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News and Opinion

Coverage of fisheries since April 12, 2021.

'Road warrior' sea lion believed to have found its way back to the ocean

"...“There’s been no more sightings of our road warrior, [as] we were calling him,” Paul Cottrell, marine mammal co-ordinator for Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s Pacific region, said Friday..."

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Canadian shipping company fined US$500K after dumping wastewater into Lake Ontario

"...According to a news release from the U. S. Department of Justice, employees of the St..."

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Feds enforcing fishery, distancing rules to protect resident orcas

"...The DFO is also enforcing a new closure for commercial and recreational salmon fisheries in the southern Gulf Islands, where closures will be triggered by the first confirmed presence of southern resident killer whales in the area..."

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Wayward sea lion spotted on remote B.C. logging road, several kilometres from the ocean

"...Paul Cottrell with Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) says the animal was around seven kilometres away from the ocean..."

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Wayward sea lion found making its way along a gravel road on northwest Vancouver Island

"...Greg Clarke has seen a lot of wildlife in 23 years of driving between his Port Hardy home to his job at the old military base at Holberg: cougars, bears, elk and more..."

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Federal regulations could save Alberta's bull trout by shutting down mining plans, says biologist

"...New federal protections to spur bull trout recovery should shut down provincial coal mining plans for the Nordegg area and southern portion of the Eastern Slopes, says a central Alberta fisheries biologist..."

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Japan to dump wastewater from Fukushima nuclear disaster in the ocean

"...Japan has decided to treat and dump vast quantities of wastewater from its ruined Daiichi nuclear power plant into the ocean, in what it claims is the “best” solution for dealing with the contaminated leftovers from the Fukushima disaster. The radioactive water amounts to over 1. 25 million tonnes, or enough to fill 500 Olympic-sized swimming pools..."

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Study of US tuna fisheries explores nexus of climate change, sustainable seafood

"...A new study published in Elementa by researchers at the University of California, Santa Cruz and NOAA examines traditional aspects of seafood sustainability alongside greenhouse gas emissions to better understand the "carbon footprint" of U. S. tuna fisheries..."

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Petsmart Kelowna stops selling fish, cites federal oversight and invasive species

"...“We are working quickly with our provincial, territorial and federal partners to take appropriate measures to stop the import and further distribution of products potentially containing prohibited zebra mussels and to promote the responsible disposal of products already in the hands of Canadians. ”The threat over zebra mussels is being taken serious by the federal government, according to Fisheries and Oceans Canada, as the invader can destroy aquatic ecosystems, fish populations, hydro power stations, agriculture irrigation systems and other infrastructure. “They multiply rapidly and are extremely difficult to eradicate once they become established in an area,” it said..."

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Seafood company must tell customers what it did wrong, says judge

"...VANCOUVER -- A provincial court judge in Richmond has found Tenshi Seafood Limited and its co-owner, Dishi Liu, guilty of charges under the Fisheries Act and has imposed a total fine of $100,000 dollars..."

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N.S. company hoping to change ghost gear scrapping process

"...A pilot project along the eastern shore of Nova Scotia hopes to change the way so called ghost gear is handled. The department of fisheries and oceans is partnering with a Maritimes company, Goodwood Plastics, to recycle and process scrap and derelict fishing gear into synthetic lumber. Graeme Benjamin reports..."

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Jobs in fisheries

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Food Processing Specialist

"...New Brunswick, Government of (Bouctouche NB): Food Processing Specialist Pay Band 5 Open The Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries is seeking an individual to join the Business Growth Branch, as a Food Processing Specialist, in..."

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Postdoctoral Fellowship in Fish Stock Assessment - Fisheries and Marine Institute

"...Marine Institute Memorial University of Newfoundland Two (2) Year Appointment with Potential for Extension Applications are invited for a 2‐year Postdoctoral fellowship in quantitative fish stock..."

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Associate Vice-President (Marine Institute) Administration and Finance

"...Marine Institute) Administration and Finance The Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland (Marine Institute) is Canada’s foremost fisheries and marine post-secondary..."

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Senior Fisheries Biologist

"...National Energy Board, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Transportation Canada, Alberta Energy Regulator and Alberta Environment and Parks )..."

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Recent episodes that mention fisheries.

Fisheries Coexistence on the Great Slave Lake

Duration: 29:09

"...This week we are continuing the conversation on Indigenous-led fisheries management in Canada with a look at K'atl'odeeche First Nation fishers and the Great Slave Lake commercial fishery. ..."

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Indigenous Fishing Livelihoods in Atlantic Canada

Duration: 29:09

"...This week on Terra Informa we investigate Indigenous-led approaches to fisheries management and the case of the Sipekne'katik First Nation moderate livelihood fishery. ..."

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In conversation with Sophie Throup

Duration: 22:10

"...In this week’s podcast, Patrick talks to Sophie Throup, the Head of Agriculture, Fisheries and Sustainable Sourcing for Wm Morrison plc..."

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A visit to Victoria's tent community in Beacon Hill Park

Duration: 20:26

"...We chat with Capital reporter Anna J James about her recent time in Beacon Hill Park, boats continue to cross into orca sanctuaries despite federal rules and BC First Nations leaders call for an end to sockeye fisheries. ..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about fisheries.

DNA Sequencing Is Cracking Down on Shark Poaching

"...Illegal fisheries, today, is actually a really big business, So the US, for example, is the largest importer of seafood in the world..."

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Oceans Out of Breath: Oxygen Minimum Zones in a Warming Climate

"...With a focus on Yassirs work in the tropical Pacific, learn what causes OMZs, how they are likely to change in response to climate change, and their potential to impact marine ecosystems and fisheries as climate warms..."

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How Killer Whales are Changing the Arctic

"...??Due to climate change, seasonal pack ice extends much less than it previously did, meaning that once closed-off waterways like Eclipse Sound are now open to visitors almost all year round..."

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Online Dating Could Save Coho Salmon

"...These fish are not only an incredible symbol of the region, they’re an important indicator for the health of their entire ecosystem..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about fisheries relevant to the latest news.

Impacts of Climatic Change and Database Information Design on the Water-Energy-Food Nexus in Water-Scarce Regions

"...These impacts can trickle down to affect other links in the nexus such as the energy and food supply as well as Tanfeedh plans for economic diversification in agriculture and fisheries proposed by the central government..."

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Optimum lionfish yield: a non-traditional management concept for invasive lionfish ( Pterois spp.) fisheries

"...This paper describes a non-traditional fisheries management concept and an indicator-based framework to encourage and guide management of invasive lionfish (Pterois spp..."

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Fisheries yields, climate change, and ecosystem-based management of the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem

"...Currently, there appears to be no clear evidence of the impacts of climate change on the fisheries resources in the BCLME, although some changes have been observed, but such impacts may be masked by highly variable and complex nature of this LME..."

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Recognize fish as food in policy discourse and development funding

"...We argue that the traditional framing of fish as a natural resource emphasizes economic development and biodiversity conservation objectives, whereas situating fish within a food systems perspective can lead to innovative policies and investments that promote nutrition-sensitive and socially equitable capture fisheries and aquaculture..."

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Ecosystem service lens reveals diverse community values of small-scale fisheries

"...Fisheries management that recognizes the full range of ecosystem services a species contributes to coastal communities will be better equipped to sustain these diverse values into the future..."

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A bright spot analysis of inland recreational fisheries in the face of climate change: learning about adaptation from small suc

"...Inland recreational fisheries have social, economic, and ecological importance worldwide but these fisheries are increasingly challenged by the diverse effects of climate change..."

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Global warming assessment suggests the endemic Brazilian kelp beds as an endangered ecosystem

"...Considering the restricted range of occurrence (33,000 km2) and intense anthropic activities along these beds, such as trawling fisheries, oil/gas mining, or removal for agricultural purposes, acting synergically with global warming, may drive this ecosystem to collapse faster than kelp species’ ability to adapt..."

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Text mining in fisheries scientific literature: A term coding approach

"...A constant progress has been done in the field of fisheries management and in the use of functions/equations..."

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Discovery of SNP markers of red shrimp Aristeus antennatus for population structure in Western Mediterranean Sea

"...Aristeus antennatus is one of the most exploited and economically important resource for fisheries in the Western and Central Mediterranean Sea displaying low population differentiation with mitochondrial and microsatellite markers..."

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Ecosystem health status and trophic modeling of an anthropogenically impacted small tropical estuary along India?s west coast

"...The ecological data of URE were compiled for 2017-18 together with the most relevant literature estimates to construct an ecosystem model..."

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Response to Limitations on inferring shark vulnerability from spatial habitat protection

"...We clearly state in the Abstract that we “determine suitable habitat for pelagic sharks within the Australian continental Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)” and that our results suggest that “strong fisheries management in addition to MPAs is necessary for pelagic shark conservation”..."

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