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News and Opinion

Coverage of forest management since October 30, 2023.

Inaccurate data on forest fuels may stoke B.C. wildfires, study finds

"...VANCOUVER Wildfire fighting and forest management decisions are potentially being hampered by inaccurate government data that misrepresents forest fuel loads in British Columbia's Interior, a new study has found..."


Drawing a line in the sand as communities adapt to climate change

"...SDG 15: SUSTAINABLY USE ECOSYSTEMSCombat desertification and restore degraded land and soilEnsure conservation of mountain ecosystems to enhance their capacity to provide benefits essential for sustainable developmentPromote fair, equitable sharing of and access to benefits related to genetic resources useEnd poaching and trafficking of protected species and address demand and supply of illegal wildlife productsMobilize and increase financial resources to conserve and sustainably use biodiversity and ecosystems and to fund sustainable forest managementEscalating forest losses, land degradation, and species extinction pose severe threats to the planet and people..."


Search intensifies for Vancouver Island woman missing more than 1 week

"...Sara Sherry, 45, of Errington, B. C. , was last seen on Feb..."


Local MLA believes provincial government mismanages forestry industry

"...TAYLOR, B. C. Peace River North MLA Dan Davies believes the $7 million sale of Canfors pulp mill in Taylor is the latest example of the provincial government's mismanagement of the forestry industry..."


Manitoba First Nations concerned over major issues in province's forestry plan

"...According to the statement, the province has allowed a U. S. -based logging company to harvest timber in First Nation territories without an approved forest management plan for nearly two decades..."


UBC researchers say ending clear-cut logging could reduce flood risks

"...When we take a look at what happened upstream of these towns and the watersheds draining to these towns, you find excessive clear-cut logging that has been happening, said Younes Alila, a hydrologist with the UBC Faculty of Forestry..."


Our climate change conversation must focus on more than mitigation

"...Simply put, climate adaptation means building, or re-building, communities to better handle threats from climate change and extreme weather events. The fallout of these events varies depending on where you live. It might mean fires or floods, droughts, hotter or colder days, or sea-level rise..."


Province needs to stop clearcutting, Prince George MLA says

"...Morris has been followingresearch conducted by UBC forestry professor Younes Alila, which attributes extreme flooding in the southern Interior northwest of Kamloops to clearcutting and loss of forest ground cover. Alilas hydrology reports suggest that larger intact watersheds decrease the risk of flooding intensity and frequency and that clearcutting leads to more snow reaching the ground and less shade, resulting in faster melting and larger floods..."


In Halifax, a call to promote old-growth forests as a guard against future wildfires

"...After a historic wildfire season across Canada, experts are turning their eyes to Nova Scotia as a harbinger of the growing risk facing cities on the forest's edge. “If Halifax can burn, any place can burn, and that blows all our minds,” says John Vaillant, author of the award-winning Fire Weather: The Making of a Beast, which tells the story of the 2016 Fort McMurray forest fire. Vaillant said in an interview that Nova Scotia's urban wildfires were a shock to fire experts across Canada, making the province's next steps a matter of national interest..."


Alberta wildfire season

"...The snow melts earlier, the forest can dry out earlier and that lengthens the forest fire season. ”Not only is the trend concerning, Gillett said it has real impacts on peoples daily lives. People have (had) to evacuate their homes or even had homes destroyed..."


Why it's critical for the mining sector to understand wildfire risk

"...Canadas forests have become increasingly flammable because of forest insects and diseases, a changing climate, history of effective wildfire suppression, and past forest management practices. This increase in flammability, coupled with increasing development into forested ecosystems, has contributed to elevated wildfire risk to life, property, and critical infrastructure..."


Forest Act amendment to allow prescribed burning

"..."Prescribed burning is the planned and controlled application of fire to a specific land area to reduce wildfire risk, and restore ecosystems that need fire to function," said Forests Minister Bruce Ralston..."


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Jobs in forest management

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Planner 1 (Urban Landscape) - City of North Vancouver (North Vancouver, BC)

"...Reporting to the Manager of Development Planning, in this newly created position you will utilize your knowledge and skills to provide landscape architectural guidance as well as tree retention strategies to applicants and other departments during the review of rezoning applications and complex development projects to ensure compliance with the Zoning and Development Bylaw, Trees Bylaw, and other relevant policies, guidelines and standards..."

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Manager of Urban Forestry & Natural Areas - District of Saanich (Saanich, BC)

"...Do you love trees and urban natural environments? Are you community minded and keen to make a difference at a local level? As Vancouver Islandâs largest municipality with significant natural assets and a community that is passionate about the outdoors, Saanich is seeking an experienced manager to continue to build and enhance our Urban Forestry and Natural Areas Programs..."

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Project Manager II - Urban Forestry - City of Vancouver (Vancouver, BC)

"...Leads and/or conducts project processes and development including stakeholder impact assessments communication plan, and related execution deliverables as per respective plans;..."

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Urban Forestry Technician - City of North Vancouver (North Vancouver, BC)

"...The ideal candidate will have completed a diploma program in Horticulture or Landscape Architecture including or supplemented by courses in arboriculture or a related apprenticeship program, plus sound related experience; or an equivalent combination of training and experience.   Possess certification as an Arborist with the International Society of Arboriculture as well as their International Society of Arboriculture Tree Risk Assessor Qualification and a Class 5 B. C..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about forest management.

Terry Baker: Forest Fanatics: How Do We Align Around Todays Forest Climate Issues?

"...With unprecedented public and private investments in our forests to reduce wildfire risk and climate change mitigation, the need for opposing views on our forests must find alignment to make the most of this unique moment in our history..."


Sustainable Forest Management in B.C.

" recognized as a global leader in sustainable forest management, meeting the environmental, social and economic needs of current and future generations..."


How Technology is Transforming B.C.'s Forest Sector

"...As a leader in sustainable forest management, British Columbia (B. C. ) is using the latest technology to provide the best possible information for the management of B..."


This is what a giant Sequoia grove ravaged by wildfire looks like

"...It is now a blackened monumentto a massive wildfireand humankinds far-reaching impact on the environment..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about forest management relevant to the latest news.

Approaches to Implementing Ecosystem Climate Projects in Russia

"...At the initial stage of the formation of the Russian carbon market, only reliable and transparent projects should be allowed to be implemented (reforestation and afforestation with mixed species; improved forest management of managed forests; management of previously unmanaged forests; restoration of wetlands/grass ecosystems; conservation of soil carbon of agricultural lands; biochar application to soils)..."


A Systematic Review of the Effects of Multi-purpose Forest Management Practices on the Breeding Success of Forest Birds

"...Summary In order to foster effectiveness of MPF for forest birds, future research should focus on a set of under-researched interventions and regions, as well as on ecosystem-wide experiments accounting for functional links between bird abundance, demographics, nest predation, and food supply..."


The relationship between plant diversity and aboveground biomass in managed and unmanaged temperate forests

"...In face of climate change and global scale biodiversity loss, assessing the relationship between biodiversity and forest ecosystem functioning is essential, but poorly investigated in temperate forests of Iran..."


Are the Sundarbans mangrove forest management policies adequate to conserve wildlife species?

"...This study attempted to evaluate the existing legislation of Bangladesh to conserve wildlife in the Sundarbans mangrove forest (SMF), which is threatened by deforestation, land grabbing, agriculture, shrimp culture, pollution, power plant construction, hunting and poaching, illicit wildlife trade (IWT), human?wildlife conflict (HWC), legal and institutional inefficacy, climate change, sea level rise, salinity and other factors..."


"...? This is being more coherently addressed now under REDD+?framework by United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), particularly focusing on sustainable forest management (SFM) and relevant intensification of carbon pools in developing countries..."


A neural networks-based evaluation of ecological effectiveness and economic worth in forests

"...Third, it illustrates an index system for evaluating forest ecosystem service function value and explores dynamic characteristics of forest resource variation and the change process of the forest ecosystem..."


Country-wide assessment of biodiversity, naturalness and old-growth status using national forest inventory data

"...The study suggests the potential for NFIs to evolve into accessible, harmonized European reference networks for B-N-OG assessment for better supporting sustainable forest management, planning and conservation decisions related to forest ecosystems..."


Land use change and forest management effects on soil carbon stocks in the Northeast U.S.

"...Their potential vulnerability to climate and land use change, management, and other drivers, along with soils? ability to mitigate climate change through carbon sequestration, makes them important to carbon balance and management..."


The Effects of Forest Operations and Silvicultural Treatments on Litter Decomposition Rate: a Meta-analysis

"...Purpose of Review As litter decomposition is a fundamental process in forest ecosystems, representing the link between aboveground and belowground biogeochemical processes, we developed an effect size summarisation of the implications of forest management on litter decomposition rate, by applying a multi-level meta-analysis and multivariate mixed-effects meta-analytic linear models..."


Enhancing Resilience of Boreal Forests Through Management Under Global Change: a Review

"...Yet, it remains unclear how to translate the theoretical knowledge into practice and how to operationalize boreal forest management to maintain forest ecosystem services and functions under changing global conditions..."


Long-term dynamics of tree of heaven (Ailanthus altissima) in central European forests

"...altissima appears unlikely, with the exception of drought-prone sites under strong climate change..."


"...Determining the nutrient stocks and revealing the extent to which these stocks will be affected by the interventions in forest ecosystems are crucial for sustainable forest management..."