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Functional Diversity

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News and Opinion

Coverage of functional diversity since June 14, 2020.

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International study shows alternative seafood networks provided resiliency during pandemic

"...The spike in demand reflected a temporary relocalization phenomenon that can occur during periods of systemic shock -- an inverse yet complementary relationship between global and local seafood systems that contributes to the resilience of regional food systems, according to the research team, which published its findings in Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems..."

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Drone-based photogrammetry: A reliable and low-cost method for estimating plant biomass

"...Remote sensing technology has become a vital tool for scientists over the past several decades for monitoring changes in land use, ice cover, and vegetation across the globe. Satellite imagery, however, is typically available at only coarse resolutions, allowing only for the analysis of broad trends over large areas. Remote-controlled drones are an increasingly affordable alternative for researchers working at finer scales in ecology and agriculture, but the laser-based technology used to estimate plant productivity and biomass, such as light detection and ranging (LiDAR), remain prohibitively expensive..."

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National parks preserve more than species

"...In wildlife conservation, diversity often refers to the variety of species in an ecosystem. But ecologists also study functional diversity, the abundance and variation of traits like body size, diet and reproductive rate. Trait diversity can be measured independent of species diversity and provide additional insight about the overall health of an ecosystem..."

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A continental-scale prediction on the functional diversity of stream microbes

"...A recent research find indicates that climate change increases the functional diversity of microbes living in streams. Consequently, climate change may, in certain cases, be beneficial to ecosystems..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about functional diversity relevant to the latest news.

The Use of Ecological Networks as Tools for Understanding and Conserving Marine Biodiversity

"...Facing such a challenge, recent approaches that bridge community ecology and conservation planning can broaden the theoretical foundations of strategies aimed to ensure the resilience and functional diversity of marine food webs..."

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Space-use patterns of Malay civets ( Viverra tangalunga ) persisting within a landscape fragmented by oil palm plantations

"...Land use planning initiatives seeking to optimize wildlife conservation are hindered by a lack of baseline data quantifying species? tolerance to human-modified landscapes..."

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Potential extinction debt due to habitat loss and fragmentation in subalpine moorland ecosystems

"...Our finding has an important implication that climate change induced by human activities may threaten biodiversity in natural ecosystems through habitat loss and fragmentation..."

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A unique bacterial and archaeal diversity make mangrove a green production system compared to rice in wetland ecology: A metagen

"...Therefore, labile carbon build-up potential (38%) with less GWP (63%) even in degraded-mangrove makes it a clean production system than wetland-rice that has high potential to climate change mitigation..."

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Decline of parasitic and habitat-specialist species drives taxonomic, phylogenetic and functional homogenization of sub-alpine

"...The ongoing biodiversity crisis is characterised not only by an elevated extinction rate but also can lead to an increasing similarity of species assemblages..."

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Freshwater phytoplankton diversity: models, drivers and implications for ecosystem properties

"...In this paper, we summarise some major steps in phytoplankton ecology in the context of mechanisms underlying phytoplankton diversity..."

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A conceptual framework and experimental design for analysing the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning (BE

"...While agroforestry is actively promoted for the sustainable intensification of agriculture and restoration of degraded landscapes, there is a paucity of knowledge on Biodiversity Ecosystem Functioning (BEF) relationships in agroforestry systems..."

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Increasing functional diversity of the urban canopy for climate resilience: Potential tradeoffs with ecosystem services?

"...Cities are home to an increasing number of people who depend on urban forests to provide ecosystem services such as temperature regulation, air quality improvement and storm water abatement..."

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What fisher diets reveal about fish stocks

"...We used data on seafood consumption in fishing villages in Brazil over time to test for changes in: species richness, diversity, and composition, fish size and trophic levels, consumption of endangered species, and functional diversity (namely, species with different behavioral and habitat preferences)..."

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Functional diversity, functional composition and functional β diversity drive aboveground biomass across different bioclimatic

"...We tested the relationship between aboveground biomass (AGB) and various aspects of functional diversity (functional richness (FRic), functional evenness (FEve) and functional divergence (FDiv)), functional β diversity and functional composition..."

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Trophic complexity of small fish in nearshore food webs

"...This inter- and intraspecific variability in trophic niche space likely contributes to the multi-level trophic complexity, functional diversity, and potentially food web resilience to ecosystem changes..."

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Invasive knotweed modifies predator?prey interactions in the soil food web

"...Consequently, it can be hypothesised that the presence of knotweed disrupts functional linkages within the soil food web, which may ultimately modify ecosystem stability and functioning..."

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