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Coverage of hydrogen strategy since November 7, 2022.

Canada’s hydrogen sector looks forward to working with the Government of Canada on the next steps of the 2023 Fall Economic Up

"...Canada’s recognition of the clean growth potential of hydrogen has grown over the past three years, and, subsequently, so has the support for clean hydrogen, which includes the launch of the Hydrogen Strategy for Canada in 2020, along with the commitment to deliver clean economy incentives and other budgetary commitments. Provincial governments have expressed their commitment to hydrogen, including the release of hydrogen roadmaps in Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec..."


Abbotsford facility to help pilot hydrogen commercial trucks amid EV boom

"...“Hydrogen fuel cell electric light-duty vehicles are already being adopted by fleets in B. C. , and in the near term greater opportunities for hydrogen vehicle deployment are opening up in the medium-, heavy-duty and off-road vehicle sectors,” reads a report outlining the province’s hydrogen strategy..."


Introducing the CHFCA’s new Chair and Vice-Chair

"...power and clean energy industry. Beth helps businesses and markets grow through the development and management of client, stakeholder and policy strategies that drive increased brand awareness, market access and growth. Beth is an active industry member and has been a board member for Canadian Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association for the last three years..."


Hydrogen: Ontario can make it or break it

"...H2GO Canada today releases a new report, Forecasting Low-Carbon Hydrogen Market Characteristics in Ontario to 2050. This report introduces a new hydrogen ecosystem model that simulates the dynamics of future hydrogen market scenarios, generating estimates of job growth, greenhouse gas emissions, capital and operating expenditures, and total cost of hydrogen delivered to end-users. This model can be used by stakeholders from all sectors of society as a tool to plan investments in low-carbon hydrogen facilities and infrastructure..."


How a white hydrogen discovery could help global emissions efforts

"...With many Canadians focused on climate change after a year of floods, fires and droughts, Canadian researchers said the find could represent a big step towards global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. “If we find enough hydrogen, this could solve a lot of our global warming problems,” said Queen’s University professor Philip Jessop, who holds the Canada Research Chair in green chemistry. “The importance of this discovery is what it could mean for everybody..."


CHFCA is pleased to welcome Bruce Power as a new Executive Member

"...Andrew Thiele, Sr. Strategist for Business Strategy at Bruce Power, spoke about nuclear power's potential in clean hydrogen production and joining the association: “Bruce Power, and the potential for future hydrogen production from nuclear power, was recognized in Ontario's Low-Carbon Hydrogen Strategy. Non-emitting nuclear generation provides a significant competitive advantage for the Province of Ontario in developing a low-carbon hydrogen economy..."


Senate committee calls for continued support for low-carbon intensity hydrogen

"...“Or at least it will not develop at the pace required by NZE2050 [net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050],” according to the report, Hydrogen: A Viable Option for a Net-Zero Canada in 2050? from the standing committee on energy, the environment and natural resources. The domestic hydrogen sector also is at risk of investments going to other countries such as the United States that offer more generous incentives than Canada, warns the committee..."


Winners Announced for World Hydrogen 2023 Awards World Hydrogen Summit 2023

"...The Green Hydrogen Project Award went to The H2Global Instrument by H2Global Stiftung & HINT. CO GmbH, Germany, for the launch of its first tender procedure for the procurement of green ammonia, green methanol and e-SAF for import into Europe..."


Canada’s hydrogen sector welcomes Budget 2023

"...The federal budget confirmed the details of the Clean Hydrogen Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which is a refundable investment tax credit on clean hydrogen projects.   The credit offers varying levels of support between 15 and 40 per cent of eligible project costs, with projects that produce the cleanest hydrogen receiving the highest levels of support.   The Clean Hydrogen ITC will also extend a 15 per cent tax credit to equipment needed to convert hydrogen into ammonia in order to transport the hydrogen..."


Don’t let hydrogen tax credit become a fossil fuel subsidy, academics, civil society groups tell Ottawa

"...To avoid turning the hydrogen tax credit into a new fossil fuel subsidy, the letter recommends barring any form of hydrogen made using fossil fuels from receiving the credit. Hydrogen is often colour-coded depending on how it is produced. When it's made from renewable energy, it's known as green hydrogen..."


How green will Canada’s hydrogen push be? Corporate Knights

"...In Edmonton’s industrial heartland, energy companies are looking to develop blue hydrogen projects that will use natural gas as a feedstock, with plans to capture most carbon dioxide emissions from plants and sequester them underground. The bulk of hydrogen currently made in Canada (about three million tonnes in 2020) is made from natural gas without carbon capture technology, otherwise known as grey hydrogen. But that may be changing..."


Canada’s hydrogen sector applauds fall economic update

"...The statement, which highlights clean hydrogen as an essential part of Canada’s net-zero future, outlines the government’s commitment to accelerate hydrogen energy adoption through the new Canada Growth Fund and investment tax credits for hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and refueling infrastructure..."


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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about hydrogen strategy.

Blue Hydrogen. The greatest fossil fuel scam in history?

"...Blue hydrogen is being enthusiastically promoted by natural gas producers as the simplest and cheapest answer to decarbonising our economies..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about hydrogen strategy relevant to the latest news.

Lignin-derived Zn single atom/N-codoped porous carbon for ?-alkylation of aromatic ketones with alcohols via borrowing hydrogen

"...This catalyst exhibits superior activity on the ?-alkylation of ketones with alcohols via borrowing hydrogen strategy (TON up to 15 h?1) than most of previously reported works..."


High Active Palladium Composite and Catalytic Applications on the Synthesis of Substituted Aminopyridine Derivatives Through Bo

"...In addition, the composite DPA-Pd@g-C3N4 was successfully applied to the synthesis of N-substituted aminopyridine derivatives from the reaction of 2-aminopyridine and benzyl alcohols through borrowing hydrogen strategy..."


The Promethean Fate of Economy: Will Hydrogen Really Be Prometheus III?s New Gift to Humanity?

"...This gift, thanks to the fact that green hydrogen is an easily storable raw material, a clean fuel, a vector and a means for accumulation of energy, can contribute, as already pointed out by Jeremy Rifkin, to overcome, at European level, the problems of exhaustion of non-renewable energy resources, of pollution, of climate change, of security and independence of energy supplies, of economic recovery after covid-19 pandemic and Ukrainian war, of lack of democracy in energy generation..."