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Coverage of land cover since July 6, 2021.

Canadian Navigable Waters Act: Notice of application for Approval of Aquaculture Facility.

"...Marine Finfish Aquaculture over land covered by water in Fortune Channel, Warn Bay on Crown Land Foreshore # 1403914 in Clayoquot Sound..."


Help Protect Rare Grasslands and Vital Corridor for Endangered Wildlife in South Okanagan

"...BC is the most biodiverse province in Canada and land conservation is crucial to ensure that the incredible species that we are so lucky to live alongside are able to survive in perpetuity. Protecting the Nighthawk Hill Grasslands is one important step towards this goal. said Dr..."


Canadian Navigable Waters Act

"...Environment and Climate Change Canada hereby gives notice that an..."


First Person: Saving the Earth from space

"...Dr. Calvin advises NASA leadership on its science programmes and related strategic planning and investments. Also serving as its senior climate advisor, she provides insights and recommendations for related science, technology, and infrastructure projects for climate action, from developing a new instrument to track pollution hourly to launching a water-tracking satellite..."


Essential Newfoundland highway to stay open as out-of-control wildfires grow

"...Two out-of-control wildfires in central Newfoundland covered more than 200 square kilometres on Wednesday morning, and Environment Canada warned the flames could cover much of the island in smoke..."


Biodiversity and Bighorn Sheep saved through habitat purchase in South Okanagan

"...The twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss are two sides of the same coin, and we must tackle them together. By working with partners such as The Nature Trust of British Columbia, we are helping to protect the natural environment in British Columbia and across the country. Programs like the Canada Nature Funds Natural Heritage Conservation Program are helping us progress toward conserving a quarter of lands and oceans in Canada by 2025..."


West Kelowna, B.C. turns to residents to re-tree urban areas

"...Other benefits cited include conserving water and reducing runoff through absorption of rainfall, conserving energy, creating economic and tourism benefits through attractive tree cover and landscaping, and providing habitat for thousands of species. Treed areas throughout the Okanagan are diminishing rapidly, given the push for housing. West Kelowna topped $170 million in business permits for 2021, where the five-year average is around $94 million..."


Restoration in the Heart of the City

"...Green-Wood cemetery in New York City is also a site of urban grassland management and restoration, an effort to mitigate its contributions to climate change..."


IPCC relies on foregone conclusions to push preferred climate narrative: op-ed

"...The first report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on the science of climate change was released in 1990. The most recent one released two weeks ago, the 6th Assessment Report (AR6), thus marks more than 30 years of operations. Ive been an expert reviewer for both the physical science and social science working groups since the Fourth Assessment Report (AR4), which first went out for review in August 2005..."


Restriction orders in place for Succour Lake and Flat Lake wildfire zones

"...The orders prohibit non-BC Wildfire personnel from entering Crown land covered by these orders unless they have written permission. Exemptions will be made for the following reasons: carrying out an industrial activity, supporting the government in the completion of fire suppression, travelling to or from a principal residence or recreational property not under an evacuation order, using a highway and engaging in range development defined under the Forest and Ranges Practices Act..."


151 acres of biodiverse South Okanagan land donated to Nature Trust of B.C.

"...Wildflowers, rare grasslands and at risk species are part of the rich landscape of the Park Rill Floodplain which is now part of the Nature Trust of B. C. in the South Okanagan..."


South Okanagan gains 151 acres of protected land to foster biodiversity and protect critical habitats The Nature Trust of Brit

"...The Nature Trust of BC, a leading non-profit land conservation organization, announced today that, with the help of donations from conservation-minded individuals, 61 hectares (151 acres) of ecologically important land, known as the Park Rill Floodplain, will be added to the White Lake Basin Biodiversity Ranch conservation complex in the South Okanagan. Connectivity of habitats is critically important for fostering biodiversity, so the conservation of this property will add to the resilience of wildlife in the ecosystems all around..."


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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about land cover.

What these ultradetailed maps reveal about nature and us

"...But as you dig deeper, MapBiomas diligent records of Brazils land cover speak volumes about the changes in water surface, the devastating impacts of wildfires and which communities need help on the ground. They could even help us understand the climate crisis and get us one step closer to finding solutions..."


Secret Hunters - The Leopards of Dead Tree Island | Free Documentary Nature

"...Will she be able to rear and defend her cubs in this challenging environment - competing with lions and hyenas and coping with floods and drought? ..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about land cover relevant to the latest news.

Is it because of climate change? Social-ecological system analysis of wetland protected area in Vietnamese Mekong Delta

"...With the complexity of the research tasks, a social-ecological system (SES) approach was applied with three main elements: the resource system (vegetation covers), external related ecosystems (climate change), and governance system (wetland management) and their interactions through ecological performance (outcome)..."


Tracing the roots of wetland degradation in India: a systematic review of anthropogenic drivers, ecological consequences and co

"...Urbanization, population growth, land transformation, encroachment, and pollution have all contributed to the shrinking of wetlands, which were earlier estimated to be 58..."


Conservation of freshwater biodiversity in North Africa under future climate and land-cover changes

"...Using water beetles as surrogates of freshwater biodiversity, we present a novel approach to identify priority basins for the preservation of freshwater biodiversity in Morocco, using Species Distribution Models to identify potential biodiversity hotspots under future climate change scenarios, and estimates of future Land Cover dynamics..."


Mapping of population growth influence on land use transformation from 1994 to 2015 in Madaba Governorate, Jordan

"...Its evolving landscape, marked by changes in land use, presents environmental and socio-economic challenges that necessitate sustainable urban planning and land management practices..."


Spatiotemporal Variation of Ecosystem Services Value and its Response to Land Use Change in the Yangtze River Basin, China

"...How to understand the impact of land use change on ecosystem service value is of great significance for the utilization of ecological environment protection..."


Community-centred scenarios development for water?energy?food security on Zanzibar

"...Major drivers of land use and land cover change affecting water?energy?food security were identified; these include population growth, development and climate change..."


Landslide Susceptibility Evaluation and Hazard Zonation for Idukki district?A Case Study from Kerala, India

"...Previous research has found that the frequency and amplitude of landslides are increasing in many hilly or mountainous locations due to constant disruption by human activities such as urbanization, agricultural expansion, deforestation, clear-cutting, shifting agriculture, and inadequate road construction..."


Classification of multi-spectral data with fine-tuning variants of representative models

"...Due to rapid urbanization, agriculture drought, and environmental pollution, significant efforts have been focused on land use and land cover (LULC) multi-spectral scene classification..."


Spatial and temporal classification and prediction of LULC in Brahmani and Baitarni basin using integrated cellular automata mo

"...Monitoring the dynamics of land use and land cover (LULC) is imperative in the changing climate and evolving urbanization patterns worldwide..."


Urban biodiversity suitability index: decoding the relationships between cities and birds

"...Here we present the Urban Biodiversity Suitability (UBS) Index, a spatially explicit tool that describes levels of environmental suitability for biodiversity based on several urbanistic and socioeconomic data through a wilderness mapping approach..."