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Coverage of graphene since December 24, 2021.

Mechanochemical breakthrough unlocks cheap, safe, powdered hydrogen

"...Even if it takes a while, the cost savings – and energy savings, and emissions savings – make an extraordinary case for widespread adoption. "The energy consumed by a 20-hour milling process is US$0. 32," reads the paper..."


Light-activated fish-shaped robot soaks up microplastics from the water

"...There is a lot for us still to learn about the dangers microplastics pose to the environment and the health of living organisms, but one thing is clear, their presence is widespread and only becoming more-so. Scientists have come up with a novel cleanup solution that takes its cues from nature, in the form of a fish-like robot that can move through the water and soak up small plastic pieces as it goes. The light-activated machine is the handiwork of scientists in China who were looking to improve on current approaches to soft robots that are designed to clean up contaminated water..."


Graphene electronic-tattoo monitors blood pressure over time

"...Scientists have developed a new electronic “tattoo” that can monitor a patient’s blood pressure continuously. The e-tattoo is made of graphene and can be worn for long periods without getting in the way, allowing for better health data. Having the cuff tightened around your arm in the doctor’s office is the standard method of measuring blood pressure, but it’s not the most reliable way..."


Waste plastics from old cars

"...If humanity is ever going to curb our waste problem, we’ll need to get creative with recycling and reusing materials. In a new study, researchers at Rice University and Ford’s Research and Innovation Center have demonstrated how waste plastic from old cars could be used to make graphene foam that can then be used in new cars. The study advances a technique called flash joule heating, which the Rice team first demonstrated in 2020 to make graphene out of waste materials like food scraps, plastic and old tires..."


Fastest-ever logic gates could make computers a million times faster

"...Logic gates are the fundamental building blocks of computers, and researchers at the University of Rochester have now developed the fastest ones ever created. By zapping graphene and gold with laser pulses, the new logic gates are a million times faster than those in existing computers, demonstrating the viability of “lightwave electronics. ”Logic gates take two inputs, compare them, and then output a signal based on the result..."


Self-charging moisture battery promises sweat-powered wearables

"...Half of the solar energy that bathes the Earth in warmth goes into a single process, according to some researchers: evaporating the water that covers some 71 percent of our fragile blue marble. Australian company Strategic Elements wants that energy back, and it's working with the University of New South Wales and the CSIRO to develop a flexible, self-charging battery technology that harvests electrical energy from moisture in the air to directly power devices without ever needing to plug them in. The company's shares leapt more than 40 percent on the Australian stock exchange today after it announced what it calls a "step-change" in this self-charging technology, increasing its electrical charge capability from the milliamp-hour range up into the ampere hours..."


Recycled soot coating captures solar heat better than graphene

"...Tackling climate change doesn’t just require efforts like renewable energy – we need to clean up existing processes too. Now, engineers have developed a way to use soot from emissions to improve solar thermal devices, making them not only cheaper to produce but more efficient than using materials like graphene. Gathering energy from the Sun doesn’t have to just involve photovoltaic solar cells – collecting its heat can also be used to generate electricity, purify water, cook food, or warm buildings..."


Used face masks could find new life in stronger concrete

"...Over the past couple of years, disposable face masks have become a very plentiful form of garbage. There may actually be a use for them, however, as recent research shows that they could strengthen concrete when added to it. Previous studies have indicated that concrete is less prone to crack when tiny reinforcing fibers are mixed into it before it's poured..."


Innova Hydrogen Corp. And University Of Alberta Awarded $1.2 Million Grant

"...The research project will commence in March 2022 and continue for a period of five years until March 2027. Innova is excited to partner with the University of Alberta to further advance and optimize its low-cost thermal and catalytic methane pyrolysis technology that will produce clean hydrogen and decarbonize Canada's energy sector as it works towards its net-zero goals. In addition to the above, Innova has submitted two other applications for non-dilutive funding, including one with a reputable industry partner, which is anticipated to be disclosed at a later date forming part of a larger strategic relationship..."


Used masks upcycled into batteries with energy density of lithium-ion

"...As important as face masks are in our current pandemic-riddled world, they have a major impact on the environment. Now scientists have demonstrated a novel method for disposing of old masks – by using them to make low-cost, flexible and efficient batteries. Personal protection equipment (PPE) is one of our most crucial defenses in the war against SARS-CoV-2, but unfortunately it needs to be disposable to provide maximum protection..."


Touchscreen tech swaps rare metal for graphene, with no performance drop

"...Indium is one of the rarest metals on Earth, but it’s a key ingredient in ubiquitous electronic devices. Engineers have now demonstrated a way to swap indium for graphene, to make devices with the exact same electronic properties. Thin films of indium tin oxide (ITO) are highly electrically conductive and transparent to light, making them perfect for a variety of display technologies, including LCD, OLED, e-ink and touchscreens, as well as LED lighting, glass coatings and solar cells..."


Graphene utilized to create

"...A couple of years ago, Canadian scientists celebrated the Christmas season by creating a microscopic gingerbread house. In that same spirit, Danish researchers have now produced what they claim is the world's thinnest Christmas tree – and it's made of graphene. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the substance, graphene takes the form of a one-atom-thick sheet of carbon atoms, linked together in a honeycomb pattern..."


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Recent episodes that mention graphene.

Graphene’s magic angle reveals a new twist

Duration: 37:59

"...Probing the superconducting properties of graphene and bacteria that can use manganese to grow..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about graphene.

Industrial Transformation Challenge: Interview with Dr. Peter van Ballegooie, Universal Matter Inc.

"...will receive toward its project to convert natural gas to low-emissions hydrogen and graphene..."


Graphene SuperCapacitor Breakthrough Is FINALLY Here!

"...Whether it's renewable energy like wind and solar, or electric vehicles, energy storage is the key technology of the decade..."


FINALLY! A Graphene Battery That Could Change Everything | Answers With Joe

"...But a new aluminum graphene battery design is coming out this year that could charge a phone in less than a minute, and it may be the future of energy storage..."


Can This Metal Really Beat the Lithium Battery?

"...While there are already an assortment of energy storage options available today beyond lithium batteries for grid scale storage, like compressed air and pumped hydro, there’s still a search for the next big thing..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about graphene relevant to the latest news.

Functionalized Carbon and Its Derivatives Dedicated to Supercapacitors in Industrial Applications

"...The rise in industrialization in all sectors of day-to-day life has drastically increased the demand for energy consumption, resulted in environmental pollution and depletion of natural fossil fuels..."


Managing plastic waste with nanotechnology: current sustainability prospects

"...This review article presents a framework for managing plastic waste through current nanotechnological interventions with special emphasis on its role in the circular economy..."


Surface Engineering of Graphene-Based Polymeric Composites for Energy Storage Devices

"...This chapter provides a broad overview of the nanocomposite synthesis, properties, and finally prospective application of polymer-graphene nanocomposites in various energy storage sectors..."


Mechanical Properties and Micro Structure of Graphene Oxide (GO) Cement Composites: A Review

"...Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) is the key ingredient in concrete, and it is the primary choice in the construction and building environment..."


The Interplay of Oxygen Functional Groups and Folded Texture in Folded-Graphene Cathode

"...As discussed in last chapter, we have originally reported a novel approach toward ultrafast high-volumetric sodium storage of folded-graphene electrodes through surface-induced redox reactions, which successfully preserved the capacitive reactivity in an intensively densified texture and dramatically improve the volumetric efficiency of energy storage, indicating a prospective avenue toward compact electrochemical energy storage..."


CeSe nanocube anchored on the nanosheet of reduced graphene oxide (rGO) as a binder free electrode for energy conversion system

"...There is a persistent imbalance between energy demand and supply since renewable energy sources are intermittent..."


Engineering Materials at the Atomic Scale for Energy, Environment and Health-Care Applications

"...In the last section of the paper, nature-inspired processes have been utilized to build advanced/unique materials using energy-efficient method..."


Encapsulation of wood capillary channels by electrostatically self-assembled graphene oxide for enhanced conductivity

"...For energy storage/conversion, high electrical conductivity of wood is desirable for its feasible application..."


Functionalized Graphene and its Derivatives for Industrial Energy Storage

"...High-power-density supercapacitors are promising energy storage devices..."


Forms of Functionalized Carbon-Based Nanomaterials, Synthesis, Classifications, and Their Electrochemical Activities for Superc

"...Carbon-based nanomaterials such as carbon quantum dots (CQDs), carbon nanotubes (CNTs), activated carbon, 2D graphene, graphene oxide (GO), graphitic carbon nitride, activated carbon, micro and meso porous carbon materials, and MXenes have captivated the interest of researchers in the field of electrochemical-driven energy storage systems due to their intriguing physicochemical properties including porous architecture, high specific surface area, good electrical and ionic/electrical conductivity, chemical stability along with outstanding availability of the electroactive sites for improved diffusion and mass transport of electrolyte ions..."


Functionalized Nanomaterials as Supercapacitor Devices: Current Trends and Beyond

"...Due to their high-power density, good cyclic stability, quick charging and discharging rate (within seconds), and low maintenance cost, supercapacitors are crucial energy storage technologies..."