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Coverage of green marketing since July 20, 2023.

How to fight greenwashing with an empowered marketing team

"...While its true that using recycled plastic bottles is better than producing virgin polyester or other fossil-fuel-derived synthetic textiles, the most sustainable use for plastic bottles, according to The CircularLaboratory, would be to recycle them into new bottles closing the loop in the drinking bottle industry. Turning them into polyester not only comes with a greater carbon footprint; it limits their circular lifespan. Right now, the technology simply doesnt exist to recycle polyester clothes into new clothes at scale..."


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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about green marketing relevant to the latest news.

Why greenwashing occurs and what happens afterwards? A systematic literature review and future research agenda

"...Specifically, we identify theoretical perspectives commonly assumed in the literature on greenwashing, including green marketing, green finance, signaling strategy, and corporate decoupling..."


Linking green perceived value and green brand loyalty: a mediated moderation analysis of green brand attachment, green self-ima

"...Despite the enduring importance of green marketing literature, it has been argued that limited studies have been devoted to addressing green brand-related issues in the Chinese sports industry..."


Green Perceived Value in the Brand-Consumer Relationship: An Empirical Study of Its Determinants in Managing Global Brands

"...Consumers? concern with the industry?s impact on the environment has been increasing, so they increasingly seek to adjust their buying and consumption behaviour to the need to preserve and conserve natural resources..."


Analyzing the green marketing approaches and their impact on consumer behavior toward the environment in China: a logistic regr

"...This study concludes that EL, ECB, EL, GBP, and GPPP are significant tools of green marketing strategies that considerably improve customers? environmental attitudes..."


The Impact of the Metaverse on Green Marketing: A Paradigm Shift in Sustainable Consumer Behaviour

"...The primary objective of the present study is to examine the possible implications of the metaverse on green marketing, with a special emphasis on its effects on sustainable consumption behaviour..."


Role of Information Dissemination in Promoting Green Consumption Mediating a Media Richness Perspective

"...To make an effective consumption of green products among consumers, it is necessary to make their respective retailers aware of green marketing practices..."


Media Richness Theory (MRT) Model: An Implication for Immersive World Toward Effective Green Communication Generating Green Mar

"...In the era of sustainability, green marketing has emerged as a solution where climate change is on urge to become irreversible as per IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) reports (Fiona Harvey in Scientists deliver ?final warning? on climate crisis: act now orit?s too late..."