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Invasive Species

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News and Opinion

Coverage of invasive species since July 13, 2021.

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Kootenay Crew Tackles Invasive Pumpkinseed Sunfish The Nature Trust of British Columbia

"...Invasive species are second only to habitat loss as the cause for native species decline. Introduced fish in particular can have detrimental effects on aquatic ecosystems. They can affect native fish, amphibians, invertebrates, and vegetation through habitat alteration, predation, competition, disease, and gene pool deterioration..."

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[VIDEO] Watershed Stewards Removing Purple Loosestrife

"...The Moose Jaw River Watershed Stewards continue to remove invasive species that hurt our ecosystems.  ..."

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For Artificial Coral Reefs, Time Is Not Enough Hakai Magazine

"...Decommissioned ships, concrete waste, military tanks, sculptures, and even cremated human remains mixed with cement have all been purposefully sunk over the years to form artificial coral reefs. Other human-made structures have, sometimes inadvertently, contributed too, such as oil rigs, jetties, and sea walls. Given time, life has colonized the cracks and crevices, often producing diverse and abundant ecosystems..."

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Volunteers pull invasive seaweed from Maple Bay by wheelbarrow load

"...Kevin Hossack of Team Good People adds to his pile as Jennifer Lawson and Bruce Cates look on during a clean-up of Japanese sargassum at Maple Bay on Sunday, July 25. Lawson organized the event to help prevent the spread of the invasive species in the bay. (Kevin Rothbauer/Citizen)..."

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The Lower Mainland Conservation Field Crew's Sunshine Coast Adventures The Nature Trust of British Columbia

"...With help from Ranger Jordan, the crew installed two 20-foot pieces of wood for the base of their bridge and then installed smaller perpendicular planks to create the walkway. After some heavy lifting, and hammering the crew was proud of the new and improved bridge! They finished the day by taking pictures for their “photo monitoring” project which allowed them to update their photo dataset. By taking photos in the same location every year, they are able to identify the ways in which the ecosystem changes over time..."

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Editorial: Forethought vital in our future fight against invaders

"...Then there was the report to North Cowichan council about the ongoing scourge of parrot’s feather that’s taking over the Somenos watershed, from the Creek (where it now covers 80 per cent of the waterway) to the lake. Parrot’s feather came to Cowichan because at some point, someone deliberately sowed the aquatic plant. It was probably put in to beautify some kind of water feature, and then got away..."

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Nature Conservancy Asking for Help Snapping Pics of Local Species

"..."If people go to NatureDestinations. ca you can find different NCC properties that you can go to as well while taking part in this, and any data that you upload from NCC properties are used to help inform different management options. So if people upload observations of a weed, invasive species, or even a species at risk we use that data to help manage the property, so it's very useful..."

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Watercraft Inspection Stations Looking for Aquatic Invasive Species

"...In Saskatchewan, it is mandatory to stop at all watercraft inspection stations. It is part of the effort underway to prevent the introduction and spread of aquatic invasive species such as the zebra mussel or the quagga mussel, both of which are harmful to aquatic habitats and are nearly impossible to eradicate.  ..."

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Environmental groups battle invasive species on banks of Campbell River estuary

"...“They really out-compete the native vegetation and change the entire ecosystem of the wetland,” explained Callie Bouchard, a watershed restoration crew assistant coordinator with Greenways Land Trust..."

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Letter: Reforestation makes logging a responsible use of resource

"...I agree completely that a tree is not just a potential log. Forests are home to thousands of creatures. Jacqueline Sherk writes that it is a good thing humans are removed from the forest because we rarely bring anything good to such places..."

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Detecting wildlife illness and death with new early alert system

"..."Human-induced disturbances are contributing to a wide range of threats -- habitat loss, invasive species introductions, pollution, disease, wildfires," said co-lead author Terra Kelly, a wildlife epidemiologist at the UC Davis One Health Institute and its Karen C. Drayer Wildlife Health Center within the School of Veterinary Medicine. "It speaks to the need for a system like this where we can better understand the threats facing wildlife populations and respond to them in a timely way so there's less harm to wildlife..."

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Recommended Reading

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Jobs in invasive species

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Operations Coordinator - Okanagan and Similkameen Invasive Species Society (Summerland, BC)

"...Are you passionate about a healthy environment? Are you experienced in team leadership? OASISS is looking for a highly motivated individual for our Operations Coordinator..."

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Engineering Technologist - Environmental Programs - Municipality of North Cowichan (Duncan, BC)

"...If you are self-motivated, looking to take on a new challenge where you can make a difference, enjoy both responsibility and accountability, and are ready to join one of British Columbia’s most inclusive and environmentally conscious municipalities, we look forward to receiving your application!..."

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Recent episodes that mention invasive species.

#179 Jake Muise: Harvesting wild meat in Hawaii. The Maui Nui story. Conservation / invasive species / venison / food / ecology

Duration: 01:14:03

"...Jake Muise is the co-founder of Maui Nui Venison based in Hawaii..."

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6/26/20 - Tick App; Saginaw River Water Quality; Spotted Lanternfly

Duration: 03:00

"...The Tick App gives users tips on avoiding ticks and lets them share their tick exposure..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about invasive species.

African Fish Eagle: Defying the Danger in Naivasha | Giving Nature A Voice | Free Documentary Nature

"...Giving Nature A Voice - Season 1, Episode 3: The African Fish Eagle - Defying Danger in Naivasha | Nature Documentary ..."

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Biodiversity 101

"...Think about this rain forest… that coral reef… these grasslands… these mountains..."

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Lake Victoria - A Man-Made Ecological Disaster | Giving Nature A Voice | Free Documentary Nature

"...300 native fish species have been wiped out by invasive species and overfishing..."

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Partner Perspective: Goldfish in Alberta

"...Alberta Environment and Parks staff are joined by the City of Lethbridge, Oldman Watershed Council and Alberta Invasive Species Council to discuss the impacts from goldfish on storm water management ponds and the environment..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about invasive species relevant to the latest news.

A superweed in the making: adaptations of Parthenium hysterophorus to a changing climate. A review

"...We establish that (1) parthenium weed plants morphologically and physiologically adapt to sustain or promote their growth, fecundity, competitive ability, and allelopathic effect under most climate change scenarios; (2) climate change elements can reduce the relative vigor of neighboring plants, especially C4 grasses, in competition with parthenium weed, providing this invasive species a competitive edge; (3) elevated [CO2] has the most pronounced positive effect on parthenium weed performance compared to other climate change elements; (4) the efficacy of a widely used herbicide, glyphosate, may be reduced on parthenium weed grown under elevated [CO2]; (5) mixed effects have been reported for biological control agents, with some losing ground, while others are maintaining or improving their efficacy; and (6) a greater risk of spread and range expansion under sustained climate change will pose greater challenges for management in natural and managed ecosystems..."

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Human Actions Alter Tidal Marsh Seascapes and the Provision of Ecosystem Services

"...Simultaneously, the effects of urbanization such as habitat loss, eutrophication, fishing, and the spread of invasive species interact with each other, and with climate change, to fundamentally change the structure and functioning of tidal marshes and their food webs..."

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Distribution of crayfish in the Southern Basin of Lake Michigan and the Greater Chicago Region

"...Crayfish have the ability to increase sediment transport through bioturbation, some are considered ecosystem engineers due to their burrowing habits, and crayfish invasions have been linked to large declines in biodiversity and changes in ecosystem structure and function..."

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A novel approach to quantifying trophic interaction strengths and impact of invasive species in food webs

"...Measuring ecological and economic impacts of invasive species is necessary for managing invaded food webs..."

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Hydro-morphological characteristics provide insights into coral reef ecosystem services and disservices

"...Three generalities emerged (i) ecosystem services and disservices largely trade-off with eachother, (ii) coral reefs clustered to produce unique ecosystem service bundles, whose differences were driven by fisheries production, and litter trapping and support of invasives disservices, and (iii) habitat complexity, wave exposure and water quality may serve as indicators for the provisioning of ecosystem services and disservices..."

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Tidal Marsh Restoration Optimism in a Changing Climate and Urbanizing Seascape

"...Tidal marshes (including saltmarshes) provide remarkable value for many social (cultural, recreational) and environmental (fish production, water quality, shoreline protection, carbon sequestration) services..."

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The role of disturbance in invasive plant establishment in a changing climate: insights from a drought experiment

"...In a full-factorial field experiment in a semiarid temperate grassland in Central Hungary, we studied the effects of drought (40% rain exclusion throughout the year) and soil disturbance on the emergence, survival and aboveground biomass of four invasive plant species that represent different life forms and that are of concern in the region and at a broader scale..."

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Bioacoustic signal denoising: a review

"...Animal biodiversity has been experiencing rapid decline due to various reasons such as habitat loss and degradation, invasive species, and environment pollution..."

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Vegetation and Associated Environmental Conditions of the High-altitude Let?eng-la-Letsie Palustrine Wetland, a Ramsar Site in

"...This will ensure the conservation of biodiversity, sustainable ecosystem service delivery and compliance with the Ramsar Convention requirements..."

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