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Coverage of floods since July 29, 2021.

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"...In today's Big Story podcast, in recent weeks, there has been disastrous flooding in Europe, India, Arizona and in China. Summer temperatures have broken records from Canada to Pakistan. Toronto had the second worst air quality in the world because of wildfires in northern Ontario..."

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Could More Urban Trees Mitigate Runoff and Flooding? JSTOR Daily

"...The researchers acknowledge that planting trees can be costly, but much less so than the damage that flooding can cause. A conventional parking lot could cost 53,000 euros, and a green infrastructure parking lot would cost an estimated 27 percent more. Beyond water absorption, however, trees provide carbon dioxide storage and shade and reduce pollution, all factors that help mitigate the effects of climate change..."

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Scientists develop green fuel to combat climate change

"...If record heat waves, out-of-control wildfires and flash floods have you worrying about climate change, Roger Gordon’s invention is sure to ease your mind..."

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China’s Severe Flooding Causes Masses To Flee Their Homes

"...Torrential rain triggered severe flooding in parts of central China on Tuesday, submerging underground subway stations and aboveground streets alike and forcing residents to flee their homes. More than 10,000 people in Henan Province have been relocated to shelters in the aftermath of the record rainfall. Roughly 624mm of rain was reported per day during the week of July 19th – as much as the country would normally receive in a full year..."

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Environment Canada issues Thunderstorm Warning

"...“Remember, when thunder roars, go indoors,” Environment Canada adds. Environment Canada said severe thunderstorm watches are issued when atmospheric conditions are favourable for the development of thunderstorms that could produce one or more of the following: large hail, damaging winds, torrential rainfall. Environment Canada said encourages the public to continue to monitor alerts and forecasts..."

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Bike the dike this August in Pitt Meadows

"...“The City rarely gets positive feedback so this is a great time to flood them with emails about how happy we are when they supported fish-friendly flood control and healthy waterways in the community!” says the event description..."

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Turkish wildfires: Residents return to destroyed homes as blazes continue

"...Satellite imagery showed smoke from the fires in Antalya and Mersin was extending to the island of Cyprus, around 150 km (100 miles) away. Wildfires are common in southern Turkey in the hot summer months but local authorities say the latest fires have covered a much bigger area. With deadly heatwaves, flooding and wildfires occurring around the world, calls are growing for urgent action to cut the CO2 emissions heating the planet..."

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'Ample supply' of Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines available in Ottawa, city says

"...In June and early July, health officials urged people visiting COVID-19 vaccination clinics to get take the first COVID-19 vaccine available as a flood of Moderna vaccines arrived in Canada. Ottawa Public Health insists it's safe to interchange mNRA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna)..."

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‘Mayhem': Severe wildfires could threaten water supply for communities, expert warns

"...“You already have less water, it's already stretched pretty thin, and you have suddenly this huge input of water, but of pretty bad water quality, usually, after a large and severe fire,” said Robinne, adding any drinking water would be treated to Canadian standards but it's costly to purify water polluted by wildfire. It could be “mayhem” to go though a cycle of drought, wildfires, heavy rains and drought again, said Robinne, “because the pressure on the water resource would become so high that I can't even imagine what it would mean in terms of water supply for communities. ”..."

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Severe wildfires could affect community watersheds, says forest service researcher

"...In a worst-case scenario that could lead to flash floods and flowing debris and it's likely to affect how much drinking water is available to a community and when, said Robinne, with drought compounding the potential impact of wildfire..."

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'We're almost through this': Lethbridge schools ready to welcome back students for the fall

"...Both Lethbridge College and the University of Lethbridge, as with other Alberta post-secondary schools, are counting on students to make the right choice regarding vaccination for COVID-19 before they attend classes..."

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Oliver implements Stage 3 water restrictions

"...“There is little doubt the Okanagan is on the front lines of climate change, shifting between flooding and drought and extreme fire seasons,” said the Town in a news release..."

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Jobs in floods

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Labourer (Solid Waste & Recycling) - City of Port Moody (Port Moody, BC)

"...We have a temporary, full-time opportunity of up to one year duration for an enthusiastic, hard-working and experienced Labourer to provide..."

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Wastewater Collection Operator I - City of Kelowna (Kelowna, BC)

"...For further information or to apply, please check our website at www. kelowna. ca/careers..."

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Sessional Faculty - SEES - ENVIRSC 2WW3 - Water and the Environment (instructor)

"...environmental issues related to water, including floods and droughts, irrigation, effects of water management projects and pollution..."

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Auxiliary Labourer (Solid Waste & Recycling) - City of Port Moody (Port Moody, BC)

"...Please note that employment with the City of Port Moody is subject to receipt of a satisfactory police information check and a satisfactory driver’s abstract..."

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Recent episodes that mention floods.

066| German Floods and the Futility of Adaptation Without Mitigation

Duration: 01:00:14

"...We cannot adapt our way out of the climate mess, as Allie..."

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Talea Mayo: Hurricanes, Coastal Flooding, and Data Assimilation

Duration: 1:50:59

"...Computational mathematician Prof..."

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RealAg Radio, June 29: Extreme storms, Ontario agronomy, and root rot disease management

Duration: 55:04

"...Welcome to another Monday edition of RealAg Radio..."

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5/22/20 - Flood Assessment; Invasive Crayfish

Duration: 03:00

"...Bay County is gathering damage assessment information on flooding from the May 18 storm..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about floods.

Cloud seeding: Can we create artificial rain?

"...As temperatures rise, cloud seeding is bound to become a popular solution against droughts, floods, and fires..."

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Burning Pantanal | What’s Behind the Fire?

"...Human activity such as deforestation and cattle ranching is encroaching on this precious ecosystem and causing it permanent damage..."

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Climate change in the Antarctic | DW Documentary

"...The scientists who work at this outpost in Antarctica are studying the effects of climate change -- under extreme conditions..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about floods relevant to the latest news.

Climate Change Implications for Tidal Marshes and Food Web Linkages to Estuarine and Coastal Nekton

"...Climate change is altering naturally fluctuating environmental conditions in coastal and estuarine ecosystems across the globe..."

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"...Increased urbanisation, overpopulation in some areas and non-adherence to environmental laws results in both the affluent and poor settling on vulnerable ecosystems..."

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How does a nature-based solution for flood control compare to a technical solution? Case study evidence from Belgium

"...The case study analysis reveals similar flood security, lower costs, more ecosystem services benefits and higher biodiversity values associated with the NBS option in comparison to the technical alternative..."

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Network analysis and characterization of vulnerability in flood control infrastructure for system-level risk reduction

"...Flood control networks play a pivotal role in mitigating the risk associated with the stormwater generated by extreme rainfalls and hurricanes..."

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Climate variability and rural livelihood sustainability: evidence from communities along the Black Volta River in Ghana

"...In addition, respondents observed drought, flood, poverty/famine, pest and disease, poor crop yield and bush fires as major climate variability-induced shocks and stresses they experienced over the last one decade..."

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Research on the site selection of watershed public facilities as multi-use detention basin: an environmental efficiency perspec

"...With the climate change and the acceleration of urbanization, urban flood disaster is becoming increasingly frequent, leading to more severe impact than in the past..."

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?Grey swan? storm surges pose a greater coastal flood hazard than climate change

"...Due to their episodic nature, the variability of local sea level response, and our short observational record, understanding the natural variability of storm surges is at least as important as understanding projected long-term mean sea level changes due to global warming..."

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Impact of climate change on pastoralists? resilience and sustainable mitigation in Punjab, Pakistan

"...Climate change has adversely affected pastoral community in Pakistan through increased severity of livestock diseases, floods, and drought..."

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Assessing the real costs of natural hazard-induced disasters: A case study from Australia?s Northern Territory

"...Non-monetary losses were accounted for by the loss of ecosystem services from natural systems caused by cyclones and bushfires only, applying ecological economics approaches, but without considering long-term losses over the duration of recovery..."

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Quantifying rain, snow and glacier meltwater in river discharge during flood events in the Manas River Basin, China

"...Hourly surface water inputs from rain, snowmelt and glacier ice melt to river discharge that lead to hydrologic extremes (flood events) may be of value for flood predictions, climate change risk assessments and other related applications..."

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Modelling of Flood Prediction by Optimizing Multimodal Data Using Regression Network

"...Among many hazards like earthquake, eruption and flood, the flood prediction is a quite predictable one..."

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