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News and Opinion

Coverage of intensive production since April 19, 2021.

Grimshaw reveals plans for “vertical” production campus in Los Angeles

"...A 15-acre industrial site not too far from the 6th Street Viaduct on the eastern fringes of Downtown Los Angeles is set to be transformed into a Grimshaw-designed “vertical campus” operated by independent production company East End Studios..."


Cement formed with biogenic limestone promises carbon-neutral concrete

"...Playing an indispensable role in global construction, cement contributes around seven percent of annual greenhouse gas emissions owing to its carbon-intensive production process. Scientists at the University of Colorado Boulder claim to have uncovered a greener path forward by tapping into a species of cloudy microalgae, which naturally produce limestone particles through photosynthesis and could turn buildings into carbon sinks as a result. Limestone is a key ingredient in cement, but adding it to the mix is incredibly energy intensive..."


Langford eyed for facility to make green building alternative to concrete

"...The durable panels are fire, earthquake and water resistant, so “it’s going to be extremely resilient in terms of natural disasters,” Simpson said..."


Food security and local production were growing concerns at city held public hearing

"...“The OCP identifies or introduces background and framework for local food systems. This considers local ocean resources and identifies local foods that may be growing. It also speaks to facilitating local projects and programmes to expand the local food system and enables the development of a food strategy,” Buchan said..."


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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about intensive production relevant to the latest news.

Synthesis and modification of slow-release fertilizers for sustainable agriculture and environment: a review

"...Specifically, imbalance and extensive utilization of urea fertilizers have enhanced greenhouse gas production and polluted the ground as well as surface water resources via volatilization, leaching, and eutrophication processes..."


The uneven weight of carbon on policy: towards a framework for understanding how greenhouse gas inventories can inform equitabl

"...We focus on the socio-economic dimensions of climate policy, differentiating between different sources of greenhouse gas emissions, and between different methods of collecting greenhouse gas emissions data..."


Impact of Intensive Agricultural Production on the Ecotoxicologic Quality of Associated Medium-Order Streams: Cereal and Oilsee

"...Streams associated with agroecosystems receive inputs of chemicals used within a basin that negatively impact its environmental quality..."


Environmental Policy and the CO2 Emissions Embodied in International Trade

"...However, we do find evidence of carbon leakage when considering imports from countries with the most stringent environmental policy, suggesting the need for economies committed to carbon neutrality targets to tackle the issue of global cooperation on climate policy..."


Bilevel optimization for joint scheduling of production and energy systems

"...Energy-intensive production sites are often supplied with energy by on-site energy systems..."


Does economic structure matter for income inequality?

"...Given that structural transformation plays an important role in countries' growth efforts, various reforms are required in many different areas to produce more technologically intensive, efficient and more information-intensive production patterns..."


Twelve new microsatellite loci of Eurasian perch Perca fluviatilis Linnaeus, 1758

"...For over the last two decades, this species became an important candidate for intensive freshwater aquaculture due to its high consumer?s acceptance and overall market value..."


Production of greener styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) composites through partial substitution of carbon black with bi-modal cell

"...CB has sustainability and human health issues owing to its energy-intensive production process..."


The Adoption of 3D Printing as a Construction Methodology in South Africa: What Are the Barriers?

"...The findings revealed that critical barriers to the implementation of 3D printing within the construction industry were Regulations, the dominant labour-intensive production process and the traditional methods of procurement used in construction project delivery in South Africa..."


Modelling and condition-based control of a flexible and hybrid disassembly system with manual and autonomous workstations using

"...Remanufacturing includes disassembly and reassembly of used products to save natural resources and reduce emissions..."