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Coverage of greenhouse effect since April 25, 2021.

Opinion: Eating bugs to save the environment

"...Across much of the research and studies on agriculture and food security, the common understanding seems to be that there must be a drastic increase in food production and a decrease in the negative environmental impacts of such production, all within the next thirty years. The United Nations predicts that the planet’s human population will grow to nine and a half billion by the year 2050, and subsequently, will require current food production rates to double. How can we accomplish this task without bringing on more environmental damage? It is true that small-scale farming releases much lower levels of CO₂ into the atmosphere than their larger counterparts..."


Saskatoon explores partners for future greenhouse facility

"...A shared greenhouse has the potential to include learning, research, and community programming about native species, food security and seed bank storage, the city says..."


PAINFUL TRUTH: Why can't government act?

"...It was part of the Liberals’ ambitious plans to fight climate change. All those new trees would soak up carbon dioxide, slow the greenhouse effect, and buy us some time to wean ourselves off oil, gas, and coal..."


Guest post: The 50th anniversary of a remarkable global-warming prediction

"...Written by meteorologist John Sawyer, the paper – entitled “Man-made carbon dioxide and the greenhouse effect” – was published by the journal Nature in 1972..."


5 things you should know about the greenhouse gases warming the planet

"...“Human-caused greenhouse gas emissions endanger human and environmental health,” says Mark Radka, Chief of the UN Environment Programme’s (UNEP) Energy and Climate Branch. “And the impacts will become more widespread and severe without strong climate action. ”..."


You'll see more carbon labels in the grocery store next year. Here's what they mean.

"...But Tammara Soma, assistant professor at the School of Resource and Environmental Management at Simon Fraser University, is not sold. “I’m cautious about initiatives that focus on making people into data consumers,” says Soma. She cites “best before” dates, which teach consumers to trust the printed expiration label more than their own senses, leading to a lot of food waste..."


The Tragedy of Stopping Climate Change

"...Evidence of the storytelling shift is now everywhere discussions of climate change are found. The Pulitzer Prize-winning climate journalist Dan Fagin has argued that storytelling is part of the solution to the climate crisis and that journalism about it needs to be packaged “in the form of a story, in the form of narrative, with characters, drama, and a connecting thread. ” Political scientists, economists, and sociologists also increasingly place climate change in the context of the meaning-making narratives by which societies organize themselves..."


LETTER: LNG's economic benefits outweighed by damage to climate

"...A study supported by the BC Oil & Gas Commission proved the methane leakage from gas wells is more than twice as much as measured formerly. Methane is a huge contributor to the greenhouse effect and we should be treating “natural” gas with the same regard as coal – a dirty fossil fuel. Supplying the enormous amount of gas for the Nass project would mean intolerable amounts of fracking in our beautiful northern lands and huge releases of methane to our already overburdened atmosphere..."


Scientists offered using methanol in power generation for electric cars

"...According to scientists, given the current level of oil and gas consumption, these sources of energy will be enough for mankind for the next 60 years. At the same time, the development of new deposits of fossil fuels leads to the degradation of production areas, including the Arctic, to the melting of permafrost and the release of colossal volumes of methane. This enhances the greenhouse effect and ozone depletion..."


Lessening the cost of strategies to reach the Paris Agreement

"...Five researchers shed new light on a key argument to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG): they provided the first economic analysis of conversion factors of other GHG like methane into their CO2 equivalent in overshoot scenarios. Although the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) considers settling for one value of reference (known as "Common Metric") to make this conversion among the Paris Agreement, the models presented here show the economic advantage of flexibility between various factors of conversion. "A key notion in the UNFCCC is to reduce GHG emissions in the least costly way so as to ensure global benefits" highlights Katsumasa Tanaka, primary author of the Science Advances study..."


Ancient Mars may have icy clouds to thank for its liquid water

"...High-altitude icy clouds may have allowed ancient Mars to host rivers and lakes by warming the planet via a greenhouse effect, according to the results of a new study. The theory could be tested by NASA’s Perseverance rover, which is currently actively exploring the surface of the Red Planet. One of the greatest unsolved mysteries in our Solar System is the question of how Mars transformed from a world capable of harboring vast lakes – and possibly life – to the inhospitable barren planet that we know today..."


Icy clouds could have kept early Mars warm enough for rivers and lakes, study finds

"...One of the great mysteries of modern space science is neatly summed up by the view from NASA's Perseverance, which just landed on Mars: Today it's a desert planet, and yet the rover is sitting right next to an ancient river delta..."


Recommended Reading

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about greenhouse effect.

Budget Alpine home uses the sun as no-bill climate-control

"...Besides the benefits of the greenhouse effect of all the glass, he also added phase change material (PCM) in some of the windows to absorb the sun’s warmth during the day and then release it at night..."


John Tyndall: The Physicist Who Proved the Greenhouse Effect - with Paul Hurley

"...The scientific enquiries and new discoveries of John Tyndall cover an incredible diversity, ranging from: magnetism and the bending of light, to heat absorption in gases and global warming, all the way through to bacterial spores and the motion of glaciers..."


06. Greenhouse Effect, Habitability

"...Using this model, the Earth's surface temperature is calculated to be cooler than in reality due to the lack of an atmosphere and the greenhouse effect in the model..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about greenhouse effect relevant to the latest news.

Effects of Nitrogen Reduction and Optimized Fertilization Combined with Straw Return on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Crop Yield

"...A ?closed static box? method was used to monitor methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions, and the variations in the ground temperature at 5-cm depth, soil nitrogen content, and soil organic matter content were analyzed..."


An Introduction to Climate Change Phenomenon

"...Other reasons for climate change include greenhouse effect, global warming, urbanization, and deforestation..."


Introduction to Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Electric Vehicles

"...Passenger vehicles are an essential part of everyone?s life, yet their exhaust fumes are a major source of urban pollution that contributes to the greenhouse effect, which leads to climate change..."


Can an Environmentally Sustainable Construction be Affordable?

"...The development strategy based on unlimited economic growth has been increasing extraction and consumption of natural resources and is responsible for pollutant emissions and wastes, on such a way that we risk of rapidly depleting planet earth..."


Eco-friendly thinking toward mitigating the greenhouse effect applied to the alumina grinding process

"...The conventional flood technique is currently the most used, but it has a high environmental impact combined with unhealthy chemical agents in the cutting fluid..."


Advanced Laser Methods for Synthesizing Photocatalysts

"...The global demand for energy is steadily increasing in the past decades, leading to a rise of the uses of conventional energy sources which are causing serious environmental problems such as the greenhouse effect and pollution of the water and air supplies..."


A comparative study of stage characteristics and factorial decomposition of CO2 emissions between China and the USA

"...China should transform the economic growth mode, optimize the energy structure, and improve the efficiency of resource utilization to help achieve the peaking carbon emissions and the carbon neutrality smoothly..."


Theoretical Insight on Highly Efficient Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction Reaction of Monoatom Dispersion Catalyst (Metal-Nitrogen

"...The research points out that M-N-C (M?=?Ir) catalysts have good performance in catalyzing the reduction of carbon dioxide into carbon products with economic value, especially methane and methanol, and multicarbon products such as ethanol..."


Artificial Photosynthesis(AP): From Molecular Catalysts to Heterogeneous Materials

"...Artificial photosynthesis(AP) is one of the most effective ways to address the energy shortage and the greenhouse effect by converting solar energy into hydrogen and other carbon-based high value-added products through the understanding of the mechanism, structural analysis, and functional simulation of natural photosynthesis..."


Development of a Conceptual Framework for Hybrid Car Adoption in Bangladesh

"...The major goal of green technology is to lessen the greenhouse effect and control global warming..."


Radiative Forcing of Particulate Matters

"...Suspended particulate matter ?aerosols? affect the energy budget of atmospheric radiation, primarily through ?aerosol-radiation interactions? and ?aerosol-cloud interactions,? resulting in climate change..."


Glycerol waste to value added products and its potential applications

"...Compared to other carbon-based fuels, biodiesel is attracted worldwide as a biofuel for the reduction of global dependence on fossil fuels and the greenhouse effect..."