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Coverage of heating fuels since June 11, 2023.

Canadians want to carbon price pause on all home heating fuel: poll

"...Climate activists denounced the reprieve as a short-sighted move that risks doing permanent damage to the Liberal government’s efforts to limit the impact of climate change..."


Customers left in the cold after Maritime Fuels files for bankruptcy

"...McHugh said that the rising popularity of heat pumps may have been one of the factors, noting that the federal government's push towards the energy-efficient systems may have been a cause. Less than a month ago, the federal government announced it would pause applying carbon pricing to home heating oil deliveries for three years in a bid to accelerate Canadians' switch to more environmentally friendly heat pumps. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the government will be rolling out incentives to Atlantic Canada households that are more reliant on heating oil, including enhanced payments and grants to lower the cost of installing a heat pump..."


N.B. premier's pitch to offset emissions globally rather than locally not new, researcher says

"...“When you shift to gas you have a benefit compared to coal but to what degree does that prevent jurisdictions from investing in other low-carbon alternatives such as biomass, such as wind and solar, or even newer technologies such as tidal or small modular reactors?”Higgs applauded the federal government's decision to pause the price of carbon on oil home heating fuel for three years, but says that it shows the entire system is flawed and should be scrapped. He argues that the impact on the economy and the cost of living is too great and the impact on emissions too small. Higgs has also joined the premiers of Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia in calling for a meeting with the federal government to discuss removing carbon pricing from all home heating sources..."


Public Reaction to the Carbon Tax Policy Shift: Few gains for Liberals but widespread desire for extension to other home heating

"...When asked their preference, 72% think other home heating fuels should be exempt to help people deal with the rising cost of living while 28% think no other fuels should be exempt because the exemption is meant to help people transition from heating oil which is much more polluting than other forms of home heating..."


Infrastructure, health care and carbon tax discussed at meeting of Canada's premiers

"...Pillai and his government remain steadfast on the value of carbon pricing as the leadership of some other provinces call for an end to it. He said it remains a part of the territory’s “sound evidence-based policy on climate change. ”..."


Uzelman: Is the Liberals’ signature climate change agenda collapsing?

"...The carbon tax is only one component of the Liberal’s climate change agenda that is under significant stress. The Impact Assessment Act, seeks to govern the environmental impact of projects that are under federal jurisdiction. The Supreme Court has ruled that those sections that deal with projects not on federal lands or federally financed – “designated projects” – are not aimed at the impact of the project, but are aimed at regulating the project even when under provincial jurisdiction..."


NDP to back Tory motion calling for carbon price off all heat sources

"...Energy Minister Jonathan Wilkinson says home heating oil is two to four times more expensive than natural gas, and the carbon price rebate often does not fully cover its cost, though that rebate is enough to cover costs for those who use natural gas..."


BC United promises to remove provincial taxes for cars and home heating

"...A BC United government would immediately remove the provincial carbon tax from all home heating fuels including heating oil and natural gas and axe the provincial fuel tax..."


BC United promises carbon tax relief if elected government next year, says Falcon

"...BC United Leader Kevin Falcon says his party would give motorists a break by eliminating the provincial fuel tax, currently at about 15 cents per litre on gasoline and diesel, and remove the carbon tax on all home-heating fuels.  ..."


Retreat on carbon pricing policy alone won't change Liberals' political fortunes: expert

"...“It really depends on when, of course, that election is called. ”The temporary, three-year carbon pricing pause for home heating oil deliveries will take effect in two weeks and last until March 31, 2027, applying to every jurisdiction under the federal fuel charge. Only Quebec, British Columbia and the Northwest Territories are not part of the national program..."


Poilievre's Conservatives cancel Yukon rally

"...Anti-carbon tax event has been axed due to wildfires Dana HatherlyAug. 26, 2023 8:00 a. m..."


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The status of household heating in northern China: a field survey in towns and villages

"...Household heating in China has been ignored in the formulation of national energy plans until concerns with severe air pollution emerged..."


Household heating associated with disability in activities of daily living among Chinese middle-aged and elderly: a longitudina

"...Background The health hazards of indoor air pollution are well-established but studies of the health effects due to pollution from heating are rare..."


Multidimensional Energy Poverty in Pakistan: Empirical Evidence from Household Level Micro Data

"...Some of the existing measurement approaches analyse multiple dimensions like lack of electricity access, access to clean cooking and heating fuels and inability to obtain sufficient and reliable amount of different energy services but are deficient in other vital dimensions..."