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Coverage of glaciers since December 19, 2023.

The water gets hotter and the frog just sits there

"...We already know that the climate threat will largely express itself through the hydrological cycle. Canada needs greater federal leadership on water because adapting to climate change requires national water solutions that bring together provincial, local and Indigenous jurisdictions. The proposed Canada Water Agency is a start but we need much more..."


New Book

"...For many people who are not climate scientists, drastic recession of mountain glaciers is clear and persuasive evidence of global warming. Since most people have never been to a glacier, repeat photographsjuxtapositions of old photographs and recent re-creations taken from the same perspective at the same time of yearare often how they learn of disappearing ice. Indeed, these before-after images of receding glaciers have become icons of global warming..."


Low snowpack, warm temperatures raise concern about continued Alberta drought

"...The Canada Research Chair in Water Resources and Climate Change says eastern and southern Alberta are facing some of the worst drought conditions on record including the Dustbowl years of the 1930s and the severe drought of 2001-01..."


The Marshall Islands Arent Giving In to Sea Level Rise Hakai Magazine

"...The country is already working to implement the first phase of its plan. In Majuro, the capital, workers are fortifying the low-lying airport, and officials are raising money and making plans to relocate government buildings to higher ground. In the rural outer islands, residents are building sea walls and creating fishing cooperatives and marine protected areas..."


Skier dead after ‘serious incident' in Whistler, B.C.

"...The 62-year-old man was pronounced dead after care and examination from a physician and transported off the mountain on Jan. 19, according to the resort. The incident took place in Sapphire Bowl, an expert-designated area of Blackcomb Glacier Provincial Park, it said in a Tuesday statement..."


Missing helicopter found crashed in B.C. Interior, pilot dead: RCMP

"...A helicopter that was reported missing in B. C. s Interior has been found crashed in Glacier National Park, Mounties confirmed Sunday..."


One dead in helicopter crash near Revelstoke, B.C., RCMP confirms CityNews Calgary

"...They say the helicopter, which was first reported missing Friday, was found in Glacier National Park..."


Experts warn of consequences of warm winter CityNews Calgary

"...John Pomeroy, Canada Research Chair in Water Resources and Climate Change, says Alberta could be headed towards an agricultural disaster, especially due to repeated loss of glaciers in the Rockies, combined with an El Nino winter, resulting in very low soil moisture levels..."


The Year Ahead: Climate in 2024

"...Corporate greenwashers are on notice. As of January, all Canadian financial institutions will have to collect hard numbers on the greenhouse gas emissions they finance and, in 2025, report them to the Canadian Securities Administrators. At the moment, the countrys eight largest banks finance more than double the annual GHGs emitted by all of Canada..."


Mountains of glass: The archeological intrigue of B.C.s Mount Edziza Park

"...Mount Edziza itself is a strato-volcano, structured with steep sides and more cone-shaped than its shield-like brethren. The volcanic complex at Edziza has long since gone quiet, as the last magma cycle was 20,000 years ago, the fifth and final of cycles characterized by constant eruptions. The gift of obsidian has been used by First Nations in the region as early as 10,000 years ago, with the Tahltan people having used the volcanic glass to make tools and weaponry..."


Trans Canada Highway closed in both directions near Glacier National Park

"...There are few details available other than the incident happened at a location between Beaver Valley R0ad and Glacier National Park's east boundary. An assessment is in progress and a detour is not currently available..."


Iceland volcanic eruption: what happened and what's next?

"...Scientists anticipated the eruption of a volcano in southwestern Iceland for weeks, so when it happened Monday night, it came as no surprise. The region had been active for more than two years and thousands of small earthquakes rattled the area in recent weeks..."


Recommended Reading

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Jobs in glaciers

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Manager, Software Development

"...In this role, you will also help us address the challenging technical issues that come with the territory..."

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Caribou Breeding Centre Manager

"...Jasper is the largest and wildest of the Rocky Mountain National Parks extending over 11,000 square kilometres..."

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ÃÂtudiants dâÂÂété : Parcs nationaux du Mont-Revelstoke et des Glaciers

"...STU-02 â ÃÂtudiant/étudiante membre de lâÂÂéquipe de lâÂÂexpérience du visiteur et des ventes au détail ⢠Fournir aux visiteurs des services de vente au détail, au Centre de la découverte..."

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Recent episodes that mention glaciers.

Melting of Greenland ice sheet

Duration: 26:34

"...Record-breaking global temperatures are accelerating Greenland ice melt at an alarming rate..."


Matt Diteljan, CEO of Glacier explains how influencer marketing works as a strategy to reach key younger demographics - Calgary

Duration: 21:24

"...An accomplished entrepreneur, Matt Diteljan is the CEO of Glacier, a Calgary-based marketing and advertising company that works with North American universities, colleges, and governments to reach Gen Z and Millennials..."


Melting glaciers, warming coffee and a Dragonfly on Titan

Duration: 37:29

"...When Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins who passed away this week looked down on the earth from lunar orbit during those days in 1969, he saw more ice and a smaller liquid ocean than you would see today..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about glaciers.

Marine climate change - Can our sealife survive? | DW Documentary

"...Wildfires, drought, melting glaciers - the impact of climate change is clear to see..."


Protecting the Himalayan Glaciers: Climate Change, Black Carbon, and Regional Resilience

"...Climate change and air pollution are speeding up the melting of the Himalayan glaciers, jeopardizing the lives and livelihoods of 750 million people who rely on the waterfrom these glaciers and snows..."


Tourism in times of climate change | DW Documentary

"...The consequences are especially visible in the wake of climate change: extreme drought and water shortages are putting a strain on the Balearic island, where resources are already scarce..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about glaciers relevant to the latest news.

Challenges and countermeasures of urban water systems against climate change: a perspective from China

"...The positive mitigation strategy is to employ the systematic concept in planning and design and to adopt advanced applicable energy-saving technologies, processes, and management practices, aiming at reduction in flux of urban water systems, reinforcement in energy conservation and carbon reduction in both water supply systems and wastewater treatment systems, and thus a reduction of greenhouse gas emission from urban water systems..."


Groundwater?from freshwater source to green energy: an overview from concern to solution

"...This article discusses the feasibility of groundwater management in terms of groundwater quantity, artificial recharge to aquifer and groundwater quality both chemical and bacteriological..."


Hydrological processes and water quality in arid regions of Central Asia: insights from stable isotopes and hydrochemistry of p

"...Thus, by collecting published hydrogen and oxygen isotopic data for precipitation, river water, and groundwater in Central Asia, a comprehensive stable isotopic and hydrochemical database was created for the first time to clarify the isotopic signatures of water from different sources and the evolution processes of river water and groundwater..."


Sustainable Agriculture in a Cold Desert: Case Study of Lahaul and Spiti District of Himachal Pradesh

"...Inadequate snowfall during winter season and depletion of glaciers due to rise in temperature is posing a threat to the farmers who are completely dependent on these snow reservoirs for irrigation..."


Snow Cover Estimation Using Sentinel-2 High Spatial Resolution Data. A Case Study: National Park ?ar Planina (Serbia)

"...The final result coincides with the trend of climate change, which is reflected in the increasingly intense warming of glaciers in the largest mountains and the decreasing amount of snowfall..."


Geological Heritage of the Kashmir Valley, North-Western Himalaya, India

"...Likewise, the jointed nature of the Panjal volcanics and the uplift associated with the Himalayan tectonics have resulted in the characteristic relief responsible for the development of waterfalls..."


Simulating Runoff Regime in a Glaciated High-Mountainous Basin: A Case Study of the Baksan River (Caucasus, Russia)

"...The water resources of the North Caucasus depend mostly on the state of glaciers, which have been intensely losing their mass in the recent decades against the background of climate changes..."


Issues and Challenges of Small-Town Water Supply and Distribution: A Case Study of Leh Town in UT Ladakh

"...The annual tourist arrivals have ever increased in Leh town without appropriate and necessary urban infrastructure evolving such as water supply and sewage system..."


Assessing potential risk of glacier avalanches to hydropower infrastructure in the Himalayan region

"...A number of recent flash floods and debris flows, which were triggered by glacier avalanches from relatively small but steep hanging glaciers have exposed the vulnerability of infrastructures and livelihoods in the high Himalaya..."


Comparison of elevation-dependent warming and its drivers in the tropical and subtropical Andes

"...The Andean chain proved to be a relevant climate change hot-spot with positive temperature trends and a widespread glacier retreat over the recent decades..."


Evaluation of Potential Lakes Susceptible to GLOF Using Multicriteria Assessment in Jhelum Sub-basin of Indus Basin

"...It has been stated that the rapid expansion of glacial lakes (GL) is expected to increase due to climate change and imposing the development of flood hazards and risks..."