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Coverage of hybrid vehicles since April 11, 2023.

B.C. Hyundai Plug-In Hybrid owner hit with $15,000 electric battery cost

"...The non-profit organization, Car Help Canada, which helps consumers with purchasing a vehicle says when it comes to replacing an electric vehicle battery, drivers should be aware of the costs. “From what we’ve seen on average it’s reasonable to expect to replace a battery at a cost from anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000 for most of the more popular electric vehicles. A hybrid vehicle – it’s realistic to expect anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000 best case scenario,” Shari Prymak executive director of Car Help Canada said..."


Electric car shock: Ontario man told new battery would cost more than $50,000

"...McCarthy said the case “should have been escalated immediately for additional review. ”“We sincerely apologize to Mr. Sooch for these lapses in communication and service,” she said..."


Supply issues hampering plan to make Hamilton's vehicle fleet green

"...Through a strategy approved in May of 2021, the city had set a target of adding 89 electric vehicles (EV) by the end of 2024. However, fleet manager Tom Kagianis said even after extending “bid solicitations” for electric sport utility vehicles and vans, twice, no additional bids were received. He told a committee Monday the problem is simply finding vehicles to lease and purchase from dealers..."


Half of B.C.'s non-EV owners still unsure about road tripping in them, BC Hydro says

"...The poll of 800 British Columbians found that 23 per cent of non-EV owners are “very likely” to take a road trip in a battery-powered EV, but 45 per cent were either “somewhat unlikely” or “not likely” to do so. By contrast, of the 80 EV owners surveyed, 63 per cent said they were “very likely” to take a road trip in such a vehicle, with just 11 per cent either “somewhat unlikely” or “not likely” to do so. Fifteen hybrid vehicle owners were surveyed as well..."


EV rebates suggest uptake in battery-powered cars soared in spring

"...The number of rebates issued for electric vehicles soared in the spring, sparking hope that sales of battery-powered cars and trucks might finally be on track to meet national targets set by Ottawa..."


EV rebates see ‘huge jump’ in spring, but experts still split on future trends

"...The uptake in rebates in the second quarter counters concerns about a slowdown in sales after a dip in new battery-powered vehicle registrations over the winter. Statistics Canada published updated registration numbers on Wednesday for January, February and March, when 30,533 battery-only and plug-in hybrid vehicles were registered. That amounted to 8..."


Lexus RZ 450e: Brand’s first electric vehicle lands in the crossover sweet spot

"...Toyota and its upscale Lexus division are leaders when it comes to their vast assortment of hybrid vehicles, so it seems unusual that the brands are not exactly leading the charge for battery-electrics..."


Brantford manufacturer invests millions to help build electric vehicles in Ontario

"...“Mitsui High-tec (Canada), Inc. ’s investment to expand its Brantford-based facilities is a huge boost not only for the people of southwestern Ontario, but for our province’s growing manufacturing and auto sectors,” said Premier Doug Ford in a news release. “With great partners, we’re building an electric vehicle and battery supply chain and making Ontario an auto-manufacturing powerhouse once again..."


Mitsui High-tec investing $100 million to expand EV parts plant in Ontario

"...BRANTFORD, Ont. — Ontario Premier Doug Ford says Mitsui High-tec is investing more than $100 million to expand manufacturing operations in southwestern Ontario that produce a component needed for electric vehicles..."


PHOTOS: Gathering To Make A Difference At Rotary Climate Fair In Chilliwack Abbotsford News

"...Angie McDermid (left) teaches Rotaract members Linda Barito and Ailish Hampton how to crochet during the inaugural Rotary Climate Fair on Saturday, April 15, 2023 at the Landing Sports Centre in Chilliwack. This Rotary booth focussed on how to knit/crochet items like shopping bags, and how to repurpose old colthing into new items. (Jenna Hauck/ Chilliwack Progress)People take in the inaugural Rotary Climate Fair on Saturday, April 15, 2023 at the Landing Sports Centre in Chilliwack..."


Cambridge considers mandate on electric vehicle charging stations

"...Electric vehicles produce significantly less greenhouse gas emissions than internal combustion vehicles, and in the media release, the city stated 7. 8 zero-emission electric vehicles (ZEVs), electric vehicles (EVs), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and hybrid vehicles were sold globally last year, an increase of 68 per over 2021..."


Quebec investing $7M in training for electric vehicle mechanics

"...The Quebec government is announcing a $7-million investment to train mechanics and repairers for heavy-duty electric and hybrid vehicles, which are becoming increasingly common on the roads..."


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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about hybrid vehicles.

Driving On Compressed Air: The Little-Known Compressed Air Revolution

"...This prototype showcased remarkable energy efficiency, reaching up to 90% of a lithium-ion electric vehicle's efficiency and predicting a range of around 140 kilometers..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about hybrid vehicles relevant to the latest news.

Non-carbon greenhouse gas emissions for hybrid electric vehicles: three-way catalyst nitrous oxide and ammonia trade-off

"...This work investigated the three-way catalyst performance to abate regulated and unregulated emissions from a gasoline direct injection engine working under conditions related to hybrid vehicle operation..."


Fuzzy Logic Control System For Fuel-Saving Using Steering Behavior

"...Currently, the development of spark ignition engine technology leads to energy-efficient and low-emission vehicle policies, which is indicated by programs, such as the Low Cost Green Car (LCGC) program, Electric Vehicle (EV), Hybrid Vehicle (HV), and vehicles with alternative fuels..."


Comparative analysis of the supercapacitor influence on lithium battery cycle life in electric vehicle energy storage

"...Conclusions drawn from the herein presented research are based on the theoretical analysis, numerical models, and experimental verification, therefore it can be confirmed that using supercapacitors as a part of electric vehicle energy storage substantial improvements in performance, durability, and economy could be achieved..."


Introduction to Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Electric Vehicles

"...Passenger vehicles are an essential part of everyone?s life, yet their exhaust fumes are a major source of urban pollution that contributes to the greenhouse effect, which leads to climate change..."


A Multicriteria Approach to the Market of Electric/Hybrid Vehicles Using TOPSIS Method

"...That makes it possible to rank some electric and hybrid cars on the basis of various environmental, technical and economic criteria..."


A novel power management strategy for hybrid off-road vehicles

"...Hybrid off-road vehicles generally use an engine and an energy storage system (e..."


What drives customers crazy for green vehicles? a fuzzy AHP approach

"...The use of green vehicles, such as electric or hybrid vehicles, can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, and dependence on fossil fuels..."


Strategy for Optimization of Energy Management Based on Fuzzy Logic in an FCEV with a Contribution of a Photovoltaic Source

"...In this article, we will study how to increase fuel economy, in a fuel cell/battery (FC?+?B) and fuel cell/battery/photovoltaic source (FC?+?B?+?PV) configuration in a hybrid vehicle with fuel cell..."


Optimization on Energy Management Strategy with Vibration Control for Hybrid Vehicles

"...Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) are considered an anticipated mainstream mobility choice of the future automotive market, and various studies have been carried out to save energy in such vehicles..."


An Improved Soft Actor-Critic-Based Energy Management Strategy of Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicles with a Nonlinear Fuel Cell Degradat

"...With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, deep reinforcement learning (DRL)-based energy management strategies (EMSs) have become an important research direction for hybrid electric vehicles recently, which still face some problems such as fragile convergence characteristics, slower convergence speed, and unsatisfactory optimization effects..."


A Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Energy Management Strategy for Fuel Cell Hybrid Buses

"...An energy management strategy (EMS) plays an important role for hybrid vehicles, as it is directly related to the power distribution between power sources and further the energy saving of the vehicles..."


Energy and Power System

"...At present, new energy vehicles mainly include pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, etc..."