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Coverage of habitat loss since August 24, 2023.

Ontario groups alarmed by changes to Endangered Species Act

"...Conservationists say the changes prioritize development interests over the protection of at-risk plant and animal species. A letter signed by 68 provincial conservation organizations outlining those concerns was sent last week to Andrea Khanjin, Ontario's minister of environment, conservation and parks. Canada's National Observer reached out to the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) for details about the proposed amendments but did not receive comments in time for publication..."


Paprika the red panda moves in to new home at Greater Vancouver Zoo

"...Habitat loss, including deforestation, is one of the main reasons they are endangered, according to the conservation group. Disease, poaching and a lack of food are others..."


Delta Waterfowl Testifies in Congress to Support HEN ACT

"...Waterfowl populations are driven by what happens on the breeding grounds, Rohwer said during his testimony. So thats why Im excited about this bill. For 40 years, weve known that the breeding grounds are declining..."


Nearly half of the worlds migratory species are in decline, UN report says

"...Many songbirds, sea turtles, whales, sharks and other migratory animals move to different environments with changing seasons and are imperiled by habitat loss, illegal hunting and fishing, pollution and climate change..."


The crane attacked potential mates. But then she fell for her keeper

"...But white-naped cranes are considered vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Today, less than 5,300 remain in their native habitats in Mongolia, Siberia, Korea, Japan and China due to habitat loss, pollution, nest predation and poaching. And as the offspring of two wild-caught cranes, Walnuts genes were not represented in U..."


We can be the generation that holds on tight to our natural wealth

"...But despite this evidence of extinction, the risk of more wildlife disappearing has only accelerated, with estimates that up to one million species could be at risk of extinction in the coming decades. Preventing extinction is not just a task for tropical countries, and it’s not just about pandas and polar bears. What people are reading Saskatchewan will stop collecting gas tax from natural gas and electrical heat By Jeremy Simes | News, Politics | January 2nd 2024 Every country has a role to play in stopping the loss of all life on Earth..."


Monarch butterflies are now on Canada's endangered species list

"...This is an up-listing from their previous status of special concern. It underscores the pressures that we're seeing here in Canada in terms of habitat loss, climate change, lack of milkweed that the monarchs are facing, Nature Conservancy of Canada spokesperson Andrew Holland told Global News. Milkweed is a pink wildflower essential for monarch butterflies, serving as a primary food source and place to lay their eggs..."


Delta Waterfowl Working to Expand Successful Shallow Wetlands Incentive Program

"...To help slow down wetland habitat losses across prairie Canada, Delta Waterfowl is considering how to emulate Manitobas successful Shallow Wetlands Incentive Program for Alberta and Saskatchewanprovinces with millions of small wetlandsto ensure the breeding duck habitat in prairie Canada remains viable and continues to produce ducks. Shallow prairie wetlands serve as territorial pair ponds that drive carrying capacity for breeding ducks and provide important food resources for nesting hens. Studies show that 10 one-acre wetlands attract 21 breeding pairs of ducks, while one 10-acre wetland attracts only seven pairs..."


Kew report: Five key extinction risks facing the worlds plants and fungi

"...Scientists understanding of how climate change and habitat loss could drive plant and fungi extinctions is being hamstrung by knowledge gaps in how many species currently exist, a new report warns..."


Canadian Wildlife Federation collaborates on fish conservation in Cariboo

"...READ MORE: Horsefly group calls for review of logging after concerns about watershed, habitat loss raised..."


Taking Flight: The Conservation of Endangered Bird Species in British Columbia

"...The threat of logging looms larger with shorter rotation times in forest harvests, leaving many forests insufficiently mature for the needs of the northern goshawk before they are logged. To combat this pressing issue, The Nature Trust of BC proactively protects large tracts of goshawk habitat. One example of their conservation success is the Meteor Lake Wetland-Bog property in the Upper Fraser River watershed..."


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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about habitat loss.

Is this an Asian or an African Elephant? How to Differentiate Them!

"...Elephants play a pivotal role in biodiversity and culture in Africa and Asia, acting as crucial ecosystem engineers..."


The Missing Pieces in the 6th Mass Extinction

"...It's important to look locally since biodiversity affects how ecosystems impact water supply, fuel, pollination, food, and more for their surrounding regions..."


How El Nio and La Nia cause extreme weather

"...But how does it work, what kinds of extreme weather does it cause and how is global warming affecting it? ..."


Trophic Cascades in Salt Marsh Ecosystems | HHMI BioInteractive Video

"...Ecologist Brian Silliman uses manipulative filed experiments to reveal that salt marsh ecosystems are under top down control from consumers and predators..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about habitat loss relevant to the latest news.

Assessing Climate Vulnerability of Ramsar Wetlands through CMIP6 Projections

"...There could be multiple threats to the wetland ecosystem such as habitat loss, pollution, invasive species, climate change, overexploitation, hydrological modifications, etc..."


Consequences of Coastal Wetlands Reclamation and the Need for Integrating Impact Assessment of Invasive Alien Plants Species an

"...We examine quantitative methods for cause-effect evaluation of three major biodiversity loss drivers: biodiversity/habitat loss, greenhouse gases GHG warming and nutrient enrichment/eutrophication, which are pertinent to IAPS, and coastal armoring in wetlands..."


Conservation status of the world?s carnivorous mammals (order Carnivora)

"...To examine the conservation status, population trends, distribution patterns, habitats and threats of all extant species belonging to this order (N?=?290), we collected data from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature's Red List..."


The coastal conservation narrative is shifting from crisis to ecosystem services

"...Conservation biology emerged as a crisis discipline in the twentieth century amongst an increasing awareness of pollution and habitat loss..."


The decline of the ecosystem services generated by anadromous fish in the Iberian Peninsula

"...Anadromous fish provide important provision, cultural, regulatory and supporting ecosystem services across their distribution range and have been extensively exploited by humans since prehistoric times..."


Defining priorities areas for biodiversity conservation and trading forest certificates in the Cerrado biome in Brazil

"...This issue is worrisome in the private areas of Cerrado in Brazil, which is the second-largest biome, considered a hotspot for biodiversity conservation, and a provider of ecosystem services..."


Plant Microevolutionary Processes in the Campos Sulinos: Why Do They Matter?

"...Although the influence of past climate changes on the habitat distribution is associated with the diversification patterns in plant species from the Campos Sulinos, the rapid changes coupled with the habitat loss due to land use can threaten the persistence and evolution of species..."


The human-elephant conflict in Sri Lanka: history and present status

"...The major causes and contexts of HEC in Sri Lanka include land use change, habitat loss due to human population growth, crop raiding behavior, problem elephants, and changes in agriculture practices..."


Ecology, evolution and conservation of tidepool fishes of the Americas

"...Here, we review the diversity, ecology, evolution and conservation of the American tidepool fishes, from definition to trophic roles, ecological vulnerabilities and societal importance that reveal an extraordinary biodiversity and the important roles fishes play in the coastal ecosystems..."