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News and Opinion

Coverage of irrigation since January 31, 2024.

Why a dry winter may not mean trouble for Alberta farmers

"...In response to the worsening conditions, the Alberta government recently began large-scale water sharing agreement efforts and declared an early start to the wildfire season..."


Climate change threatening Valentines Day roses

"...The report cites a study that showed that droughts in East Africa between 2020 and 2022 were found to have been more than 100 times more likely and more severe because of climate change..."


Conservation organization critical of provinces water advisory committee

"...It just seemed liked a glaring omission if we're supposed to be thinking about drought. It's an environmental issue (and) we should probably have people with an environmental perspective and background there, said Phillip Meintzer, a conservation specialist with the Alberta Wilderness Association (AWA)..."


'Very low' B.C. snowpack raises drought concerns

"...From a drought perspective, from a wildfire perspective, its certainly not good news..."


Farms get support to face climate change

"...Projects fit in four general categories. This includes adding solar panels to generate electricity or doing energy retrofits to improve a farms energy efficiency, such as adding roof insulation or heat pumps to farm buildings. It also includes adapting to climate change impacts, such as adding shade to protect crops or livestock, or improving site drainage..."


B.C. hosting 30 workshops to help farmers prepare for summer droughts

"...Crop selection and managementFertilizer management under drought conditionsHow to assess your soil water storage capacityIrrigation management when water supplies are shortLivestock managementThe government will also provide an overview of the financial support available to prepare for and reduce the impacts of drought, as well as information about water management under the Water Sustainability Act. The first Agricultural Water Management Workshops are scheduled for Feb. 15 in Cobble Hill and Feb..."


B.C. preparing farmers for summer drought conditions

"...Last summer, B. C. experienced its worst wildfire season on record with endless hot, dry weather, making drought conditions worse..."


B.C. government announces drought preparedness workshops

"...The Agricultural Water Management workshop aims to help producers improve their on-farm water use by showing how to improve their irrigation systems, explore on-site water storage, and resource management during droughts..."


Alberta government forms committee to prepare for severe drought

"...Due to well below-average winter snowpack and several dry years, many of Albertas rivers are at record low levels. Several of Albertas reservoirs are also well below capacity. As a way to help prepare for what the government says could be a year of severe drought, the province has formed a Water Advisory Committee..."


Drought concerns growing for southern Alberta farmers

"...That lack of moisture is beginning to worry producers who rely on spring runoff for crop irrigation..."


A New Solution to Power Africa: Productive Use of Renewable Energy

"...For example, say a government or development organization invested in expanding solar-powered irrigation, as well as equipment that adds value in agricultural processing, such as flour-milling machines. These technologies would increase local electricity demand, boost agricultural productivity, enhance food security, create new employment opportunities, and enhance local incomes. Higher incomes improve communities ability to pay for electricity, which in turn improves the confidence of energy developers and investors to further expand the grid or, even better, deploy clean energy systems like solar-powered mini grids to meet growing demand..."


Drought-weary Alberta opens water-sharing talks with large users

"...There are currently 51 water shortage advisories in the province. River basins from north to south face critical water shortages from low precipitation. The Oldman River in the south is down to about a third of its normal flow..."


Recommended Reading

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Jobs in irrigation

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Golf Irrigation Technician

"...Labor intensive work in the form of digging, lifting and pushing..."

related opportunities

Grounds Maintenance Technician

"...BGIS Global Integrated Solutions Canada LP (Sudbury ON):..."

related opportunities

Senior Water Resource Engineer

"...Experience with HECRAS, hydrology and stormwater would be considered an asset..."

related opportunities

Irrigation Specialist

"...Assist in herbicide and other pesticide applications..."

related opportunities


Recent episodes that mention irrigation.

RealAg Radio: Intercropping equipment, hiring in agriculture, and water supply trouble, Sept 19, 2023

Duration: 54:30

"...Thanks for tuning in to Tuesdays with Lyndsey on RealAg Radio..."


Canada's largest irrigation district faces challenges following another season of drought

Duration: 11:50

"...The largest irrigation district in Canada is counting on above average snowpack this winter to replenish water supplies for the 2024 growing season..."


Alberta ag minister's mandate letter focuses on tax credit, loan increases, and diversifying agriculture

Duration: 8:44

"...Last month, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith named her new provincial cabinet, including a new Minister for Alberta Agriculture and Irrigation..."


Canola School: Strip-tilling creates a happy medium of seedbed prep, water conservation

Duration: 5:13

"...To till or not to till? It's an ongoing conversation in areas where water is controlled through irrigation or risk of soil erosion is high..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about irrigation.

Is Ontario Becoming Uninsurable?

"...What is the impact of that? Then, can a new irrigation network in Niagara Region help farmers with the fight against climate change and water scarcity? And, Ontario's "sewer lady" explains how to best prepare for flooding from rainstorms and sewer overflows..."


Are Environmental Events Making Canada Uninsurable?

"...What is the impact of that? Then, can a new irrigation network in Niagara Region help farmers with the fight against climate change and the issue of water scarcity? Plus, Ontario's "sewer lady" tells us how to best prepare for this summer's flooding from rainstorms and sewer overflows..."


How Theres a PERFECT Plan to Save Americas Lakes

"...Across seven US states and Mexico, around 40 million people rely on it for water and energy..."


Top 10 Off-Grid Sustainable Homes from Around the World | Off-Grid Living

"...The home uses solar energy to power two 6v batteries, as well using propane for the stove, and filtering its own rain water supply..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about irrigation relevant to the latest news.

Simulation of the dynamics of water resources in the Hirmand watershed under economic and environmental scenarios

"...The results show that scenarios like increasing irrigation efficiency, reducing evaporation loss, reducing cultivation area, adopting an optimal cropping pattern, and Afghanistan?s adherence to Iran?s water rights increase water resources and reduce water shortage..."


Aquifer depletion exacerbates agricultural drought losses in the US High Plains

"...Aquifer depletion poses a major threat to the ability of farmers, food supply chains and rural economies globally to use groundwater as a means of adapting to climate variability and change..."


Characterization and Propagation of Historical and Projected Droughts in the Umatilla River Basin, Oregon, USA

"...Climate change is expected to have long-term impacts on drought and wildfire risks in Oregon as summers continue to become warmer and drier..."


Streamflow projection under CMIP6 climate scenarios using a support vector regression: a case study of the Kurau River Basin of

"...CMIP6 is an updated and improved Global Climate Models (GCMs) for the exploration of the specific impacts of changing streamflow patterns for improved water management in agricultural areas..."


Regression Analysis for Finding Correlation on Indian Agricultural Data

"...We can increase the productivity of agricultural sector by analyzing and predicting the data of external parameters like carbon footprint, rainfall information, moisture information, soil information by predicting flood, drought, pest movement and other factors..."


Conservation of freshwater biodiversity in North Africa under future climate and land-cover changes

"...Using water beetles as surrogates of freshwater biodiversity, we present a novel approach to identify priority basins for the preservation of freshwater biodiversity in Morocco, using Species Distribution Models to identify potential biodiversity hotspots under future climate change scenarios, and estimates of future Land Cover dynamics..."


Spatiotemporal variability and trend detection of hydrological and climatic variables of Modjo catchment, central Ethiopia

"...Therefore, the study suggests appropriate watershed management, enhanced alternative water management techniques, and efficient use of the available water resources in the future..."


WS-YOLO: An Agronomical and Computer Vision-Based Framework to Detect Drought Stress in Lettuce Seedlings Using IR Imaging and

"...Particularly, high efficiency in early stress detection was achieved, being a critical factor for improving food security through timely interventions..."


The Impacts of Agricultural Water Pricing on Sustainable Agricultural Production

"...Regarding the relationship between value, resources, and environmental issues, how to use the principle of economic leverage to manage the demand for agricultural water resources has received increasing research attention..."


Geospatial modeling and analysis of groundwater stress-prone areas using GIS-based TOPSIS, VIKOR, and EDAS techniques in Murshi

"...First, groundwater level data and rainfall data were collected from 135 dug well (1996 to 2018) and 12 gridded rainfall stations (1986 to 2020), respectively, and the data were measured by detecting spatiotemporal trends using classical Mann?Kendall (MK), or modified Mann?Kendall (mMK), and the magnitude of the slope was identified by Sen?s slope estimator..."


Could agroforestry restore ecosystem services in arid lands? An analysis through the weight of the evidence approach

"...The ecosystem services most mentioned (soil quality, productivity increase, carbon sequestration, biodiversity conservation, cultural values, water regulation and purification, and pollination), that were provided by the four Agroforestry Systems (protein banks, intercropping, windbreaks and homegardens) were used to apply the Weight of Evidence Approach..."


Drought tolerance screening of okra genotypes in relation to growth and physio?biochemical traits at the vegetative stage

"...Evaluation of the genotypes of an agronomic or horticultural crop for their drought tolerance ability is of utmost importance to ensure sustainable production and food security..."