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Coverage of hydropower since May 26, 2023.

Analysis: China’s emissions set to fall in 2024 after record growth in clean energy

"...By Lauri Myllyvirta, lead analyst at Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA) covering air quality and energy trends in China..."


Latin America

"...Beyond tackling CO2 emissions, major producers in the region can reduce methane emissions from oil and gas operations by nearly 80 per cent at low cost, and around 40 per cent with no net costs, supporting the Global Methane Pledge that most countries have signed. Based on announced pledges, emissions from land use and agriculture, which account for half of economy-wide greenhouse gas emissions in the region today, are cut by the end of the decade and reach net zero. About 85 per cent of forests in the region are in countries that are part of the Glasgow Pledge, which aims to stop deforestation by 2030..."


Drought reveals cracks in Canada-U.S. Columbia River Treaty as B.C. lake dries up

"...It led to the creation of three dams in B. C. and a fourth in Montana in the Columbia's drainage basin, serving both flood control and hydropower generation..."


Countries have to double their power grid renewal to meet climate targets

"...At present, grid renewal is “not keeping pace with the rapid growth of key clean energy technologies such as solar, wind, electric cars and heat pumps,” the IEA says in a release. “Without greater policy attention and investment, shortfalls in the reach and quality of grid infrastructure could put the goal of limiting global warming to 1. 5 °C out of reach and undermine energy security..."


WMO: Global stocktake of water resources needed

"...StocktakeThough further research is needed, and more information from regions like Africa, the Middle East and Asia is required, the conclusions made based on data from 273 stations around the globe are straightforward, the Report authors believe. In the realm of river discharge and reservoir inflow, over 50 per cent of global catchment areas and reservoirs displayed deviations from normal conditions, of which a majority were drier than usual. There were anomalies in soil moisture and evapotranspiration (transfer of land water into the atmosphere, either by evaporation or through plants) registered throughout 2022..."


How to Break China’s Hold on Batteries and Critical Minerals

"...Rather than cram ever-larger and more mineral-intensive batteries into cars to extend driving range to 500 or 700 miles, for example, fast-charging that allows drivers to charge in minutes combined with more abundant charging infrastructure could allow drivers to embrace cheaper cars with smaller batteries and less range. Rather than use more and more minerals, technological innovation can reduce the amount and types of metals and other minerals needed for batteries, such as chemistry that replaces the need for lithium and copper with more plentiful sodium, aluminum, and manganese. New electrolytes can enable getting more energy out of the same mineral content in lithium-ion batteries so range can be extended without larger and more mineral-intensive batteries..."


Fossil fuel demand to peak before 2030 even with no new climate policies: report

"...The IEA report also urges governments to adopt a “build big” mentality. Electricity transmission and distribution grids need to expand by about two million kilometres each year by 2030 to reach the IEA's net-zero scenario, but the organization pointed out that building grids today can take more than a decade. “We need massive growth of battery energy storage and demand response; expanded, modernized grids; more dispatchable low-emission capacity, including fossil fuel capacity with CCUS, hydropower, biomass, nuclear and hydrogen and ammonia-based plants,” the report stated..."


Record-breaking global coal demand set to remain at all-time high in 2023

"...While regions like Europe and the U. S. are showing declines in coal use, the IEA says the new global record for coal demand highlights the need for stronger policies and investments in clean energy..."


Electrification and more needed in all sectors, BC Hydro CEO says

"...Chris O’Riley, who heads the crown corporation, told Greater Victoria business and community leaders that meeting greenhouse gas reduction targets will take electrification plans mingled with more energy efficiency, buildings swapping natural gas for biofuels, carbon capture and more..."


Canada must speed decarbonizing ports to slash rising shipping emissions

"...Upwards of 80 per cent of world trade is transported by ships burning fossil fuels that churn out three per cent of the planet’s greenhouse gas emissions. “And those of global emissions are set to go to 13 per cent by 2050,” Dancey said. What people are reading Wildfire smoke proof young people must take action By Alex Neufeldt | Opinion | June 19th 2023 International ships burning fossil fuel produce 1 billion tonnes of CO2 each year..."


Canadian cities embrace a more climate-friendly form of cooling

"...Both Vancouver and Quebec City have financial incentive programs to encourage the installation of heat pumps in existing commercial and residential buildings. The City of Vancouver also has incentives for existing rental and non-market multi-family buildings to voluntarily install heat pumps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide cooling, where possible. And across Quebec, Hydro-Québec offers financial assistance of up to $2,800 for the installation of a heat pump under certain conditions..."


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Jobs in hydropower

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Structural Engineer – Mid Level - Hydropower and Dam Focus (Hybrid)

"...flood control structures such as spillways, decant systems, overflow weirs, culverts, pump/lift stations, and other miscellaneous hydraulic structures..."

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Senior Hydrotechnical Engineer - Hydropower, Dams and Hydraulic Structures

"...hydropower projects, including conventional hydropower and pumped-storage hydropower, to support Kiewit’s Power, Dams and Water Resources business across North America..."

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Hydropower Project Engineer

"...( 2300028B ) Description Your Opportunity: We are in an energy transition – sustainability and renewable attributes of our power generation sources are becoming..."

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Technical Integration Manager - Hydropower and Generator Focus

"...Hydroelectricity, Dams and Hydraulic Structures (HDH) team, specializing in hydroelectric power plants, spillways and dams..."

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Recent episodes that mention hydropower.

E099: The Future of Electricity is Distributed — even Hydropower

Duration: 48:12

"...Emily Morris returned as a guest and updated me on Emrgy’s latest projects and their expansion in New Zealand, South Africa, and Asia..."


E061: Large Hydropower to Off-grid Solar: Where is Our Energy Future?

Duration: 54:03

"...Xuefei Liu is now in Paris completing her EMBA..."


E042: The Disruptive Power of Unstoppable Large Solar

Duration: 49:30

"...Agostinho Miguel Garcia from SunBD - Sun Business Development, analyzes the disruptions that low priced #solarpower is causing as the perception and attitude about solar power has changed over the years—30+ cents per kWh feed-in tariff in 2006 to 1. 1 cents per kWh in the Portuguese auction of August 2020..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about hydropower.

The FUTURE of Energy is Here And It's 136,000 Miles Long!!

"...We discovered that this isn't just about carrying electricity from where it's generated to where it's consumed in homes, businesses or industry, but rather a much more sophisticated balancing act that can allow strategic exchanges of clean, renewable energy across massive geographies and timezones..."


Should All Dams Be Removed?

"...#seeker #science #dams #cleanenergy, #conservation #ecosystems #impactofeverything #hydropower ..."


Are Stirling Engines the Future of Renewable Energy Storage?

"...But what if I told you that this little toy, a 200-year-old invention, combined with thermal energy storage might be a promising solution? Let’s explore the Stirling Engine and the future of renewable energy storage..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about hydropower relevant to the latest news.

Investigating the association among CO2 emissions, renewable and non-renewable energy consumption in Uzbekistan: an ARDL approa

"...As regards with non-renewable energy consumption, natural gas and oil energy consumption have a positive impact on CO2 emissions per capita both in the short and long run..."


Potential of using floating solar photovoltaic and wind farms for sustainable energy generation in an existing hydropower stati

"...In this study, we investigated the potential of integrating floating solar photovoltaic panels and wind farms for sustainable energy generation in an existing hydropower station in Nigeria..."


Tracer Techniques?a Diagnostic Tool in Seepage Detection of Hydropower Projects

"...Hydropower, an important and widely used renewable source of energy, has the ability to generate electricity without emitting greenhouse gases thereby providing pollution-free electricity to the human being..."


Comparative Study on Real-Time Economic Operation Algorithm of Three Gorges Hydropower Station

"...The study of flood season stage has significant scientific significance and value in achieving the dual goals of flood control and drought resistance in reservoirs..."


A Case Study of Optimization of a Solar Power Plant Sizing and Placement in Madhya Pradesh, India Using Multi-Objective Genetic

"...Increase of greenhouse gases and pollution of environment due to use of conventional sources of energy has made the world aware of the need to increase the use of renewable energy sources like solar power, wind power and hydropower..."


A Novel Hybrid Micro Power Control Fed by Hydro/Solar Energy

"...Renewable energy sources have been widely disseminated around the world..."


Optimization of Hydraulic Design of Spillways and Its Appurtenant Structures?Role of Physical Model Studies

"...Due to the steep slopes and fragile geology, the soil erosion rate is high during snowmelt and monsoon causing severe sedimentation problems..."


Development of water re-allocation policy under uncertainty conditions in the inflow to reservoir and demands parameters: a cas

"...The proposed approach has been investigated in two certain and uncertain models, and three objective functions of the system including maximizing hydropower generation, water supply demands, and flood control have been considered to formulate OOPs..."