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News and Opinion

Coverage of greenwashing since November 2, 2023.

New York AG says meat producing giant made misleading environmental claims to boost sales

"...The lawsuit filed in a state court in New York City alleges that the company claimed it will achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040 despite having no viable plan to meet that commitment. The lawsuit names as defendants JBS USA Food Company and JBS USA Food Company Holdings, the American subsidiary of the world-leading producer of beef products based in Brazil..."


Lululemon relying on fossil fuel-linked PR firm as it faces greenwashing allegations The Narwhal

"...Edelman has a list of climate commitments that includes engaging its clients on net-zero emissions, and told The Narwhal it understands a rapid reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is needed to mitigate the climate crisis. Lululemon, meanwhile, has said its focused on fostering a sustainable garment industry that addresses climate change impacts and is committed to decarbonization..."


Group says lululemon is ‘greenwashing' as its emissions rise, wants competition probe

"...A statement from Stand. earth says lululemon has been using the slogan “Be Planet” as part of its “impact agenda” released in 2020, but the company's own reports reveal a doubling of greenhouse-gas emissions since then. lululemon's 2022 impact report says its “products and actions help lead (the) industry toward a climate-stable future where nature and people thrive..."


Group says Lululemon is

"...It says the Vancouver-based company aims to meet a series of climate action targets by 2030, including a 60-per-cent reduction in emissions intensity for “Scope 3” operations, which encompasses the making and shipping of clothing globally..."


Divest or Invest? A Climate Change Question

"...Divestment from fossil fuel corporations is a common call of climate activists, but divesting could be counterproductive to efforts combating climate change..."


'Hypocritical' disinformation campaign on natural gas

"...Modelled on the B. C. standard for low-carbon building, Burnaby's rules are among B..."


The Year Ahead: Climate in 2024

"...Corporate greenwashers are on notice. As of January, all Canadian financial institutions will have to collect hard numbers on the greenhouse gas emissions they finance and, in 2025, report them to the Canadian Securities Administrators. At the moment, the countrys eight largest banks finance more than double the annual GHGs emitted by all of Canada..."


Countries forcing companies to disclose carbon emissions. What about Canada?

"...Regulators around the world are increasingly forcing them to disclose their carbon emissions, along with other key climate change considerations such as how much financial risk they face. Momentum is building as the rising dangers from wildfires, droughts and floods become harder to ignore, and as the alphabet soup of disclosure regimes get boiled down to clear international standards on the key questions companies most need to answer. But while both the need and the path forward are getting increasingly clear, experts say Canada is falling behind..."


Alberta named

"...The Climate Action Network, which includes 2,000 organizations from around the world, bestowed the mock honour at the COP28 climate meetings in Dubai. The groups say Alberta earned the award, in part, for coming to the meetings with an entourage of oil and gas executives, failing to inform Indigenous communities of leaks from an oilsands mine and pausing approvals for renewable energy. The network says the award is rarely given to non-national governments..."


Global ESG assets drop 14% as industry tightens grip on sustainability claims Corporate Knights

"...As the COP28 meeting begins and the world looks to the financial sector to step up on the climate crisis, the global sustainable investment industry is finally coming to grips with allegations of greenwashing that have plagued it for years..."


Most Canadians want their investments to align with climate action

"...Canada can succeed on its global climate commitments only if financial institutions move in the same direction and allocate money to climate solutions instead of climate pollution. Yet many Canadian banks, pension funds, insurers and large companies still underinvest in clean energy and disproportionately invest in oil, gas and coal. Earlier this year, Canada was recognized as a low-regulation jurisdiction on sustainable finance by a UN sustainable investment group..."


Recommended Reading

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about greenwashing.

Gold Standard Unpacking carbon offsetting, with Margaret Kim

"...Maggie's strengths in strategic development and resource mobilization coupled with a passion for sustainable development and combating climate change supports Gold Standard in delivering on their vision for climate security and sustainable development for all. ..."


BLAH, BLAH, BLAH? Is that all our leaders provided at COP26?

"...The COP 26 climate conference in Glasgow was billed as our last chance to limit global warming this century to no more than 1. 5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels..."


What does climate neutral mean? | DW Documentary

"...Something is climate neutral when a manufacturing process or service does not emit more greenhouse gas emissions than can be saved elsewhere..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about greenwashing relevant to the latest news.

Mega-eco projects: a global assessment of large-scale ecological restoration initiatives

"...One way to address the crises of climate change and biodiversity loss is the rapid deployment of so-called nature-based solutions (NbS)..."


Biodegradable plastics: Green hope or greenwashing?

"...Therefore, this article mainly discusses whether BPs are green hope or greenwashing: 1) Degradability in the environment; 2) Impact of existing waste management; and 3) Recycling Impact of resources and impact on global carbon sequestration..."


CSR achievement, reporting, and assurance in the energy sector: Does economic development matter?

"...Drawing on signaling theory and the greenwashing tendency, the objective of this study is to explore the connection among four facets of corporate social responsibility (CSR) practice: CSR performance, CSR reporting, following the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines in preparing CSR reports, and verifying the reliability of CSR reports through an external assurance statement..."


Why Does UN?s Sustainable Development Goals Frequently End Up in Greenwashing ? Enlightened by Black Box Theory

"...I introduce black box theory as a tool for reflections on why serious acceptance of UN?s 17 SDG?s often ends up in green washed mainstream economic practice instead of deeper changes as described in ecological economics..."


The price of frequent issuance: the value of information in the green bond market

"...Information asymmetry related to environmental impacts and greenwashing-related reputational risks poses a key challenge for green bond market development..."


Green to gold: consumer circular choices may boost circular business models

"...Consumers are the true agents of transformation in the circular economy..."


The framing of a sustainable development goals assessment in decarbonizing the construction industry – Avoiding “Gre

"...The aim of this paper is to contribute to the establishment of a robust framework for the assessment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in businesses, using the construction industry as an example and with the primary focus on combating climate change (SDG 13)..."


‘Frack off’: Towards an anarchist political ecology critique of corporate and state responses to anti-fracking resis

"...This paper puts forward an anarchist political ecology critique of extreme energy extractivism by examining corporate and state responses (or political reactions from above) to anti-fracking resistance in the UK..."


Governance Issues in Carbon Emissions: Can a Food Emissions Gate Be Avoided?

"...The fourth chapter investigates the problem of greenwashing and the importance of sustainability reporting and carbon disclosure..."


The Economics of the Greenium: How Much is the World Willing to Pay to Save the Earth?

"...We explain in simple economic terms why the price premium of a green bond essentially represents a combination of the non-pecuniary environmental benefit of the bond, as perceived by the investor, and the effective cost of issuing it, as measured by the additional issuing costs of the bond netted off a range of monetary and non-monetary benefits associated with the issuance..."


Past, present, and future of sustainable finance: insights from big data analytics through machine learning of scholarly resear

"...In addition, this study reveals insights into seven major themes of sustainable finance research, namely socially responsible investing, climate financing, green financing, impact investing, carbon financing, energy financing, and governance of sustainable financing and investing..."


Are companies using Twitter to greenwash and hide bad environmental performance?

"...Using the environmental messaging, we also assess whether companies are simply greenwashing their true climate change performance..."