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Coverage of grasslands since April 2, 2021.

Ecosystem restoration burn planned northwest of Quesnel near Neewa Creek

"...“This is an ecosystem restoration burn aims to restore native grasslands through low to moderate intensity ground fire,” the BC Wildfire Service noted in a news release, noting it will also improve habitat and forage opportunities for grassland dependent plants and animals, as well as decrease the risk of catastrophic wildfires..."

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Provincial Prairie Forage Associations Launch Regional Soil Health Network

"...Organizers of Prairie Canada’s top conferences around soil health, grazing and regenerative agriculture are joining forces to work with, promote and celebrate each provincial group’s event and organizational activities with the launch of the Prairie Region Soil Health Network..."

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Chilliwack fire crews battle early-season brush fire

"...About 45 firefighters had to carry equipment across open grassland in Chilliwack Thursday to fight the flames of an early-season brush fire..."

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Controlled burns scheduled for Tachie Highway

"...The objective is to reduce accumulations of combustible materials and decrease the risk to infrastructure such as power lines, highway travel corridors and public  safety during wildfire season.  ..."

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Prescribed burn taking place north of Clinton, west of Hwy. 97

"...Reducing the amount of wood debris and other combustible materials in grassland and open forest areas helps slow the spread of wildfires. It will also provide firefighters with a safer work environment during any future wildfire operations in the area..."

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How the private sector can boost agriculture’s role in carbon markets Corporate Knights

"...Agriculture is emerging as a key sector for generating carbon offsets that will help companies and countries meet their net-zero emissions targets. Carbon markets are also a pathway to incentivize farmers to adopt practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance carbon storage in soils and vegetation..."

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Prescribed ecosystem restoration burn set for Churn Creek area.

"...The key objectives of this burn are to restore open grasslands by reducing encroachment from juniper and conifer trees, reduce the wildfire severity and enhance wildlife habitat and forage for ungulates and increase biodiversity..."

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Conservation Efforts Focus On Prairie Community Pastures

"...In Saskatchewan and Manitoba, there are 141 Community Pastures that cover an area twice the size of Prince Edward Island and support at least 36 bird and plant species at risk. According the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), the continued existence and good management of these lands contributes to biodiversity, water quality, soil conservation, and storing carbon..."

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A changing land

"...These maps tell a story of a changing world, with major events altering the landscape. The large areas around Yellowknife depict land cover transition from forest to mainly grassland and barren lands, thanks to the 2014 forest fires in the surrounding area. Unusually warm conditions and lack of rain triggered more than 130 forest fires in the Great Slave Lake region in the Northwest Territories..."

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New Forest Service assessment delivers research on invasive species

"...MADISON, WI, April 8, 2021 - USDA Forest Service scientists have delivered a new comprehensive assessment of the invasive species that confront America's forests and grasslands, from new arrivals to some that invaded so long ago that people are surprised to learn they are invasive. The assessment, titled "Invasive Species in Forests and Rangelands of the United States: A Comprehensive Science Synthesis for the United States Forest Sector," serves as a one-stop resource for land managers who are looking for information on the invasive species that are already affecting the landscape, the species that may threaten the landscape, and what is known about control of invasive species. "Understanding the ecology of invasive species, their dynamics and complex ecological, economic, and societal interactions is critical to improving management strategies and reducing impacts to native ecosystems," said Cynthia West, director of the Forest Service's Northern Research Station and the Forest Products Laboratory..."

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Wildfire service to conduct prescribed burn near Clinton

"...The BC Wildfire Service will help the Village of Clinton volunteer fire department conduct prescribed burning of 13-hectares north of the village and west of Highway 97..."

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When Nature Conservation Goes Wrong

"...KYAMBURA, Uganda—The dry season had only just begun, but Muhammad Bwambale was already running out of options. Money and decent work were always in short supply for villagers in the Ugandan community of Kyambura, but a bad harvest had pushed them to the edge. One tantalizing option remained..."

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Jobs in grasslands

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Natural Area Practitioner - Urban Forestry (Natural Areas) - City of Surrey (Surrey, BC)

"...City of Surrey employees are talented innovators, inspired by meaningful work and the opportunity to drive our city—and their careers—forward..."

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Student - Resource Management Assistant

"...forest, a strip of eastern deciduous forest along the foot of the escarpment, huge meadows of rough fescue grasslands in its west end, and significant tracts of marsh and river-bottom wetland..."

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Resource Conservation Manager III

"...forest, a strip of eastern deciduous forest along the foot of the escarpment, huge meadows of rough fescue grasslands in its west end, and significant tracts of marsh and river-bottom wetland..."

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Dental Assistant - Grasslands

"...Time The opportunity: We are currently looking to hire a Dental Assistant to join our busy and well-established practice..."

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Recent episodes that mention grasslands.

4/2/21 - Climate Action Pursuit, Baby Wild Animals

Duration: 03:30

"...Delta College is serving as a host institution for Climate Action Pursuit..."

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A nose-to-tail approach for forage and grassland carbon offsets

Duration: 11:58

"...A two-year pilot project that will demonstrate grasslands’ carbon-storing power was announced last week by the Canadian Forage and Grassland Association..."

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RealAg Radio, March 17: Grassland carbon storage, collaboration, and new corn silage varieties

Duration: 55:09

"...Welcome to this mid-week edition of RealAg Radio; we appreciate you being here..."

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For the birds: Audubon's conservation ranching work

Duration: 56:20

"..."What's good for the bird is good for the herd"—that's the basis of a win-win initiative to preserve bird habitat on ranches and grasslands..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about grasslands.

The Fight For Water - Kenya's Cattle Wars | Giving Nature A Voice | Free Documentary Nature

"...In the lawless wilderness of northern Kenya, where pastoralists graze their cows, well-armed herders are forced to compete for diminishing grasslands in this era of climate change..."

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Burning Pantanal | What’s Behind the Fire?

"...Human activity such as deforestation and cattle ranching is encroaching on this precious ecosystem and causing it permanent damage..."

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Biodiversity 101

"...Think about this rain forest… that coral reef… these grasslands… these mountains..."

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Fire and Feast | A Perfect Planet | BBC Earth

"...After receiving twelve hours of solar energy every day, the Sergenti grasslands become a tinderbox, just waiting to be lit..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about grasslands relevant to the latest news.

Agricultural Landscapes in Brandenburg, Germany: An Analysis of Characteristics and Spatial Patterns

"...The increasing demand for agricultural commodities for food and energy purposes has led to intensified agricultural land management, along with the homogenization of landscapes, adverse biodiversity effects and robustness of landscapes regarding the provision of ecosystem services..."

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Increasing food production and mitigating agricultural greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union: impacts of carbon pricin

"...This study focuses on the links between food production and greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union..."

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An alternative approach for mapping burn scars using Landsat imagery, Google Earth Engine, and Deep Learning in the Brazilian Sa

"...Consequently, the fire regime has been changing over the last few decades and increasingly affecting native vegetation, natural habitats, and ecosystem services in tropical regions..."

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Impact of climate change on the Andean distribution of Poa scaberula (Poaceae)

"...Under the low and higher concentration greenhouse gas emissions scenario, the range of the species may decrease as global warming intensifies..."

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A non-native woody plant compromises conservation benefits of mid-field woodlots for birds in farmland

"...We surveyed 27 mid-field woodlots (13 covered by native vegetation and 14 dominated by black locust) in the Czech Republic, relating the species richness of all birds, habitat specialists and habitat generalists to woodlot characteristics: black locust occurrence, distance to the main forest, age of the woodlot, vegetation structure, arthropod biomass (representing food supply for birds), surrounding habitats and type of crops in which they are embedded..."

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Upland burning and grazing as strategies to offset climate-change effects on wetlands

"...Management of grassland areas in wetland catchments may be an effective strategy for counteracting potentially negative impacts of climate change on wetlands..."

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Comparison of soil microbial responses to nitrogen addition between ex-arable grassland and natural grassland

"...However, the difference in microbial biomass, community composition, and functions between ex-arable and natural grasslands and whether soil microbes respond to N addition in a similar way across different land use types remain unknown..."

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Distribution characteristics, bioaccumulation and trophic transfer of heavy metals in the food web of grassland ecosystems

"...In this study, according to the classification of biological “classes” and the different trophic levels of the food web, the distribution characteristics, bioaccumulation of heavy metals (HMs) and their trophic transfer in the food web of typical grassland ecosystems were studied and predicted..."

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Landscape scaling of different land-use types, geomorphological styles, vegetation regionalizations, and geographical zonings d

"...Water erosion is one of the main types of soil degradation, but few quantitative estimates have been done in the soil erosion intensity grades of different landscape scaling characteristics in a large-scale ecological restoration watershed..."

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