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Coverage of land restoration since April 27, 2023.

‘Scary situation': Unprecedented snowpack lows raising B.C. drought concerns

"...Hill said he thinks provincial responses to drought management are improving, but a more aggressive approach is needed. He recommends implementing water restrictions for residents and businesses sooner — before the drought hits “crisis” levels — as well as increased support for First Nations, communities, farmers and landowners to improve the land's natural water retention and develop watershed resilience. He also suggested more wetland restoration projects, keeping forest cover intact, and cracking down on unlicensed water use..."


Quadra Islanders work to protect water in face of growing drought

"...As a landscape architect specializing in wetland restoration, Bernie Amell knows how water moves across the landscape..."


Natures Engineers: The Marvels of Beaver Ecosystems

"...Implementing BDAs on some of our properties across British Columbia, The Nature Trust of BC and BCWF are working towards revitalizing wetland ecosystems and fostering biodiversity. These structures not only provide vital habitats for a variety of species but also contribute to cleaner water, carbon sequestration, and flood control. Moreover, they offer educational opportunities for the public to learn about the importance of beavers and wetland conservation..."


Small island community launches big effort to develop water security

"...It’s not uncommon for some shallow wells on the island to run dry during a hot summer, Amell said. With future summers only expected to be drier and hotter, the vulnerability of Quadra’s deep-water wells and groundwater resources remains an open question, Amell said“It’s definitely an issue on the horizon,” he said. What people are reading A remote Canadian island makes history in fight for affordable housing By Rochelle Baker | News, Island Insider | August 23rd 2023 As a result, I-CAN’s water security team has launched an ambitious project to gather data on the health of the island’s aquifers and get a sense of how much water is being extracted and if they are recovering or not..."


Ontario announces funding to help protect wetlands in Middlesex County

"...The Ontario government is investing $640,000 in two projects to restore wetlands in Middlesex County to help prevent flooding, improve water quality, and make the region more resilient to climate change risks..."


Canadas carbon-storing peat digs up a climate conundrum

"...It is valuable to farmers for its ability to hold moisture and drain excess water, which makes it a popular soil component. Peat extraction is a big business: Canada exported a total of $683. 5 million of peat, including peat for soil, in 2022..."


Farming for the climate future

"...“Hearing their digestive processes and the splosh, splosh into a bucket and realizing we’re still doing old-world stuff. ” At Linnaea, much of what’s old is being renewed again, as farmers and global agrifood systems — which generate a third of the planet's greenhouse gas emissions — struggle to adapt to the new climate future. 'Old world' tactics can tame future climate impactsLinnaea Farm stewards Adam Schick and Tamara McPhail have been using regenerative agriculture techniques for two decades..."


4 injured beavers rescued from property near Merritt, B.C.

"...The animals were found on private land along Howarth Creek by Merritt, where they became trapped as the landowner did not want beavers on their property. The Interior Wildlife Rehabilitation Society then captured them one at a time, and cared for them until their injuries were healed and they were ready to be released back into the watershed. This is all part of a wetland restoration project being headed by biology professor at the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology, Tom Willms..."


Council approves land restoration project at Pioneer Tower in Kitchener

"...The project, given the green light on Monday, will help create sustainable, traditional food and medicines, increase biodiversity through habitat restoration and reintroduce natural species, the city said..."


Cumulative Impacts on the Exercise of Treaty Rights

"...Following the decision, the BC government and the BRFN entered into negotiations culminating in the Blueberry River First Nations Implementation Agreement (BRFN Agreement) which was signed in January 2023. [13] Under the agreement, there are initiatives related to wildlife management, land-use plans, petroleum and natural gas planning, adoption of ecosystem-based forest management, and funding for land restoration, wildlife stewardship and cultural and capacity investment. [14]..."


Beaver Dam Analogues regulate stream flow and temperature, enhancing fish-rearing habitat B.C. Wildlife Federation

"...The restored wetlands will maintain and improve water quality by filtering out pollutants and protecting the integrity of lakes, rivers, streams, and community water supplies within the watershed. This project will also increase water quantity and ease freshwater shortages by storing excess water during wet..."


On Mauritius, an Invasive Tree Boosts an Endangered Bird but Threatens the Wider Ecosystem Hakai Magazine

"...The kestrels first brush with extinction came after centuries of logging had stripped most of the islands evergreen forest, wiping out the large trees with cavities that the diminutive raptor needs for nesting. Introduced predators including ship rats, feral cats, and mongooses sped up the populations decline, as did the use of DDT, a chemical insecticide that weakened the birds eggs and caused many young to die before hatching. Now, after three decades of relative stability, the species has fallen to as few as 350 birdspossibly due to inbreeding and ongoing habitat loss..."


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Recent episodes that mention land restoration.

#135 Dr Linzi Seivwright: deer management, kinship theory, grouse and the climate emergency

Duration: 01:47:16

"...With heated debate on the deer working group report, and a potential sweeping shift in how we manage the Scottish landscape for deer, I am joined by ecologist Dr Linzi Seivwright, who has worked closely with local deer management groups over a number of years..."


#134 Alex Rodgers: Upland conservation, Northern Ireland, carbon capture, grouse, curlew & land restoration

Duration: 01:11:40

"...I speak with the only full-time gamekeeper in Northern Ireland, Alex Rodgers, about an ambitious project to restore a moorland to its historic, thriving state..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about land restoration.

Our Ambitious Plan to Fully Revive Desolate Woodlands

"...The rewilding membership that restores nature across a wide range of ecosystems..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about land restoration relevant to the latest news.

Consequences of Coastal Wetlands Reclamation and the Need for Integrating Impact Assessment of Invasive Alien Plants Species an

"...We examine quantitative methods for cause-effect evaluation of three major biodiversity loss drivers: biodiversity/habitat loss, greenhouse gases GHG warming and nutrient enrichment/eutrophication, which are pertinent to IAPS, and coastal armoring in wetlands..."


Planning wetland protection and restoration for the safeguard of ecosystem service flows to beneficiaries

"...Methods We identified existent and historic wetlands located within a watershed in southern Quebec (Canada), quantified anthropogenic pressures on all sites to estimate restoration costs, and modeled the supply and demand of four associated ecosystem services (flood attenuation, hunting, groundwater recharge, and aesthetics)..."


Participatory Rural Appraisal for Assessing Freshwater Wetland Status and Fishery Potential in West Midnapore, West Bengal, Ind

"...Therefore, it is expected that the results and suggestions highlighted in the study will aid the stakeholders and policy makers not only to promote aquaculture in the district but also to ensure employment, food security and wetland restoration and conservation in future..."


Woody biochar potential for abandoned mine land restoration in the U.S.: a review

"...Using this ?waste? biomass for biochar and reclamation activities will reduce wildfire risk, air pollution from burning, and particulates released from burning wood..."


Using Structured Decision Making to Evaluate Wetland Restoration Opportunities in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

"...The Nature Conservancy, in partnership with federal, state, and nonprofit organizations, evaluated a decision to target large-scale wetland restoration based on two fundamental objectives: improve water quality and enhance climate resilience..."


Pathways to achieving nature-positive and carbon?neutral land use and food systems in Wales

"...In contrast, the land use and agricultural sector became a net carbon sink in both the land sparing and land sharing pathways, through high afforestation targets, peatland restoration, reducing food waste and moving towards a healthier diet..."


Usefulness of Surface Water Retention Reservoirs Inspired by ?Permaculture Design?: A Case Study in Southern Spain Using Bucket

"...Moreover, modelling-based scenario analyses can help better understand the dynamics and extent of its potential in establishing an effective and economically viable land restoration process for the region, taking into account climate change projections of increasing desertification in the Mediterranean basin, thereby contributing to the water-soil-food nexus, addressing sustainable development goals (SDGs) related to food (2), water (6), responsible consumption and production (12), climate action (13) and life on land (15)..."


Seed source and greenhouse preconditioning effects on the survival and growth of two common Piedmont wetland restoration tree s

"...Flood tolerance and growth rate of seedlings are often deciding criteria for wetland and riparian restoration plantings; however, these efforts often result in inadequate survival and growth of planted tree species..."


The Roles of Competition and Facilitation in Producing Zonation Along an Experimental Flooding Gradient: a Tale of Two Tails wi

"...Models guiding wetland restoration need to include competition as well as flood duration as causal factors, but not facilitation..."


Effects of hydrology on the movements of a large-bodied predator in a managed freshwater marsh

"...Understanding how abundant large-bodied predators respond to these changes is especially important in context of wetland restoration..."


Experimental prosopis management practices and grassland restoration in three Eastern African countries

"...Management of woody species to restore original ecosystem services, such as biodiverse grassland that can provide fodder and sequester carbon, are needed to limit the impacts of alien species..."