling. This study highlights that we must redouble our efforts to strategically invest in conservation and management of herbivores to avoid future dramatic changes in the functions arising from animals at the base of global foodwebs. Although the results of the study indicate that herbivores are the most at-risk group, it is not clear sailing for predators..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about fire regimes.

Stephen Pyne discusses "The Pyrocene: How Humanity Created a Fire Age"

"...First through the control over ignition, and then by adding some control over living biomass, people have been reshaping biogeography and even climate..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about fire regimes relevant to the latest news.

Beyond trees: Mapping total aboveground biomass density in the Brazilian savanna using high-density UAV-lidar data

"...However, their ability to store and sequester carbon is uncertain due to combined and intermingling effects of anthropogenic activities and climate change, which impact wildfire regimes and vegetation dynamics..."

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Fire Suppression and the Wildfire Paradox in Contemporary China: Policies, Resilience, and Effects in Chinese Fire Regimes

"...To explore these dynamics, I use the concepts of ?panarchy? and adaptive cycles, rigidity and wildfire paradox, and fire fences and corridors to explore socio-ecological resilience and fire management..."

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Fire effects on anurans: What we know so far?

"...However, global warming, land-use changes and other anthropogenic factors have strongly altered natural fire regimes worldwide..."

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An alternative approach for mapping burn scars using Landsat imagery, Google Earth Engine, and Deep Learning in the Brazilian Sa

"...Consequently, the fire regime has been changing over the last few decades and increasingly affecting native vegetation, natural habitats, and ecosystem services in tropical regions..."

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Hydrological benefits of restoring wildfire regimes in the Sierra Nevada persist in a warming climate

"...Reducing the risk of wildfire and increasing the security of water supply from mountain catchments are both urgent priorities in the Western US..."

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Consequences of land-use change and the wildfire disaster of 2017 for the central Chilean biodiversity hotspot

"...Usually, environmental hazards, such as wildfires, are part of the regular environmental dynamic and not considered a threat to biodiversity..."

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Human-climate interactions shape fire regimes in the Cerrado of São Paulo state, Brazil

"...Human activities and landscape management can alter natural fire regimes and reshape Cerrado dynamics, making biodiversity conservation a challenge, particularly in densely populated areas..."

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Late Holocene ENSO-related fire impact on vegetation, nutrient status and carbon accumulation of peatlands in Jambi, Sumatra, In

"...It is also unclear whether in the past such an ash-fertilization effect also occurred in the long term and how fires affected peatland carbon sequestration, which is one of their important ecosystem services..."

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Fire history as a key determinant of grassland soil CO 2 flux

"...Aims Fire regimes are key drivers of ecosystem dynamics and are changing worldwide..."

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Extent, configuration and diversity of burned and forested areas predict bat richness in a fire-maintained forest

"...Conclusions Bat communities of our study area appear to be largely resilient to wildfire and adapted to more heterogenous forests and shorter-interval fire regimes that likely predominated before the fire suppression era..."

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Moisture and vegetation cover limit ponderosa pine regeneration in high-severity burn patches in the southwestern US

"...Background Fire regimes are shifting in ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa Lawson & C..."

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Stealth invasions on the rise: rapid long-distance establishment of exotic pines in mountain grasslands of Argentina

"...Pine tree invasions threaten many natural ecosystems of the Southern Hemisphere, modifying their structure and functioning through shifts in fire regimes, water balance, and biodiversity..."

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Further Resources

Find out more about fire regimes.

FireSmoke Canada

The Canadian portal for information and resources about smoke from wildland fires. This system produces forecasts of hourly ground-level concentrations of PM2. 5 smoke particles from wildfires up to two days into the future.

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