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Coverage of global warming potential since May 27, 2021.

We need to better understand hydrogen pros and pitfalls

"...“Depending on the use case, it can make the difference between hydrogen being a reasonable partial decarbonization strategy and … actually making things way worse,” Martin told Canada’s National Observer in a phone interview. Environmental Defense Fund’s research examined existing life-cycle studies from a variety of hydrogen systems to see how high or low releases of methane and hydrogen affect the technology’s efficacy at fighting climate change, along with other factors. What people are reading Why Steven Guilbeault’s roadway remarks sparked a car-crazy culture war By Matteo Cimellaro | Analysis | February 20th 2024 Hydrogen is often referred to as green, blue or grey to indicate its impact on climate change..."


FortisBC starts methane capture expansion at landfill

"...Decaying organics in landfills produce methane. If it escapes into the atmosphere, it is magnitudes worse than if it is burned because methane has a significantly higher global warming potential than the CO2 produced when it is burned..."


U of Guelph researching how cow burps contribute to global warming

"...Baes says reducing methane emissions from cows can make a difference in combating climate change because methane has a global warming potential 28 times that of carbon dioxide..."


BNIM brings a brick facade to the Stanley Museum of Art

"...Nearly 15 years after a flood heavily damaged the original Stanley Museum of Art on theUniversity of Iowacampus, a new museum building designed byBNIMopened in January 2022. The Universitys renowned collections of African and 20th-century art have returned to the campus, including Jackson PollacksMuralpainting, which was quickly evacuated during the flood and has spent the last 14 years traveling to art institutions across the world to appear in temporary exhibitions..."


As natural gas use rises in Victoria, the city says it isn't a clean energy source

"...One of the main purposes of this campaign is to inform the public that natural gas is not a clean energy source, despite the “extensive” advertising on the fuel, Derek de Candole, a community energy specialist with the city, told council on Jan. 26..."


Letter: Time to transition to renewable energy

"...I continue to read many peer-reviewed publications by scientists from around the world. There is no doubt that climate change is real, and that it is happening faster than it ever has before in the history of the planet. We know this from looking at ice cores..."


New methane binding process could end insanely wasteful burn-offs

"...The global oil industry wastefully burns off about as much natural gas as is used by all of Central and South America but a new methane binding agent offers a potential way for this greenhouse gas to be converted economically into liquid fuels. Methane is a viciously potent greenhouse gas, if a relatively short-lived one. Over a 20-year span, methane emissions are estimated to have a global warming potential 84 to 87 times that of carbon dioxide..."


Hydrogen 11 times worse than CO2 for climate, says new report

"...Hydrogen will be one of humanity's key weapons in the war against carbon dioxide emissions, but it must be treated with care. New reports show how fugitive hydrogen emissions can indirectly produce warming effects 11 times worse than those of CO2. Hydrogen can be used as a clean energy carrier, and running it through a fuel cell to produce electricity produces nothing but water as a by-product..."


Living the 1.5 Degree Lifestyle Corporate Knights

"...Its harder when everyone wants more stuff, and the jobs all depend on us buying it. So, the only strategy anyone can think of is to produce more carbon-efficient stuff, to build electric cars instead of gasoline-powered, to burn natural gas instead of coal, to make more wind turbines and solar panels, and to dream of nuclear reactors, carbon capture and storage, and hydrogen..."


Lessening the cost of strategies to reach the Paris Agreement

"...Five researchers shed new light on a key argument to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG): they provided the first economic analysis of conversion factors of other GHG like methane into their CO2 equivalent in overshoot scenarios. Although the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) considers settling for one value of reference (known as "Common Metric") to make this conversion among the Paris Agreement, the models presented here show the economic advantage of flexibility between various factors of conversion. "A key notion in the UNFCCC is to reduce GHG emissions in the least costly way so as to ensure global benefits" highlights Katsumasa Tanaka, primary author of the Science Advances study..."


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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about global warming potential.

Emissions free cooling. Can we do it?

"...Current technology is extremely energy hungry and often uses refrigerant gases with very high global warming potential..."


Why cows might not be climate change villains (w/ Frank M. Mitloehner, University of Calif. Davis)

"...Myles Allen, an IPCC contributor and Oxford professor who says the global warming potential carbon equivalency formula applied to livestock is incorrect..."


Is all methane created equal? (w/ Dr. Robert Howarth, Cornell University)

"...Robert Howarth of Cornell University says, Teasing the global warming potential of agricultural methane out of the global warming equation as less potent doesnt matter because methane is methane. ..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about global warming potential relevant to the latest news.

Effects of Nitrogen Reduction and Optimized Fertilization Combined with Straw Return on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Crop Yield

"...A ?closed static box? method was used to monitor methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions, and the variations in the ground temperature at 5-cm depth, soil nitrogen content, and soil organic matter content were analyzed..."


Vapor Compression Cooling Cycles

"...With increasing climate change due to the buildup of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere, there has been a worldwide impetus to transition to refrigerants that have a low or even zero global warming potential..."


Effects of Water?Nitrogen Interaction Coupled with Straw Addition on Rice Paddy Field Grain Yield and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

"...Under standard local rice paddy fields conditions, a split-plot design was used, with continuous flooding (CF) irrigation and alternate wetting and drying (AWD) irrigation as primary plot treatments, and traditional nitrogen application management (TNAM, basal fertilizer:tiller fertilizer:panicle fertilizer:spikelet fertilizer, 6:3:1:0), postponed nitrogen topdressing management 1 (PNTM1, basal fertilizer:tiller fertilizer:panicle fertilizer:spikelet fertilizer, 5:2:2:1), and postponed nitrogen topdressing management 2 (PNTM2, basal fertilizer:tiller fertilizer:panicle fertilizer:spikelet fertilizer, 4:3:2:1) as secondary plot treatments..."


Use of life cycle assessment to evaluate circular economy business models in the case of Li-ion battery remanufacturing

"...Purpose The purpose of this study is to advance and illustrate how life cycle assessment (LCA) can assess circular economy business models for lithium-ion batteries to verify potential environmental benefits compared to linear business models..."


Techno-economic analysis and life cycle assessment of hydrogenation upgrading and supercritical ethanol upgrading processes bas

"...In this study, the techno-economic analysis (TEA) and life cycle assessment (LCA) were used to make a comprehensive comparison from the perspectives of economic and environment between the hydrogenation upgrading process and the supercritical ethanol upgrading process based on fast pyrolysis of cornstalk for liquid biofuel..."


Livestock manure-derived hydrochar is more inclined to mitigate soil Global Warming Potential than raw materials based on soil

"...Agricultural application of its products (hydrochar) disrupts the soil's original stoichiometric balance and affects greenhouse gas emissions..."


The Impact of Public Perception of Timescales in the Climate System on Mitigation Policies

"...In the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) assessment reports, a 20-, 100-, and 500-year global warming potential metric has been used to quantify the impact of climate forcers..."


A Systematic Approach to Improve the Efficiency of a CO2 Booster Refrigerating Machine by Optimising the Performance of the Scr

"...With the decreasing use of refrigerants with a high global warming potential, increasing the efficiency of refrigerating machines using natural working fluids is a very urgent task..."