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Coverage of fuel consumption since October 26, 2022.

East Kootenay solar facility a loss for biodiversity B.C. Wildlife Federation

"...As concerned as we are about the impacts of climate change and fossil fuel consumption, the downsides of this project far outweigh the benefits. The environmental values of the East Kootenay grasslands are simply too great to allow such a massively disruptive project to be built.  ..."


B.C. local leaders ponder lawsuit against ‘big oil’ over climate change

"...However, he said recouping costs being borne by communities is a valuable issue to pursue as he said fossil fuel consumption is the biggest influencer of climate change, plus the corresponding severe weather events that are getting more frequent and intense..."


CRD to vote on studying impact of joining lawsuit against ‘big oil' firms

"...ExxonMobil’s public statements were contradictory to its own scientists finding, in the 1970s, that fossil fuel use would cause climate change. A study released this year in the journal Science found the company’s modelling accurately predicted the rate of global warming that would occur each decade in response to rising atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations..."


New Brunswickers worry about impact of carbon tax on cost of living

"...The carbon tax on a litre of gasoline rose to 14. 3 cents, up from 11 cents under New Brunswick's provincial carbon tax that went into effect in 2020. Diesel rose by almost 4 cents a litre and heating oil went up 20 cents a litre..."


City of Lethbridge adds 22 electric vehicle charging stations

"...“I travel about 75 kilometres, so when I travel to work (the car's) plugged in at home and by the time I get to work my battery's depleted,” Boyd said. Boyd usually drives into work on battery power, then goes home using gas. But with the City of Lethbridge opening 22 new electric vehicle (EV) charging stations on Friday, she can power up during the day and cut down on her fuel consumption..."


From Beehive Ban to Hog Fuel Future: Regional Histories of the Energy Crisis

"...Despite BC’s relatively secure energy supply with large hydroelectric dams, vast deposits of natural gas, and good relations with oil-rich Alberta, in the late 1970s, the province embarked on several initiatives to promote the use of hog fuel: a mix of wood wastes left over from sawmills, combining sawdust, bark, and chips. In 1977 the BC Energy Commission established a committee to co-ordinate between the forest industry and the provincial and federal governments. Jointly funded by these parties, a program was undertaken to examine the feasibility of three modes of hog fuel energy: direct wood waste combustion to produce process heat for sawmill dry kilns; the use of wood wastes at large sawmills as fuel for co-generation of electricity and process heat; and gasification of wood waste to produce a fuel gas: methanol..."


9 Charts Explain Per Capita Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Country

"...For the U. S. , EU, Japan and other advanced economies, reduction of per capita emissions were made possible by deploying low-carbon technologies such as solar and wind power and transitioning from high-emitting fossil fuels like coal to less carbon-intensive sources such as natural gas..."


City of Winnipeg might look at how to cut fossil fuel use

"...The City of Winnipeg may soon explore ways to save money on carbon taxes by cutting the fossil fuel consumption of some of its buildings. A new motion directs staff to report on how much the city can expect to spend on carbon taxes by 2028 and identify energy-efficient retrofits best suited to help cut that cost. If approved, the report would list up to 15 city-owned structures to improve and/or about $80 million worth of retrofit investments..."


A new fossil fuel subsidy is not the way to help farmers

"...What’s wrong with Bill C-234?A private member’s bill that recently passed third reading and has moved on to the Senate, proposes an exemption for farm heating fuels, removing the incentive to reduce pollution created by the federal carbon levy. Exempting heating fuels from pollution pricing might seem like a good way to recognize costs paid by farmers and make food more affordable, but it fails to deliver on those goals. What people are reading Environment minister disappointed after Bloc, NDP, Greens vote for carbon price exemption bill By Natasha Bulowski | News, Politics, Ottawa Insider | March 31st 2023 Price signals encourage innovative firms to develop and supply technologies that can be used to heat barns and dry grain with lower or zero emissions..."


Four B.C. agri-businesses awarded $1.6M in federal funding for clean technology projects

"...“Our goal is to help the Canadian agricultural sector innovate and adopt clean technologies,” Bibeau said. “This new Agricultural Clean Technology Program investment will help to reduce the sector’s greenhouse gas emissions and leverage technology to be more resilient to climate change. ”..."


Loop Energy Selected by Wiggins Lift to Power New Hydrogen-Electric eBull Forklift

"...VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA and OXNARD, CALIFORNIA – February 27, 2023 – Loop Energy™ (TSX: LPEN), a designer and manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cell solutions, has been selected by Wiggins Lift Co. , a leading American material handling vehicle manufacturer, to provide the fuel cell system for its new hydrogen-powered eBull forklift product. Loop Energy will deliver the system and begin commissioning in Q2 2023 to support commercial deployment of the hydrogen-electric forklifts in late 2023..."


2022 Toyota Mirai Limited – Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Magic!

"...You may not be too familiar with The Toyota Mirai, its not a gasoline, hybrid or fully electric (EV) vehicle, but the latest version of Toyotas hydrogen fuel-cell powered four door sedan. It is what termed as a   FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle)   powered by a hydrogen fuel cell energy storage system. How it works  is basically – the fuel cell technology combines hydrogen from a storage tank with oxygen drawn from the atmosphere to produce electricity, that drives the electric motors that motivate the car..."


Recommended Reading

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Recent episodes that mention fuel consumption.

Profitable Practices: Stripper header boosts harvest capacity, saves fuel, and builds soil health on this farm

Duration: 10:21

"...What if there was a way to boost the number of acres harvested in a day by 20 to 50 per cent while reducing fuel consumption by a similar amount? It may sound too good to be true, but that's been the experience of Darren Maddess after switching his New Holland combine from a conventional. ..."


Where the rubber meets the soil: How tire choice impacts production and sustainability

Duration: 5:17

"...Reducing compaction and fuel consumption both play a role in keeping more money in a producer’s bank account and both are what the folks at Firestone Ag says is important about choosing the right tires for machinery..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about fuel consumption.

I pilot a self-driving truck. Here’s why we need more.

"...The potential of self-driving trucks goes beyond safety; they could drastically cut operational costs, streamline long-haul trips, and offer more efficient fuel consumption..."


How Airlines Are Racing to Clean Up the Skies With “Green” Fuels

"...Pre-COVID, aviation was one of the fastest-growing sources of greenhouse gas emissions, rising by about 2% every year since 2000..."


IMarEST Annual Conference 2022 - Coating Industry Contribution towards Marine Sustainability

"...Pure silicone fouling release hull coatings have the potential to reduce power by up to 20% as compared to standard anti-fouling, which translates to an extra 1 knot, for the same fuel consumption..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about fuel consumption relevant to the latest news.

Insights from Poland on the long-run effect of energy productivity on environmental degradation: a Fourier ARDL-based approach

"...Among the options available to Polish policymakers are (i) liberalizing domestic energy markets to offer an opportunity for electricity consumers to switch companies and (ii) continuing to pursue a policy of decarbonizing energy supply by investing heavily in renewable energy, nuclear power, e-mobility, and energy productivity..."


Environmental Impact Assessment of Low-Density Polyethylene and Polyethylene Terephthalate Containers Using a Life Cycle Assess

"...The system boundary included all life cycle stages, including resin production, packaging production, collection, transportation, and waste management (mechanical recycling, landfill, incineration)..."


Quantitative Analysis of Energy Efficiency and Determination of Optimal Operating Mode for Marine Gas?Electric Hybrid Power Sys

"...The quantitative analysis is carried out using key parameters such as the fuel consumption of the natural gas engine, battery energy consumption, and input propeller energy..."


Selection of suitable renewable energy sources for Turkey: SEM?COPRAS method integrated solution

"...In order to choose the most suitable renewable energy according to this region, solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectric energy, biomass energy and geothermal energy are taken into consideration and the ranking is carried out with the COPRAS method..."


Optimizing ship speed depending on cargo and wind-sea conditions for sustainable blue growth and climate change mitigation

"...As a result of global regulations and agreements concerning mitigating greenhouse gases on board, such as the International Maritime Organization and Paris Agreement, ships have to take a step to reduce fuel consumption to adopt these regulations..."


Assessing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in Cretan vineyards for the development of a crop-specific decision support t

"...The aim of this study was to assess the environmental impact, in terms of energy consumption and GHG emissions in thirty vineyards located on Crete, Greece, and deliver a digital, decision support tool (DST)..."


Impact Analysis of Internalizing Environmental Costs on Technical, Economic, and Environmental Performances for Power Plants

"...From 2017 to 2050, fossil fuel consumption is expected to decline by about 124 billion m3 of natural gas equivalent, along with 136 MTCO2E reduction in pollutant and GHGs emission..."


Multi-objective Optimization Energy Management Strategy for Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicles During Vehicle Following

"...With the advancements in automotive automation and network connectivity technologies, achieving optimal co-optimization of driving safety, driving comfort, fuel economy and energy sources durability remains a great challenge for fuel cell hybrid electric vehicles (FCHEV)..."


A game theoretic approach to sustainable freight transportation: competition between green, non-green and semi-green transporta

"...However, when accompanied by government intervention, improving energy efficiency effectively reduces the fuel consumption rate..."


Energy Management Strategy of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles Considering Thermal Characteristics

"...In order to explore the influence of the thermal management system (TMS) on vehicle energy management and tap the energy saving potential of TMS, this study establishes a vehicle energy management strategy control model oriented to reduce energy consumption of the TMS based on MATLAB/Simulink for a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle with planetary hybrid configuration..."


Modeling fuel consumption and emissions by taxis in Tabriz, Iran: uncertainty and sensitivity analyses

"...Annual vehicle-kilometer-traveled by TTF and the estimated EFs for gasoline-compressed natural gas bi-fueled TTF are the main influential parameters in the variability of annual FC and emission levels..."


Copper-aluminium joining by novel locked projection welding process

"...In automotive production, lightweight hybrid design reduces fuel consumption, hence the emission of greenhouse gasses..."