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Coverage of hydrogen fuel cells since February 10, 2023.

B.C. clean-tech firm Greenlight Innovation secures $1.1M to develop energy storage devices

"...The firm — located at 8339 Eastlake Dr. — tests equipment that develops and manufactures hydrogen fuel cells, electrolysers and energy storage devices..."


Abbotsford facility to help pilot hydrogen commercial trucks amid EV boom

"...“Hydrogen fuel cell electric light-duty vehicles are already being adopted by fleets in B. C. , and in the near term greater opportunities for hydrogen vehicle deployment are opening up in the medium-, heavy-duty and off-road vehicle sectors,” reads a report outlining the province’s hydrogen strategy..."


HTEC to trial commercial hydrogen trucks

"...Before long-haul fleet operators run out and buy the latest, untested hydrogen fuel cell truck, they may want to wait to see what comes of a pilot project that HTEC will be running on various hydrogen powered commercial trucks..."


Introducing the CHFCA’s new Chair and Vice-Chair

"...power and clean energy industry. Beth helps businesses and markets grow through the development and management of client, stakeholder and policy strategies that drive increased brand awareness, market access and growth. Beth is an active industry member and has been a board member for Canadian Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association for the last three years..."


Is There a Sustainable Solution to the Lithium-Battery Shortage?

"...Wilkinson says EV makers should consider other types of batteries. Hydrogen fuel cells, for example, have a higher energy-to-weight ratio, which gives them a greater range, but they are expensive to produce. “Heavy-duty trucks could use hydrogen fuel cells, and that would free up lithium batteries to be primarily used for passenger vehicles,” he says..."


Decarbonizing Freight: Opportunities and Obstacles for Clean Fuels

"...While electrifying long-haul freight is more challenging, battery electric vehicles may still be the best option for trucking. Multi-megawatt charging stations at truck stops with battery designs that enable their use may be less of a challenge than hydrogen fueling and will very likely remain cheaper. Innovation to increase the energy density of batteries and/or autonomous trucks could lead to battery electric trucks dominating this use case..."


North America's first hydrogen-powered train tested on Quebec rails

"...The train is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, using green hydrogen produced by Harnois Énergies, and emits only water vapour while it runs. It's been in commercial service in Germany since 2018, but this is its North American debut, and Alstom claims the train is the first of its kind on the continent. Engineers with the Train de Charlevoix were sent to Germany last winter to learn how to operate it..."


North Van approves B.C.'s largest hydrogen plant

"...ERCO’s current infrastructure produces hydrogen as a byproduct, which quickly dissipates into the atmosphere.  HTEC’sfacility will capture, refine and store about 15 tonnes per day, which will be used to power the growing hydrogen fuel cell vehicle market in Metro Vancouver..."


Zero-emission electric truck plant opens in Kelowna, B.C.

"...“We also do all the engineering work to design systems so we can build complete battery electric commercial trucks. We also have engineering here for building hydrogen fuel cell versions of the same trucks,” said Sloan. With more clean energy options becoming available across the world, Kelowna is taking steps to be a part of that process..."


Loop Energy Selected by Wiggins Lift to Power New Hydrogen-Electric eBull Forklift

"...VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA and OXNARD, CALIFORNIA – February 27, 2023 – Loop Energy™ (TSX: LPEN), a designer and manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cell solutions, has been selected by Wiggins Lift Co. , a leading American material handling vehicle manufacturer, to provide the fuel cell system for its new hydrogen-powered eBull forklift product. Loop Energy will deliver the system and begin commissioning in Q2 2023 to support commercial deployment of the hydrogen-electric forklifts in late 2023..."


Lack of electric vehicles hampers efforts to transition federal fleet

"...Canadians keen to get themselves into an electric vehicle aren’t the only ones facing delays. A lack of vehicle availability and charging infrastructure is slowing down the federal government’s efforts to transition its fleet to electric vehicles, according to a memo to the deputy minister of natural resources that Canada’s National Observer obtained through a federal access-to-information request. The federal government is aiming for its light-duty vehicle fleet to be comprised entirely of zero-emission or hybrid vehicles by 2030..."


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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about hydrogen fuel cells.

Which will be the engine of the future?

"...But should they bet on fully electric batteries, hydrogen fuel cells or even both? Multinationals are reaching different conclusions..."


Is green hydrogen the answer to the climate crisis? | DW Documentary

"...Green hydrogen produces zero emissions and many believe it holds the key to limiting global warming..."


Petrol Cars Dirtier, Tesla's Secret Battery & Indian Solar | Fully Charged

"...Could Solar Farms in the Sahara be a Renewable Energy dream or a global climate nightmare? Are things looking up for Texas with news that Tesla are plugging in a secret mega-battery to the grid? Will Electric Trucks be able to go long distance with a heavy load and replace diesel for good? ..."


Setting standards for renewable cities (w/ Dr. Walter Mérida)

"...Electricity is used on demand and will be directed to an electrolyzer to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, supplying the refuelling station for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about hydrogen fuel cells relevant to the latest news.

Well-to-wheel analysis of energy consumption, greenhouse gas and air pollutants emissions of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in China

"...Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (HFCV) is considered as a promising solution for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) and air pollutants emissions and improving energy security in transportation sector..."


Life cycle emissions assessment of transition to low-carbon vehicles in Japan: combined effects of banning fossil-fueled vehicl

"...This paper examines the impact on the life cycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction when fossil-fueled ICE gasoline, diesel and natural gas vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) are banned in a step-by-step manner from 2035..."


Introduction of Greener and Scalable E-Fuels for Decarbonization of Transport

"...The electricity used to power the battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and Hydrogen fuel cells is?~4?6 times and two times higher, respectively than the e-fuels used to power the internal combustion engines (ICEs)..."


Assessing decarbonization pathways of China?s heavy-duty trucks in a well-to-wheels perspective

"...Meanwhile, the growing penetrations of battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell trucks, coupled with sufficient access to lower-carbon sources, could facilitate deeper reductions in emissions in the longer term..."


A Review of V2-X Solutions by Investigating Different Vehicle Energy Storage Solutions for Nearly Zero Energy Buildings

"...Combining sustainable electric vehicle (EV) technologies with renewable energy sources in building and transportation sectors is an effective approach for reducing energy consumption, in order to meet nearly zero energy buildings (NZEBs) concepts..."


South Korea?s hydrogen economy program as a case of weak ecological modernization

"...The government?s plan supports the use of hydrogen fuel cells (HFCs) for industrial and residential energy production and promotes the replacement of vehicles with internal combustion engines that burn fossil fuel by cars that are powered by HFCs..."


Zero-Emission Vehicles Penetration into the ASEAN Market: Challenges and Perspective

"...They include battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (HFEVs)..."


Study the Implementation of Hybrid PV/Wind System in Hot Region, Low Wind Speed; Challenges, Obstacles, and Prospects; Case of

"...This work is conducted to analyze the economic feasibility and profitability of a hybrid energy system (consisting of PV panels, wind turbines, hydrogen fuel cells, lithium-ion batteries, and converter) to provide clean electrical power and store the excess electricity for later uses..."


Bioelectricity Production from Arundo Donax -MFC and Chlorophytum Comosum

"...Green electricity production is one of numerous challenges of researches and the target is to obtain an economic clean energy with high performance and no emission of pollutants..."


Techno-economic Analysis on Renewable Energy via Hydrogen from Macro and Micro Scope Views

"...However, energy storage technologies must reduce their burden on the electric power grid to make best-use of intermittent renewable power sources..."


Comparative life cycle assessment of heavy-duty drivetrains: A Norwegian study case

"...621 kg CO2-eq per km) while the hydrogen fuel cell electric truck may induce a reduction of up to 48% of GHG (i..."


Automotive revolution and carbon neutrality

"...Meanwhile, it discusses the key technologies and progress of the hydrogen energy industry chain in the upstream hydrogen production, midstream hydrogen storage and transportation, downstream hydrogen station construction and hydrogen fuel cells in turn..."