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Coverage of industrial effluents since February 25, 2020.

Heroes and zeros: Interface's Mission Zero vs. Blackstone Group's sickly suits

"...The Atlanta-based company estimates that it has cut the carbon footprint of its carpet tiles by 69% over the past 25 years and virtually eliminated greenhouse gas emissions from its operations. Its factories in the U. S..."


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Jobs in industrial effluents

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Maintenance Worker (General)

"...Forklift, High Reach certificate Able to work as part of a diverse team or independently to ensure timely completion of assigned tasks Positive, proactive..."

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Wastewater Treatment Plant Manager

"...industrial, financial, educational, and healthcare hub for the region, Lethbridge strikes a balance between the feel of a close-knit small community and the services and amenities of a growing urban..."

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Group Leader - Wastewater Engineering

"...Our extensive experience combined with providing premier services are key factors in our solid track record of successful projects throughout..."

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Part-Time Professor - Regulations and Enforcement

"...The course will concentrate on the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) and the Ontario Water Resources Act (OWRA)..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about industrial effluents relevant to the latest news.

Fundamentals of Adsorption Process onto Carbon, Integration with Biological Process for Treating Industrial Waste Water: Future

"...Presence of various types of micro-pollutants in domestic, industrial and municipal wastewater and landfill leachates are hazardous for living organisms..."


A critical review on phytoremediation of environmental contaminants in aquatic ecosystem

"...This review, thus focuses on the various contaminants found in aquatic ecosystems, their treatment by various phytoremediation processes, some successful phytoremediation studies conducted so far for remediation purposes, and myriad types of constructed wetlands utilized for attenuating pollution levels in various types of wastewaters to bring them down to permissible levels..."


An integrated geochemical and spatiotemporal assessment of groundwater resources within an industrial suburb, Southeastern Nige

"...The indiscriminate discharge of industrial effluents from beverage industries into nearby streams and lands within the Udi area of Enugu State has resulted in a decline in the drinking water quality..."


Trace metal load of two urban wetlands with varied catchment activities in Ghana

"...This study compared Lead (Pb), Chromium (Cr), Copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn), Mercury (Hg), Arsenic (As) and Cadmium (Cd) concentrations in sediment, water, and biota at Vaughan Dam which receives limited sewage effluent discharge from residential areas, and Korle Lagoon which receives industrial effluents, electronic waste, garages-spill oil and a host of others in addition to residential sewage effluent discharge..."


Sustainable Technological Options for Industrial Effluent Treatment in Common Effluent Treatment Plants: A Review

"...They provide an economical and one-point solution for wastewater by offering a specific treatment scheme for all types of industrial effluent having various characteristics..."


Variability in space effects of industrial wastewater on river physicochemical characteristics in a sample of towns of Oromia

"...Therefore, the industrial effluents were affected water quality, human, aquatic health, environmental pollution and thereby need mitigation measures of sustainable monitoring and supervision of untreated release of industry waste into the environment, phytoremediation of affected streams and rivers, awareness creation for community and advising firm owners to install industry waste treatment plants..."


Zeolite for Treatment of Distillery Wastewater in Fluidized Bed Systems

"...Distillery wastewater is among the most polluting industrial effluent because it contains high organic load and significant amount of inorganic pollutants such as phosphates, sulphates, nitrates, chloride, calcium and potassium..."


Isolation of Enterococcus Bacteriophages from Municipal Wastewater Samples Using an Enrichment Step

"...Municipal wastewater, as an aggregate mixture of household and industrial effluents, harbors a highly diverse population of bacteria and their associated bacteriophages..."


Metal Transport and Its Impact on Coastal Ecosystem

"...Heavy metal pollution has risen as an alarming threat in the aquatic systems, including coastal ecosystems comprising of mangroves, salt marshes, wetlands, bays, and estuaries..."


Role of Chelating Compounds in Biodegradation and Bioremediation

"...Heavy metal pollution of soil/sediments/groundwater is amongst the most critical global environmental issue arising due to the extensive use of agrochemicals, industrial effluents and other anthropogenic activities..."


A modified approach to quantify aquifer vulnerability to pollution towards sustainable groundwater management in Irrigated Indu

"...The quality of groundwater in the study watershed has worsened because of industrial effluents and residential wastes from the urbanized cities; therefore, there is an important need to explore the aquifer vulnerability to pollution for sustainable groundwater management in the Irrigated Indus Basin (IIB)..."


Fluoride ions sorption using functionalized magnetic metal oxides nanocomposites: a review

"...Fluoride is an anionic pollutant found superfluous in surface or groundwater as a result of anthropogenic actions from improper disposal of industrial effluents..."