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Coverage of geothermal since August 10, 2023.

IEA report warns oil and gas companies against banking on carbon capture

"...In a report released Thursday, the Paris-based IEA said oil and gas companies need to start “letting go of the illusion” that “implausibly large” amounts of carbon capture are the solution to the global climate crisis. Carbon capture and storage refers to the use of technology to sequester harmful greenhouse gas emissions from industrial processes and store them safely underground. In Canada, carbon capture and storage has become a key pillar of the oil and gas sector's decarbonization goals..."


Iceland town evacuates amid earthquakes, potential volcanic eruption

"...Since late October, the Reykjanes Peninsula has experienced an increase in volcanic and seismic activity. The Reykjanes region has seen several eruptions in unpopulated areas in recent years. The latest could begin on the seabed just southwest of Grindavik, the meteorological office said..."


Canada needs to dig deep to become a world leader in geothermal technology

"...Geothermal power taps thermal energy radiating from the Earth’s interior to the surface, conducted through subsurface rocks and fluids. We can access this heat by drilling into hot rock and channelling heat-bearing water back to the surface through a production well to generate electricity. Today, we can do this only where natural reservoirs of hot water lie close to the surface – generally less than five kilometres deep – but the true prize lies eight to 15 kilometres down in hard rock with supercritical temperatures, where there’s enough energy to potentially meet the world’s future electrical needs thousands of times over..."


Manitoba Premier Wab Kinew joins call for broader carbon tax relief in Halifax meetings

"...Manitoba Premier Wab Kinew was among those adding his voice to the call, saying, “We do think that there should be a similar consideration given to the people of Manitoba to get us through this period of economic pain. ”This comes after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a three-year pause on the tax for home heating oil, which is used in nearly one-third of all households in the Atlantic provinces, prompting many premiers to call the exemption unfair to their own jurisdictions. The Canadian Taxpayers' Federation says they were happy to see Kinew's support for the pause as the average family that uses natural gas will pay $300 toward the carbon tax this year..."


Energy Innovation Fair in Red Deer highlights latest advancements

"...“As we began to engage a lot of the stakeholders to this event in relation to geothermal, carbon capture, hydrogen, solar, energy efficiency and a bunch of other realms of clean tech, I realized I had no idea how much was going on in Central Alberta. It’s pretty diverse,” Thomas noted..."


In Iceland, UN deputy chief says all conflict – across regions and with nature – must end

"...Persevere for peaceAt the Forum, she also stressed that the rise of conflicts and unsettling developments of the last few days should not be a reason for the international community to give up but rather stepping up to restore peace.  Ms. Mohammed outlined that creating a peaceful future for all requires doubling down on sustainable development and reinvigorating multilateralism..."



"...Calgary's Eavor Inc. has been awarded a contract with the U. S..."


Manitoba New Democrats promise to install geothermal systems in thousands of homes

"...The party says it would fully fund the conversion of 5,000 homes throughout the province to geothermal energy. NDP candidate Adrien Sala says it would reduce monthly energy bills for homeowners by 20 to 50 per cent. He says it would also reduce emissions and help grow the economy in Manitoba..."


Central Alberta’s economy could lose billions because of UCP moratorium on renewable energy: NDP

"...Two NDP MLAs came to Red Deer Tuesday to draw attention to lost local employment and investment opportunities because of the UCP government’s moratorium on renewable energy projects. Kyle Kasawski (on right), is Alberta NDP critic for Municipal Affairs, Mid-Sized Municipalities and Rural Alberta, and Nathan Ip, is the Alberta NDP critic for Job, Economy and Trade..."


Renewables pause in Alberta affecting 118 projects worth $33 billion, think tank says

"...A clean energy think tank says Alberta’s pause on approvals for new renewable energy projects affects 118 projects worth $33 billion. Alberta Premier Danielle Smith shares the government’s vision for the Alberta economy at a luncheon hosted by the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce in Edmonton on Thursday, July 20, 2023. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jason Franson..."


Alberta renewable energy development pause affects $33B in investment, 24,000

"...Data source The Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) maintains a list of electricity generation projects formally within development on their website. Projects are categorized under several statuses and stages indicating how far along they are in the development process. Any projects that are in stage 5 or 6 have already received the necessary approvals from the Alberta Utility Commission (AUC) and are not affected by the moratorium..."


Recommended Reading

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Jobs in geothermal

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Geothermal Power Engineer - Energy Power

"...By joining our team, you’ll have the opportunity to deploy your technical skills (engineering, technology or geoscience) and develop..."

related opportunities

Electrical Engineer – Utility Substations

"...with SCADA, RTU, and networking (including IEC 61850) · Renewable energy projects including wind, solar, hydro, geothermal and other technologies · Energy storage systems · Engineering license (PE..."

related opportunities

Specialist, Mineral Resources

"...Geological Survey (AGS) branch’s Emerging Resources team, which is a technically and culturally diverse group of geoscience professionals engaged in mineral and geothermal resource evaluation..."

related opportunities

Senior Geologist, Mineral Resources

"...Geological Survey (AGS) branch’s Emerging Resources team, which is a technically and culturally diverse group of geoscience professionals engaged in mineral and geothermal resource evaluation..."

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Recent episodes that mention geothermal.

E26 - MaRS "New Pathways" Panel

Duration: 37:15

"...This episode is a recording of the "New Pathways" panel which took place at the MaRS Impact Week on Dec 3, 2020. ..."


240: Unearthing Passive House

Duration: 28:13

"...Dean Hoggart found geology fascinating..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about geothermal.

I Made A Mistake Building My New Net Zero Home

"...My new net zero energy home build is almost done, but there's been a few issues along the way that could be a good learning lesson..."


This Breakthrough Energy Source Will Replace Nuclear & Coal!

"...two bit da vinci,geothermal,geothermal energy,geothermal heating and cooling,geothermal power plant,geothermal heat pump,geothermal heating,geothermal drilling,geothermal powerplants,geothermal power,geothermal energy explained,geothermal energy animation,geothermal energy plant,geothermal energy power plant,geothermal energy how it works,how geothermal energy works,how geothermal energy is generated,Breakthrough Tech Provides Clean Energy for 1 Million Years! ..."


Why 3D Printing Batteries Matters

"...But what if we could 3D print solid-state batteries? Could this really work and be viable? Let's explore how 3D printing may be helping to drive sustainability and make solid state battery technology more affordable..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about geothermal relevant to the latest news.

Hybrid and Modified Harmony Search Optimization application in economic load dispatch with integrated renewable source

"...Nowadays researchers are moving toward, developing and demonstrating net zero emission (CO2 emission) renewable energy sources (like solar energy, wind power, Hydro plant and more) technologies..."


Artificial Intelligence and Security Challenges

"...Due of its simplicity and speed of calculation, particle swarm optimization for MPPT is preferred by swarm intelligence classes Predictive technologies are frequently used to anticipate load demand, electricity costs, generation from RES (such as wind, hydro, solar, and geothermal energy), as well as fossil fuels (such as oil, natural gas, and coal)..."


Mitigation of Thermal Energy in Membrane Distillation for Environmental Sustainability

"...High energy consumption in MD can be compensated by the effective utilization of renewable energy sources such as solar energy, geothermal energy, or waste heat..."


A two-stage distributionally robust optimization model for geothermal-hydrogen integrated energy system operation considering m

"...In view of this, this study develops a geothermal-hydrogen integrated energy system (integrating geothermal power, power to hydrogen, and energy storage), which can generate ?near-zero? CO2 emissions and obtain additional benefits by selling hydrogen..."


Selection of suitable renewable energy sources for Turkey: SEM?COPRAS method integrated solution

"...In order to choose the most suitable renewable energy according to this region, solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectric energy, biomass energy and geothermal energy are taken into consideration and the ranking is carried out with the COPRAS method..."


Model Predictive Controller-Based Voltage and Frequency Regulation in Renewable Energy Integrated Power System Coordinated with

"...Additionally, the authors have incorporated various dynamic energy storage devices like virtual inertia and redox flow battery (VI-RFB) in coordination with the MPC-HHO controller..."


A Mathematical Optimization Framework for Managing the Renewable Energy to Attain Maximum Power

"...Various situations were examined in this research about present energy availability, for instance, at varying periods of each year, economic expenses, the feasibility of sources including such biomass and biogas, and the profitability of wind power generation given the related high prices..."


Geothermal Gradient in India?Comparison and Current Status

"...While there is an important ascent in the applications of renewable energy resources, namely solar energy using photo voltaic cells and wind energy using windmills, geothermal resources like heat springs, hot water geysers, hot water springs, and hot water reservoirs remain one of the resources that are still being scouted and exploited..."


Integrated hesitant fuzzy-based decision-making framework for evaluating sustainable and renewable energy

"...According to the achieved results, landfill gas and biogas have the highest rank among the alternatives to renewable energy..."


Comparative Study of Solar and Geothermal Renewable Energy Resources for Desalination of Seawater with Latest Case Studies

"...While 71% of the earth is covered by water, just 1% of surface water is reasonable for homegrown and modern purposes, and undeniably less can be utilized economically..."