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Coverage of herbicides since February 3, 2021.

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The perfect lawn is pretty hard on the planet

"...The ecosystem of an area of grass offers little in the way of diversity, and a good diversity is needed for wildlife, insects and pollinators to offer them homes and food..."

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Saanich halts herbicide use at Kings Park greenspace amid neighbourhood outcry

"...A herbicide application process planned for Kings Park in Saanich was paused after the community expressed concern about the environmental impacts..."

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Researchers validate new technique for rapidly diagnosing herbicide-resistant weeds

"...A recent article in the journal Weed Science describes a new rapid 'leaf-disk assay' that uses chlorophyll fluorescence emissions to determine whether a weed is resistant to various systemic and contact herbicides..."

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Saskatchewan Farmers Showing Interest In New Lentil Varieties

"..."Interest in CDC Redmoon is also increasing as more growers are willing to forego herbicide tolerance in favor of yield potential. Typically, the non-Clearfield varieties tend to yield a little higher than the Clearfield type. "..."

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Despite reduced application, common pesticides more deadly to nontarget species over time

"...Despite a reduction in the total amounts of pesticides used, the toxicity of commonly used pesticides to nontarget species, partially aquatic invertebrates and pollinators, has increased considerably in recent decades, according to a new study analyzing 25 years of pesticide use. This has been driven by the widespread use of highly toxic pyrethroid and neonicotinoid pesticides. The findings challenge claims suggesting that the overall environmental impacts of pesticide use have declined..."

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'Below normal' moisture conditions expected in Southern Sask.

"...REGINA -- The Water Security Agency says low snow cover through much of southern Saskatchewan will lead to below normal moisture conditions in the area heading in to spring..."

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Dangerous landfill pollutants ranked in order of toxicity by MU researchers

"..."In the past, we have mostly targeted the most common pollutants, such as herbicides and contaminants from crude oil," Zalesny Jr. said. "Using this prioritization tool, we could now go to basically any contaminated site, identify the top contaminants and match those contaminants with our trees to create a sustainable, long-term solution for cleaning up pollution..."

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Feeding by herbivores leads to a slowdown in growth processes.

"...In a new study in PNAS, an international team of researchers including scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology has shown that Arabidopsis thaliana plants produce beta-cyclocitral when attacked by herbivores and that this volatile signal inhibits the methylerythritol 4-phosphate (MEP) pathway. The MEP pathway is instrumental in plant growth processes, such as the production of pigments for photosynthesis. In addition to down-regulating the MEP pathway, beta-cyclocitral also increases plant defenses against herbivores..."

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Ghosts of past pesticide use can haunt organic farms for decades

"...Fungicides, herbicides and insecticides protect crops by repelling or destroying organisms that harm the plants. In contrast, organic agriculture management strategies avoid adding synthetic substances, instead relying on a presumably healthy existing soil ecosystem. However, some organic farms are operating on land treated with pesticides in the past..."

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Study explores link between forestry management and pesticides in aquatic species

"...The study was led by Kaegan Scully-Engelmeyer, PhD student in the Earth, Environment and Society program at Portland State University, and Elise Granek, professor of Environmental Science and Management at Portland State University. Max Nielsen-Pincus, also faculty in Environmental Science and Management at Portland State University, and researchers at the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, the U. S..."

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Variable weather makes weeds harder to whack

"...IMAGE: Variable weather can mean flooded fields in spring as well as reduced efficacy of pre-emergence herbicides, according to new research from the University of Illinois and USDA Agricultural Research Service. ..."

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First Person: Digging for victory in the Philippines

"...Ms. Mabulo, a 2019 UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Young Champion of the Earth, is the founder of The Cacao Project, which works to improve the livelihoods of Filipino farmers in the Bicol Region, by reviving barren lands through tree planting, creating economic forests and nurseries, and promoting fair trade and reforestation..."

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Jobs in herbicides

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

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Technical Marketing Specialist - Herbicides

"...Provide input into research targets globally, regionally and locally for near commercial and commercial products..."

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Seasonal Field Technician

"...Fall land preparation, including application of herbicides and fertilizer..."

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Technicien(nne) Chef en Horticulture

"...Prepares land, sows, weeds, and applies fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides..."

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Cereal Herbicides Product Manager

"...Herbicides Product Manager will manage the western Canada Cereal Herbicides Portfolio, reporting to the Category Leader..."

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Recent episodes that mention herbicides.

RealAg Radio, April 12: Pulse crops, soybeans, cereals, and edible beans on this Agronomic Monday

Duration: 55:24

"...We’ve got a great Agronomic Monday edition of RealAg Radio for you today..."

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Pulse School: Knowing herbicide history and tackling weeds early on

Duration: 6:27

"...Depending on where you farm across the Prairies, you might have some concerns about herbicide carryover from the previous year, especially after a dry fall..."

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RealAg LIVE! with Sherrilyn Phelps on prepping for a successul pulse season

Duration: 33:04

"...Knowing what diseases might be lurking on your seed or in the soil, knowing what your herbicide history is, and exactly why inoculants are cheap insurance, will set you up for a successful pulse growing season..."

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RealAg LIVE! with Colleen Redlick on fungicide resistance management

Duration: 27:06

"...Herbicide resistance is unfortunately on farmers’ radars lately..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about herbicides.

How This Founder Built a Billion-Dollar Ethical Egg Business

"...It’s also incredibly conscientious of its environmental impact – the farm doesn’t use herbicides or pesticides, and farmers practice pasture rotation..."

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10. Safe Drinking Water: Science and Law

"...Aging water infrastructure, pesticide and herbicide application, and surface water runoff all pose challenges in maintaining a clean drinking water supply..."

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Pesticides, Herbicides and the future of weed control

"...There are three different kinds of pesticides; herbicides, insecticides and fungicides..."

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How Goats are Regenerating a Forest and Protecting this Town from Bushfire

"...From Weedy Forests to Grassy Woodlands tells the story of a community-led permaculture initiative to mitigate forest fire risk using goats and hand tools rather than herbicides, heavy machinery, and burn-offs..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about herbicides relevant to the latest news.

Analysis of energy and carbon and blue water footprints in agriculture: a case study of tomato cultivation systems

"...Agroecosystem energy analysis is a useful tool for tracking some of the measures taken in the agricultural sector to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions in order to achieve the Paris Agreement climate targets..."

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Environmental risk assessment in agro-ecosystems: Revisiting the concept of receiving environment after the EFSA guidance docume

"...The environmental risk assessment (ERA) for genetically modified plants (GMPs) is a prerequisite for commercial approval of these new varieties according to regulatory systems worldwide..."

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Biological activity of quaternary ammonium salts and resistance of microorganisms to these compounds

"...monomeric QAS or gemini) and their biological properties, are widely used in medicine (as disinfectants, drugs, and DNA carriers), industry, environmental protection and agriculture (as preservatives, biocides, herbicides and fungicides)..."

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Toxicological status changes the susceptibility of the honey bee Apis mellifera to a single fungicidal spray application

"...During all their life stages, bees are exposed to residual concentrations of pesticides, such as insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides, stored in beehive matrices..."

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Ecological weed management approaches for wheat under rice?wheat cropping system

"...Several approaches like early sowing of wheat, soil solarization, adjustment in row spacing, sowing weed free seeds, adjusting seed rate, planting densities, crop rotations, competitive cultivars, stale seed bed technique, efficient nutrient management, proper irrigation scheduling, mechanical control, mulching, residue retention and tillage methods have been found effective in wheat in numerous field studies..."

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Photocatalytic degradation and adsorption of herbicide 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid from aqueous solution using TiO2/BiOBr/Bi2

"...6 mg/L and irradiation time = 90 min) on which the pollutant removal efficiency was 98 % and TOC removal efficiency was determined 74 %..."

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Explaining Growing Glyphosate Use: The Political Economy of Herbicide-Dependent Agriculture

"...The growing use of chemical herbicides for weed control has become a dominant feature of modern industrial agriculture and a major environmental and health concern in agricultural systems worldwide..."

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Allelopathic Bacteria as an Alternate Weedicide: Progress and Future Standpoints

"...The ever increasing population and global issue for food security have led us to use multiple approaches to overcome the weed problems that can reduce the crop productivity up to 70%..."

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Practical postfire sagebrush shrub restoration techniques

"...Wildfire is increasing in frequency and size in the western United States with climate change and invasive species such as cheatgrass..."

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