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Coverage of green businesses since February 27, 2020.

Why I'm running for mayor with my dog

"...We also popularized and in some cases catalyzed many big ideas that are now central features of our economy: from pricing pollution and putting the money back in peoples pockets, to board diversity requirements, mandatory sustainability reporting and carbon budgets for large funds and companies. We planted the seed to make Toronto a global hub for sustainable finance with 100,000 new jobs and helped spawn the Financial Centres for Sustainability network, launched by the G7 in 2017, as well as Canadas $8-billion net-zero accelerator to speedup green businesses and jobs..."


Victoria circular economy business incubator accepting 2023 cohort applications

"...Project Zero says the circular economy eliminates pollution and waste by retaining resources and manufactured goods within the system through innovation, reuse, repair, redistribution, reconditioning and recycling processes, all of which are powered by renewable energy..."


Mayoral hopeful Denis Coderre releases 'Montreal for all' platform ahead of fall election

"...His Ensemble Montreal team spoke Monday about the importance of fighting climate change and vowed to plant a tree on every street and to transform the citys east end into a green Silicon Valley in Quebec with green businesses, eco-responsible housing and development focused on the social and circular economy. ..."


Canadian seniors vaccinated in higher numbers for COVID-19 than for the flu: PHAC

"...Playgrounds at Barriere Ridge under refit orderA number of youngsters were quite surprised last week when they went… Continue reading Stamer waiting to hear if Conservative nomination acceptedBarriere Mayor Ward Stamer says he is still waiting to hear if… Continue reading Acknowledging the empty seat: Five years into overdose public health emergencyBy Susan Brown It has been five years since the Provincial Health… Continue reading B. C. launches $500M fund to subsidize green business growthInBC prioritizes our people and planet with profits, minister says..."


Comox Valley Regional District invites public to learn about green shores

"...The Comox Valley Regional District is offering an information session for property owners to learn more about green shores as a nature-based solution to shoreline management — which helps to restore a natural shoreline, and addresses challenges including sea level rise, storm surge and coastal erosion within the region..."


Japan adopts green growth plan to go carbon free by 2050

"...FILE - In this Oct. 12, 2020, file photo, streaks of lights from cars pass through a business district in Tokyo. Japan aims to eliminate gasoline-powered vehicles in about 15 years, the government said Friday, Dec..."


Big expansion for plastic recycling in B.C.

"...Merlin Plastics is a made-in-B. C. green business success story..."


Petrochemical company invests in BC plastic recycler

"...The company’s growth is in no small part due to the fact B. C. was one of the first jurisdictions in North America to introduce an extended producer responsibility levy to help pay for recycling of everything from bottles to newspapers and plastics..."


Seeding climate action on Canada's farms Corporate Knights

"...As well as rebuilding their soil, some members of the new coalition say they can cut their on-farm fossil fuel use in half by 2050. The combination of energy conservation and carbon storage could make farmers a major contingent in the green business community of 2050..."


Business notes: CVRD sponsoring Green Business category at Black Tie Awards

"...The Cowichan Valley Regional District is once again partnering with the Duncan Cowichan Chamber in support of the Green Business category for the Black Tie Awards 2020..."


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Recent episodes that mention green businesses.

Banking on Climate

Duration: 33:41

"...BNP Paribas is France’s largest commercial bank..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about green businesses.

What does a Biden administration mean for green business?

"...Find out at The Economist Events' Sustainability Week US virtual event on June 8th - 11th 2021..."


Sustainably bringing Economy back into the built Environment, with Dr. Christine Lemaitre

"...She has been a member of the Board of Directors of the World Green Building Council between 2016 and 2020 and Chair of the European Regional Network, making her one of the global forerunners for future-proof building on a global level..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about green businesses relevant to the latest news.

Management of human resources in the green economy: Does green labour productivity matter in low-carbon development in China

"...Conventionally, capital productivity and energy consumption also tend to follow dirty productivity growth and thus, increased environmental pollution..."


Leadership and Achieving Sustainable Solutions

"...It becomes crucial for leaders in the organizations to explore the green business practices that cannot be universally applied and would be subjective on grounds such as culture, politics, and economic contrasts..."


Structural equation modeling for three aspects of green business practices: a case study of Bangladeshi RMG?s industry

"...Also, there is a significant difference between the predicted and factual green business adoption tendencies and views among different industrial enterprises, especially for waste management and water pollution based on the findings of the SEM-PLS model..."


Understanding the pro-environmental behavior among green poultry farmers: Application of behavioral theories

"...Despite widespread economic growth and increasing quality of life in the last century, there are concerns that human activities have had a significant negative impact on the environment and these effects have reduced the power and sustainability of socio-economic systems..."


What are the drivers and barriers for green business practice adoption for SMEs?

"...The depletion of natural resources as a byproduct of widespread, global economic growth has urged entrepreneurs to think about the environment when starting or conducting business..."


Schumpeterian economic dynamics of greening: propagation of green eco-platforms

"...Fundamentally, greening is characterized as the emergence of green business platforms which create new possibilities for green growth as they propagate, driven by supply-side dynamics as much as by demand-side dynamics involving changed consumer behavior, as in the rise of the sharing economy..."


Understanding the role of green finance and innovation in achieving the sustainability paradigm: application of system GMM appr

"...THe central challenge facing China?s sustainable development is how to strike a balance between economic growth and environmental conservation..."


Implications of Green Optimism upon Sustainable Supply Chain Management

"...This study suggests an interesting link between supply chain management and human resource management; that is, within a sustainable supply chain those managers who are optimistic about the future of green business might be an obstacle to the success of green business..."


Assessing the prioritization of barriers toward green innovation: small and medium enterprises Nexus

"...This research has also identified obstacles to introducing green business activities in small- and medium-sized enterprises and increase sustainable development..."


Integrating green business strategies and green competencies to enhance green innovation: evidence from manufacturing firms of

"...This study proposes that green innovation can be enhanced by amalgamating green business strategies and mastering green competencies within a firm..."


Reflective socio-ecological practice

"...Department of Agriculture?s Land Evaluation and Site Assessment System and Green Business Certification Inc..."