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News and Opinion

Coverage of irrigation since May 15, 2024.

Vermont floods raise concerns about future of state's hundreds of ageing dams

"...This weeks deluge from the remnants of Hurricane Beryl wasnt as bad for the hundreds of dams compared to last years floods, when five failed and nearly 60 overtopped. But the second bad flood in a year raises concerns about the viability of these structures as climate change brings heavier rains and more powerful storms..."


Brooks, Alta., company charged in connection with 2022 workplace death

"...According to the OHS website, the Eastern Irrigation District also failed to properly assess the work site and identify potential hazards, did not prepare a report of the hazard assessment and did not have a plan to respond to "an emergency that could require rescue or evacuation. "..."


Youll Find Me in Savannah Country

"...In my travels snooping along the shrubs, long grass, old posts and metal fences in the north end of Lake Chestermere, I anticipate the petite gems of an often overlooked group of birds the sparrows. Urbanization of course, brings us more than enough House Sparrows. However, hidden in the open areas for our pet dogs to roam free, there is usually a pair of unassuming sparrows that are attracted to the thick grass, plants and dead shrubs along the west side of of the irrigation canal..."


Milk River at risk of dwindling water supply after siphon pipe break

"...A water main break is affecting another southern Alberta, leading to a water shortage..."


Climate change makes India's monsoons erratic. Can farmers still find a way to prosper?

"...India's monsoon season is arguably the single most important weather phenomenon for the country, and a good monsoon can noticeably boost the nation's economy and the livelihoods of its 120 million farmers. But human-caused climate change is making the rainfall more erratic, making it difficult for farmers to plant, grow and harvest crops on their rain-fed fields..."


Milk River at risk of running dry as Montana crews continue work on burst water pipeline

"...Officials in Montana are warning that the Milk River is at risk of running dry this summer following a catastrophic failure on a pipeline near the Carway, Alta. border crossing on Monday morning..."


The Audacious Scheme to Reroute Indias Water Hakai Magazine

"...Similarthough less ambitiouswater transfers happen in other parts of the world. Chinas South-to-North Water Diversion Project will eventually carry 45 billion cubic meters of water each year across more than 1,000 kilometers. And in Sri Lanka, where water is diverted from the Mahaweli Ganga river basin, people have benefited from improved food security and higher incomes, says Upali Amarasinghe, a data scientist with the International Water Management Institute in Sri Lanka..."


Montana canal siphon splits open, flooding area and threatening local farming industry

"...BABB, Mont. (AP) Montana state officials were scurrying Tuesday to stop flooding caused by the breakage of a century-old pipe used to deliver drinking water to 14,000 residents and carry irrigation water to farms..."


Alberta's Milk River water level to drop due to pipeline break

"...The Milk River Watershed Council Canada (MRWCC) said debris and water is flowing down the St. Mary River along the Canadian Reach through to the St. Mary's Reservoir..."


How AI could help farming become more efficient and sustainable

"...At Nature Fresh Farms in Leamington, Ont. , theres something new amid the rows of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and strawberries.  ..."


Former California water official pleads guilty to conspiring to steal water from irrigation canal

"...Falaschi was accused in a case that alleged that more than $25 million in water was stolen over two decades when it was siphoned from a federal irrigation canal through a secret pipe and sold to farmers and other water districts. The Panoche Water District supplies irrigation for farmland in Fresno and Merced counties much of it from the federal Delta-Mendota canal..."


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Jobs in irrigation

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Irrigation Specialist

"...The Irrigation Specialist participates in mixing fertilizers and checking EC readings, using and maintaining the irrigation system as well as assisting in any nursery related duties..."

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Parks Operator II Irrigation

"...Irrigation (Permanent Full-time) Nestled in the heart of the Okanagan Valley, Summerland is a picturesque community with a population of approximately 12,000 residents..."

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Golf Irrigation Logistics Coordinator

"...As a key player in the industry, we are committed to excellence and delivering top-notch service to our clients..."

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Western Canada Irrigation Lead

"...The right candidate will have technical skills and experience that can be applied to the delivery of water conveyance projects related to irrigation and irrigation planning for..."

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Recent episodes that mention irrigation.

Water restrictions in southern Alberta unlikely to lift without significant change in reservoir levels

Duration: 14:16

"...Drought conditions in the last couple of years have led to St..."


Ag Policy Connection Ep. 7 Whiskey's for drinking, water is…a strategic asset

Duration: 48:38

"...Canada is in the extremely fortunate position of having an abundance of one of the world's most critical resources one that is often taken for granted, until there's not enough, or too much..."


RealAg Radio: Intercropping equipment, hiring in agriculture, and water supply trouble, Sept 19, 2023

Duration: 54:30

"...Thanks for tuning in to Tuesdays with Lyndsey on RealAg Radio..."


Canada's largest irrigation district faces challenges following another season of drought

Duration: 11:50

"...The largest irrigation district in Canada is counting on above average snowpack this winter to replenish water supplies for the 2024 growing season..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about irrigation.

Tiny Texas Houses pioneer digs personal lake & crafts village around it

"...Kittels system doesnt just irrigate his food forest, but given his location on the site of a former foundry, the plants, like cattails, also clean and filter the water..."


No Water, No Food: How Can Agriculture Respond to the Climate Crisis?

"...Kate Tully, Associate Professor of Agroecology, University of Maryland; Director of UMDs Agroecology Lab ..."


Are Environmental Events Making Canada Uninsurable?

"...What is the impact of that? Then, can a new irrigation network in Niagara Region help farmers with the fight against climate change and the issue of water scarcity? Plus, Ontario's "sewer lady" tells us how to best prepare for this summer's flooding from rainstorms and sewer overflows..."


Is Ontario Becoming Uninsurable?

"...What is the impact of that? Then, can a new irrigation network in Niagara Region help farmers with the fight against climate change and water scarcity? And, Ontario's "sewer lady" explains how to best prepare for flooding from rainstorms and sewer overflows..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about irrigation relevant to the latest news.

Determinants of smallholder farmers? adaptation to the effects of climate extremes: evidence from Legambo district in northcent

"...In Ethiopia's drought-prone regions, vulnerable smallholder rural communities' farming systems are seriously threatened by climate change and extreme weather events..."


The heterogeneous effects of climate variability on cotton farming productivity in Burkina Faso

"...These results underscore the heterogeneous nature of climate change effects, providing confirmation that the effects of rainfall, temperature, and wind variability are non-uniform and more crucial for agricultural activities in some regions..."


A water?energy?food nexus analysis of the impact of desalination and irrigated agriculture expansion in the Ain Temouchent regi

"...Establishing a reverse osmosis desalination plant with a daily production capacity of 200,000 m3 significantly alleviated the resulting water crisis, yet its energy consumption and environmental impact raise several questions..."


"...Over the past few decades, irrigation using groundwater has increased significantly..."


The role of potassium under salinity stress in crop plants

"...Being sessile in nature, plants have to confront a number of climatic changes such as salinity, drought, heavy metals, and temperature, all of which have damaging effects on plant growth and productivity, resulting in lower overall yields..."


A Systematic Review of Water Governance in Asian Countries: Challenges, Frameworks, and Pathways Toward Sustainable Development

"...Critical WG issues identified include transboundary water management, irrigation challenges, water quality concerns, and water?food?energy nexus interdependencies..."


Improving soil organic carbon mapping in farmlands using machine learning models and complex cropping system information

"...Obtaining accurate spatial maps of soil organic carbon (SOC) in farmlands is crucial for assessing soil quality and achieving precision agriculture..."


Satellite-based rainwater harvesting sites assessment for Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab, Pakistan

"...The Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) approach was employed for site selection, considering various criteria, including land use/land cover, precipitation, geological features, slope, and drainage..."


Toward sustainable water quality monitoring systems using particle swarm, Ant Colony, and Tabu Search optimization methods

"...Considering the growing importance of sustainable development and value engineering in various fields, especially in water quality management, superior attention has been paid to reducing costs in water quality monitoring systems..."


Addressing future food demand in The Gambia: can increased crop productivity and climate change adaptation close the supply?dem

"...We considered the impacts of climate change on crops, the adoption of climate change adaptation techniques, as well as the potential of enhanced fertiliser use and irrigation to boost crop productivity, and assessed whether these measures would be sufficient to meet the projected increase in food demand..."