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News and Opinion

Coverage of freshwater since March 31, 2021.

New amphibious centipede species discovered in Okinawa and Taiwan

"...Tokyo, Japan - Researchers from Tokyo Metropolitan University and Hosei University have discovered a new species of large, tropical centipede of genus Scolopendra in Okinawa and Taiwan. It is only the third amphibious centipede identified in the world, and is the largest in the region, 20 cm long and nearly 2 cm thick. It is also the first new centipede to be identified in Japan in 143 years, testament to the incredible biodiversity of the Ryukyu Archipelago..."

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Reliably measuring whether rivers or lakes run out of air

"...Using the conventional measurement method, water samples are mixed with the chemicals permanganate or dichromate. These are especially reactive and break down all organic substances in a short time. The quantity of consumed permanganates or dichromates can then be used to determine how much organic substance was contained in the water sample..."

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The Chairman Hong Kong: Inside Asia's Best Restaurant of 2021

"...Yip said freshwater crab roe from southern China is a favored ingredient of late at The Chairman..."

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New study: Thick sea-ice warms Greenland fjords

"...Summertime melt produces a warm freshwater layer floating atop saltier water in the fjord; here the sea-ice barrier trapped this meltwater inside the fjord. Because of the difference in salt content, the surface water became isolated also from the water below, allowing time for intense solar heating of the fresher surface water. Such warmer water temperatures can contribute to faster melting of the Ryder Glacier in Sherard Osborn Fjord, as well as changing the biogeochemistry in the fjord waters..."

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Conservationists may be unintentionally spreading pathogens between threatened animal populations

"...Moving endangered species to new locations is often used as part of species conservation strategies, and can help to restore degraded ecosystems. But scientists say there is a high risk that these relocations are accidentally spreading diseases and parasites..."

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Road salts and other human sources are threatening world's freshwater supplies

"...Previous studies by Kaushal and his team showed that added salts in the environment can interact with soils and infrastructure to release a cocktail of metals, dissolved solids and radioactive particles. Kaushal and his team named these cascading effects of introduced salts Freshwater Salinization Syndrome, and it can poison drinking water and cause negative effects on human health, agriculture, infrastructure, wildlife and the stability of ecosystems..."

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Projects enhance Okanagan Valley water protection

"...The Okanagan Basin Water Board (OBWB) marked the 15th year of its water conservation and quality improvement (WCQI) grants this week with the awarding of funds to projects throughout the valley that will enhance water security..."

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Go fish: How BC's senior anglers can support freshwater fishing

"...“While many seniors really appreciate the discounted licence, ensuring freshwater fishing is an affordable pastime, many others have expressed that they are keen to financially support the work that we do to enhance freshwater fishing throughout the province,” says Andrew Wilson, president of the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC..."

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Temporary reprieve for Discovery Islands salmon farms

"...A Federal Court judge granted an injunction that Mowi Canada and three other salmon farming companies sought against an order by federal Fisheries and Oceans Minister Bernadette Jordan, who refused transfer licences and ordered all salmon farms out of the Discovery Islands by the end of June 2022..."

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Biodiversity's healthy byproduct -- nutrient-rich seafood

"...The effects of aquatic biodiversity change on human health are particularly acute in coastal areas of the world where populations are heavily dependent on seafood in their diets. For the study, Bernhardt and co-author Mary I. O'Connor of the University of British Columbia, analyzed 7,245 nutrient samples from 801 marine and freshwater finfish and invertebrates..."

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A sun reflector for earth?

"..."Participating in this working group has been quite eye-opening for me," said co-author Peter Groffman, an ecosystem ecologist at the Advanced Science Research Center at The Graduate Center, CUNY and the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies. "I was unaware that modeling climate intervention was so advanced, and I think that climate modelers were unaware of the complexities of the ecological systems being affected. It is a strong reminder of the importance of the need for multi-disciplinary analysis of complex problems in environmental science..."

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To intervene or not to intervene? That is the future climate question

"...The costs and technology needed to reflect the sun's heat back into space are currently more attainable than other climate intervention ideas like absorbing carbon dioxide from the air. The working group anticipates its discussions and open access paper will encourage an explosion of scientific investigation into how a climate intervention strategy known as solar radiation modification, or SRM, in tandem with greenhouse gas emissions reduction, would affect the natural world..."

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Jobs in freshwater

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Aquatic Biologist (Calgary, AB)

"...Aquatic Biologist who has led freshwater field studies, authored reports, and written environmental assessments relating to aquatic species and ecosystems..."

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Senior Freshwater Specialist (Burnaby, BC)

"...aquatic species and ecosystems? Do you have strong leadership skills and experience working collaboratively on interdisciplinary teams? Are you looking for new opportunities to grow your career..."

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Freshwater Specialist (Burnaby, BC)

"...environmental assessments or permit applications relating to aquatic species and ecosystems? Do you have strong leadership skills and experience working collaboratively on interdisciplinary teams..."

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Environmental Technologist or Scientist

"...Construction Environmental Monitoring, including erosion and sediment control planning and monitoring..."

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Recent episodes that mention freshwater.

Rivers: Pollution, pesticides and poop

Duration: 34:10

"...With untreated sewage, fertiliser nutrients, agriculture chemicals and ALL SORTS ending up in our rivers in the UK through a variety of ways, we turn our attention to some of our beautiful freshwater habitats. ..."

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6/12/20 - Conference on Great Lakes Research; Clean Water Ambassadors

Duration: 02:35

"...Freshwater researchers gathered online this week for the Conference on Great Lakes Research..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about freshwater.

Making the Great Lakes Great Again

"...Today, there is also much less winter ice cover and more algae blooms and invasive species..."

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The Commonwealth Marine Economies Programme - The Pacific

"...Her research has been focused on fate and consequence of pollutants in the freshwater, coastal and offshore marine waters, and establishing links between the freshwater zone and marine system and coastal zone management with extensive experience of designing, implementing and evaluating monitoring programs to assess environmental impacts of human activity on the marine and coastal zone..."

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Is the St. Lawrence River healthy? | Science in Action

"...CAROLINE GIRARD (Head, National Coordination and Integration, Water Quality Monitoring and Surveillance, Environment and Climate Change Canada): ..."

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Sustainable Ocean Economy | Virtual Ocean Dialogues

"...The unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic – with impacts on ports, industries and workers – risk leaving many people undernourished and vulnerable without the services provided by the ocean economy..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about freshwater relevant to the latest news.

Evaluation of Spatio-temporal Changes in Surface Water Quality and Their Suitability for Designated Uses, Mettur Reservoir, Ind

"...This study analyzed the spatio-temporal variation in surface water quality of the tropical reservoir Mettur, India, to determine whether its water is suitable for human consumption and aquatic ecosystem..."

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Groundwater contamination in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries: a review

"...Such a deterioration of groundwater quality could affect water security in the region, including human health and the ecosystem..."

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Changes to spotted turtle ( Clemmys guttata ) habitat selection in response to a salt marsh restoration

"...Removing these restrictions to restore salt marsh ecology would improve water quality, increase flood and storm protection, nutrient filtration, erosion control, and carbon sequestration..."

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A bright spot analysis of inland recreational fisheries in the face of climate change: learning about adaptation from small suc

"...Inland recreational fisheries have social, economic, and ecological importance worldwide but these fisheries are increasingly challenged by the diverse effects of climate change..."

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Microplastic and other anthropogenic microparticles in water and sediments of Lake Simcoe

"...This study provides the first report of microplastics and other anthropogenic microparticles in the surface waters and sediments of Lake Simcoe in Ontario, Canada, a popular recreational and fishing lake..."

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Prioritizing the next decade of freshwater turtle and tortoise conservation in West Africa

" the rainforest belt of West Africa); effects of livestock overgrazing and climate change (specifically in regards to desertification impacting the Sahel region) on behaviors and species sex ratios (Centrochelys sulcata, Kinixys belliana and K..."

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Marine invertebrate interactions with Harmful Algal Blooms - implications for One Health

"...Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB) are natural atypical proliferations of micro or macro algae in either marine or freshwater environments which have significant impacts on human, animal and ecosystem health..."

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Survey of Bacterial Phylogenetic Diversity During the Glacier Melting Season in an Arctic Fjord

"...To understand bacterial biogeography in response to the hydrographic impact of climate change derived from the Arctic glacier melting, we surveyed bacterial diversity and community composition using bacterial 16S rRNA gene metabarcoding in the seawaters of Kongsfjorden, Svalbard, during summer 2016..."

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Coupling sprinkler freshwater irrigation with vegetable species selection as a sustainable approach for agricultural production

"...Besides, compared to wastewater irrigations, freshwater irrigations produced lower Cd health risks in all four vegetable species..."

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Influences of pesticides, nutrients, and local environmental variables on phytoplankton communities in lentic small water bodies

"..., pesticides and nutrients) on phytoplankton community structure, directing potential effects on metacommunity structures in aquatic ecosystems subjected to agricultural runoff..."

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Presence of microplastics in drinking water from freshwater sources: the investigation in Changsha, China

"...We investigated the abundance of microplastics in freshwater, treated water, and household tap water from the drinking water supply chain in Changsha, China..."

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