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Coverage of fisheries since November 9, 2023.

Canada's ocean noise strategy delayed as threat to marine life clarifies

"...Marine scientist Kieran Cox calls it “probably the most pervasive, unregulated pollutant in Canada and globally. ”..."


Canada’s ocean noise strategy delayed as threat to marine life clarifies

"...Marine scientist Kieran Cox calls it “probably the most pervasive, unregulated pollutant in Canada and globally. ”..."


Low Goldstream chum return a ‘disaster' for hatchery programs, ecosystem

"...Those factors include serious flooding in 2020 and the atmospheric river of 2021. Those events scour river bottoms and churn the gravel stirring up the fertilized eggs and killing them, he said. Then there was the heat dome of 2021..."


Ocean noise strategy delayed, but whale report by military may sound out path forward

"...VANCOUVER — Marine scientist Kieran Cox calls it “probably the most pervasive, unregulated pollutant in Canada and globally. ” ..."


BC First Nations want nine-year salmon farm licences

"...The Trudeau government plans to phase out open-net salmon farms in B. C. (but not in Atlantic Canada), and the federal fisheries minister has been ordered to have a plan in place for a “transition” by 2025..."


The Fisheries for Communities Gathering 3.0 – Summary Report (2023)

"...Fisheries bring a wealth of value to coastal communities, delivering healthy, sustainable seafood, widespread economic benefits, and a connection to local ecosystems. However, over the past several decades, Pacific fisheries have suffered due to federal policies that shift the benefits of fishing away from harvesters and their communities, and toward vertically integrated national and foreign companies and speculative investors..."


B.C. Coastal Issues Poll Finds Strong Consensus on Future of Coastal Economy

"...“Marine conservation” is rated by 93% as important to the future coastal economy, followed by “renewable energy” (86%), and “outdoor recreation” (82%). Rounding out the top five priorities are “small-scale community fisheries” (83%) and “ecotourism” (79%). At the bottom of the list are “fish farming” (69%) and “deep sea mining” (44%)..."


B.C. stream watchers link coho salmon kill to tire toxin and drought

"...Coho salmon swim after being released from a hatchery. (National Marine Fisheries Service/Southwest Fisheries Science Center; Salmon Ecology Team photo)..."


B.C. stream watchers link 'unprecedented' coho salmon kill to tire toxin and drought

"...He and others suspect the culprit in the “unprecedented” kill in late October could have been a chemical found in tires that has previously been associated with coho deaths, coupled with B. C. 's drought..."


Q&A: Warming of 2C would trigger ‘catastrophic’ loss of world’s ice, new report says

"...Holding global warming of 2C would also not be enough to “prevent extensive permafrost thaw”, the authors say, bringing additional warming from the resulting CO2 and methane emissions. A 2C world would also see “widespread negative impacts on key fisheries and species” in polar and near-polar oceans..."


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Jobs in fisheries

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Ecologist (Senior)

"...restoration ecology, erosion and sediment control plans, or soil bioengineering..."

related opportunities

Planning Officer R24 - Marine Resource Planning Officer

"...Coastal Policy and Planning Division The Water, Fisheries and Coastal Policy and Planning Division brings together program areas responsible for the Watershed Security Strategy and associated Fund..."

related opportunities

Surintendant(e) / Surintendant(e) adjoint(e) - 2 VOLETS

"...pollution, l’exploitation des petits navires, les opérations d’accostage et les procédures de communication radio..."

related opportunities

Fisheries Biologist

", stock assessment, environmental assessments, and recovery of aquatic species..."

related opportunities


Recent episodes that mention fisheries.

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Sustainable Food Stories featuring Lord Benyon

Duration: 33:33

"...In this week’s podcast, Patrick is joined by Lord Benyon, the UK’s Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at DEFRA..."


Malavika Vyawahare: Commercial Tuna Pirates

Duration: 29:00

"...Source: Sea Change Radio..."


4/16/21 - Lake Huron Workshops; EGLE Data Portal; Osprey

Duration: 03:45

"...Spring fisheries workshops are being held later this month for Lake Huron..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about fisheries.

Careers at Fisheries and Oceans Canada: Something for Everyone

"...Whether you’re looking for a career behind the scenes or on the water, Fisheries and Oceans might have the job for you..."


Why Omega 3 Pills Are a Threat to Antarctica's Ecosystem

"...Antarctica is best known for whales, penguins, and seals, but this vast and fragile ecosystem depends on a far smaller resident: krill..."


Seafood - The Blue Revolution, with Nicholas P. Sullivan

"...In many parts of the world, the seafood on our plates is increasingly the product of smart decisions about ecosystems, waste, efficiency, transparency, and quality..."


Overfishing: Can eating fish be sustainable?

"...We’re emptying the oceans at an alarming rate, and not only that - the fisheries industry endangers other marine animals and entire ecosystems..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about fisheries relevant to the latest news.

British Gen Z perceptions of sustainable fisheries: developing a measurement instrument

"...With continued pressure upon fisheries, alongside improved fisheries management in some places, there has been a decline in fish catches with changes in the structure of the ecosystem affecting its? functionality..."


Responding to Regional Revitalisation and Socio-economic Challenges in Japan: Government Approaches and Use of Advanced Technol

"...The study shows that the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is leading the Japanese government's efforts to promote the use of advanced technologies to increase agricultural production and address socio-economic issues such as an ageing population, rural depopulation and economic stagnation in rural areas, as young people migrate to cities..."


Coral Reefs of the Emirates

"...Coral reefs represent the most biodiverse ecosystem in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and these habitats support high fisheries productivity, an economic resource sector second only to oil, and a burgeoning ecotourism sector..."


Considerations for environmental biogeochemistry and food security for aquaculture around Lake Victoria, Kenya

"...This presents a major hazard not only to aquatic ecosystems but local riparian communities and beyond who rely heavily on this natural resource for drinking water and fish?a valuable source of dietary micronutrients and protein..."


Contribution of freshwater metazooplankton to aquatic ecosystem services: an overview

"...Although its role in the functioning of aquatic systems is widely recognized, the contribution of freshwater metazooplankton (metazoan plankton) to ecosystem services (ES) is seldom considered..."


The decline of the ecosystem services generated by anadromous fish in the Iberian Peninsula

"...Anadromous fish provide important provision, cultural, regulatory and supporting ecosystem services across their distribution range and have been extensively exploited by humans since prehistoric times..."


Jellyfish blooms challenge the provisioning of ecosystem services in the Korean coastal waters

"...Temperate fisheries grounds are exposed to compound effects of jellyfish proliferations and fishing pressure, which affect local fisheries, cause economic losses, and threaten seafood supply..."


Traditional knowledge in special fisheries: the case of Puruvesi vendace and seining

"...In recent years, local observations by fishers have identified threats to the lake ecosystem and the fishery, including eutrophication, climate change-related threats to fish, and climate-related disruption of fishing practices..."


Performance of length-based assessment in predicting small-scale multispecies fishery sustainability

"...Small-scale fisheries play a critical role in food security and contribute to nearly half of reported global fish catches..."


Unintended effects of single-species fisheries management

"...Tuna Fisheries Management Organizations have incorporated an ecosystem approach into their mandate, but their decision-making process essentially relies on individual stock assessments..."


Differences in feeding ecology of the pink shrimps Penaeus brasiliensis and P. paulensis (Decapoda: Penaeidae) in Brazilian tro

"...As Guanabara and Sepetiba bays represent important and productive fishing areas for pink shrimps, this study will provide essential information for an ecosystem model to be used in a management programme for these fisheries resources..."


Ocean Biology Studied from Space

"...Applications that exploit the data are many and varied, and include ecosystem-based fisheries management, biogeochemical cycles in the ocean, ecosystem health and climate change..."