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Coverage of groundwater since January 4, 2024.

After a warm winter, Canada may see more drought, wildfires in the spring

"...In Saskatchewan, their main water supply from Regina's Lake Diefenbaker is metres below average already for this time of year. In other places in Canada the groundwater is depleted, which means people have to pump water from farther down. Richardson said while many in Canadas biggest cities may not notice the drought right away with tap water still flowing, they might see some other effects..."


LTC urged to not reconsider kennel

"...Such an amendment or rezoning could potentially weaken regulations and watershed protection, said Drake, as climate change pointed toward heavier winter rainfall producing increasingly significant runoff.    ..."


City of Merritt announces water restrictions effective immediately

"...At present, the City is keeping level three watering restrictions and is encouraging residents to practice water conservation year-round to protect our drinking water and fish habitats, particularly on Coldwater River, which is a losing reach or sinking river where incoming water drains into the citys aquifers, the release reads..."


In rural Utah, concern over efforts to use Colorado River water to extract lithium

"...The project is one small piece in a global ramp-up of lithium production to make batteries for storing clean wind and solar energy and powering electric cars. Alternative batteries that don't rely on lithium are being tested, but for now, lithium is still used in most electric vehicle and electrical grid batteries..."


BC Energy Regulator warns of potential water restrictions for oil, gas operators

"...The energy regulator says the drought during last summer and fall is impacting streamflows and groundwater levels on top of the lower-than-average snowpack..."


Groundwater depletion accelerating in many parts of the world, study finds

"...Groundwater is one of the largest freshwater sources anywhere in the world, making the depletion of aquifers a significant concern. Overpumping aquifers can make land sink and wells run dry and threatens water resources for residential development and farms that use it to irrigate fields..."


No recharge: long-term Prairie drought raises concerns over groundwater levels

"...But those measures address surface water. About 600,000 Albertans depend on groundwater, and scientists and rural officials say not enough is known about the effects years of drought have had on the unseen flows beneath our feet..."


Defense Department to again target

"...The U. S. Department of Defense plans to install two more groundwater treatment systems at a former Michigan military base to control contamination from so-called forever chemicals, U..."


Alberta government takes action to reduce impacts of drought

"...The government said that parts of the province have experienced drought and water shortages for the past three years and this year will be no different. With less snowfall this season, the province is concerned that rivers and reservoirs are below normal levels. John Pomeroy, University of Saskatchewan professor and Canada research chair in water resources and climate change, earlier this month confirmed those fears..."


Vancouver redevelopment's critics question lack of early hydrogeological study

"...In a joint statement, the MST-CLC Partnership said the lands will be a model for rainwater management and possibly restore historic waterflows to downstream wetlands and other systems in Jericho Beach Park. “At the same time, water will be slowed, stored, and celebrated so that spiritual and other cultural relationships with water can be restored at ??y?alm?x?/Iy?lmexw/Jericho Lands,” the partnership wrote. “We have undertaken technical work alongside the City of Vancouver to better understand the aquifer and how groundwater moves through it..."


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Jobs in groundwater

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Intermediate Environmental Professional, Assessment and Reclamation Group

"...soil and groundwater assessment field programs, mentoring junior staff, and providing technical support to project managers in the Assessment and Reclamation service line (who are based throughout..."

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Environmental Scientist, Risk Assessment

"...soil and groundwater assessments, with a focus on sites requiring risk-based solutions..."

related opportunities

Drill Rig Operator

"...Assisting in periodic groundwater sampling and measurement surveys..."

related opportunities

Senior Environmental Project Manager

"..., and applicable federal acts and regulations including the CCME and CWS soil and groundwater guidelines..."

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Recent episodes that mention groundwater.

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Beavers, our brilliant ecosystem builders

Duration: 37:03

"...You might not think of beavers as remarkable, but they are actually brilliant ecosystem engineers whose dams mitigate flooding, improve water quality, and boost groundwater levels, and they also provide habitat for species like salmon, moose, and mink.  Environmental journalist Ben Goldbarb joins us to discuss his fascinating new book putting a bright shine on beavers, "Eager," plus we round up the top environmental news, so if you like what you hear, please subscribe and tell a friend..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about groundwater.

Whats Saudi Arabia got do with Arizona's groundwater?

"...A Saudi company has been pumping unlimited groundwater in Arizona..."


Water shortage in Germany - New ideas for long-term security | DW Documentary

"...The causes are not just more drought periods but also soil sealing - and higher pollutant levels in the water have also become a problem..."


Climate change in the desert | DW Documentary

"...Sandstorms are becoming more and more frequent, groundwater levels are sinking and palm trees are shrivelling up and dying..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about groundwater relevant to the latest news.

Aquifer depletion exacerbates agricultural drought losses in the US High Plains

"...Aquifer depletion poses a major threat to the ability of farmers, food supply chains and rural economies globally to use groundwater as a means of adapting to climate variability and change..."


Evaluation of factors causing lateral migration of light non-aqueous phase liquids (LNAPLs) in onshore oil spill accidents

"...Contamination of groundwater by harmful substances poses significant risks to both drinking water sources and aquatic ecosystems, making it a critical environmental concern..."


Geospatial modeling and analysis of groundwater stress-prone areas using GIS-based TOPSIS, VIKOR, and EDAS techniques in Murshi

"...First, groundwater level data and rainfall data were collected from 135 dug well (1996 to 2018) and 12 gridded rainfall stations (1986 to 2020), respectively, and the data were measured by detecting spatiotemporal trends using classical Mann?Kendall (MK), or modified Mann?Kendall (mMK), and the magnitude of the slope was identified by Sen?s slope estimator..."


Evaluating groundwater quality and salinity dynamics in the Western-west area of El Minya Governorate, Egypt, based on geochemi

"...This research not only advances our understanding of water quality and salinity dynamics in the region but also underscores the imperative for implementing sustainable water resource management strategies..."


Characterization of aquifer vulnerability in parts of the western Niger Delta

"...This research is vital for groundwater management and contamination assessment in sandy aquifers..."


Hydrological processes and water quality in arid regions of Central Asia: insights from stable isotopes and hydrochemistry of p

"...Thus, by collecting published hydrogen and oxygen isotopic data for precipitation, river water, and groundwater in Central Asia, a comprehensive stable isotopic and hydrochemical database was created for the first time to clarify the isotopic signatures of water from different sources and the evolution processes of river water and groundwater..."


Groundwater vulnerability mapping of hyper-humid urban aquifers for an improved water management in African megacities, opportu

"...The paper ends with clear recommendations to align land uses, landscape and groundwater protection in order to improve the quality of the drinking water supply for urban populations..."


Impact of Irrigation on Arsenic Mobilization in Groundwater from the Hetao Plain, Northern China: Evidence from Cl/Br Ratios an

"...Sixty-five samples were collected, including fifty-nine groundwater and six surface water samples, for hydrochemical and oxygen and hydrogen stable isotope analysis to assess the impact of irrigation on arsenic mobilization in groundwater in the study area..."


GIS based multi-criteria decision making to identify regional groundwater potential zones: a critical review

"...Water management can be made effective and efficient by adopting processes such as groundwater recharge, artificial groundwater recharge, aquifer storage, aquifer recovery, greywater management, and other related methods..."