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Land Use

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News and Opinion

Coverage of land use since March 27, 2021.

Coal consultation terms of reference called 'staggering betrayal of public's trust'

"...The AWA said if the consultation committee follows the terms of reference the upcoming consultations will focus only on matters related to coal, that are under the energy minister's jurisdiction. That means the consultation won't include subjects like water quality or allocation, selenium pollution, species at risk, land use or recreational impacts..."

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Google Earth adds time-lapse video to depict climate change

"...The yearly imagery will vividly illustrate how climate change has affected glaciers, beaches, forests and other places worldwide Associated PressApr. 15, 2021 5:53 p. m..."

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Alberta coal consultation terms of reference rule out land use, water concerns

"...A committee that is supposed to consult Albertans on coal development in the Rocky Mountains won't be able to ask questions about water or land use. The terms of reference for the committee, posted to a government website, say the five-member committee will only be able to consider issues under the control of the Department of Energy. The document is heavily focused on gauging how much Albertans understand about current coal policies and regulations..."

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Forest elephants are now critically endangered -- here's how to count them

"...Forest elephants have been decimated by ivory poachers in recent years. A WCS-led census released in 2014 documented a 65 percent decline in forest elephant numbers between 2002 and 2013. Through this new study, researchers will gain a better understanding of how many forest elephants remain and where they reside..."

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Trust must act on climate emergency declaration

"...An Oxford University publication from 2019 stated that coastal regions, islands and ecosystems “exist in a delicate balance at the land-sea interface,” making them exceptionally vulnerable to climate change impacts. The loss, degradation and conversion of native habitats, forest canopy, forest understory, and wetlands, reduces water storage, perpetuates water shortages, increases soil desiccation and erosion, increases flood and fire risk, increases temperatures and heat waves, perpetuates declines in biodiversity and weakens community resilience..."

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A changing land

"...These maps tell a story of a changing world, with major events altering the landscape. The large areas around Yellowknife depict land cover transition from forest to mainly grassland and barren lands, thanks to the 2014 forest fires in the surrounding area. Unusually warm conditions and lack of rain triggered more than 130 forest fires in the Great Slave Lake region in the Northwest Territories..."

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World's first study to evaluate greenhouse gas emissions from Chinese inland waters

"...Inland waters are an important component of the global carbon cycle and function as active reactors, transporting and transforming large quantities of naturally- and anthropogenically-derived carbon. Previous studies suggest that inland waters are major sources for greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere, yet these emissions are poorly constrained (Note 1)..."

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Residents opposed to proposed logging road in Fraser headwaters

"...A proposed logging road through a pristine Robson Valley watershed that hosts endangered chinook salmon, acts as a wildlife corridor, and feeds the Fraser River headwaters, has reignited a longstanding campaign by local residents to get the entire Raush River area protected from development.  ..."

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Beef industry can cut emissions with land management, production efficiency

"...A research team led by Colorado State University (CSU) and funded by the Climate and Land Use Alliance found that widespread use of improved ranching management practices in two distinct areas of beef production would lead to substantial emissions reductions. This includes increased efficiency to produce more beef per unit of GHG emitted - growing bigger cows at a faster rate - and enhanced land management strategies to increase soil and plant carbon sequestration on grazed lands..."

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Town of Ponoka holding public hearing for new proposed land use bylaw

"...The Town of Ponoka has recently completed a review and update of its land use bylaw. Council approved first reading of a new proposed land use bylaw at its regular meeting on March 23..."

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Meat and dairy companies slow to commit to net-zero emissions, new analysis finds

"..."Large meat and dairy companies are not doing enough to tackle climate change, and countries are not doing enough in terms of holding them accountable," says Jennifer Jacquet, an associate professor in NYU's Department of Environmental Studies and one of the authors of the study. "In general, their commitments center on mitigating energy use, with little focus on emissions resulting from animal and land use, which make the biggest warming contributions in the agricultural sector. "..."

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Clearing of woody weeds in Baringo County, Kenya, may yield major livelihood benefits

"...Climate change, land degradation, and invasive alien species (IAS) such as Prosopis julifora are major threats to people's livelihoods in arid and semi-arid areas with each of these having negative impacts on ecosystem services - including vegetation biomass, which is a prime resource for pastoralists and agro-pastoralists..."

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Jobs in land use

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Land Development Technician I - District of Sooke (Sooke, BC)

"...Our team welcomes those who share values of accountability, compassion, leading by example, respect, and service excellence to apply for this new and exciting opportunity..."

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Senior Urban Design Planner - District of West Vancouver (West Vancouver, BC)

"...The preferred candidate will possess: thorough knowledge of the principles, practices, and laws relating to community planning and urban design including current literature, trends, and issues; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with diverse interest groups; and excellent written and verbal communication skills..."

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Senior Urban Designer / Planner III (City Design Studio Lead) - City of Vancouver (Vancouver, BC)

"...Ability to provide review, advice and comment on urban design and architecture proposals, concepts, and applications in a respectful and thoughtful manner. ..."

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Urban Designer - Planner II (City Design Studio) - City of Vancouver (Vancouver, BC)

"...To be considered for this exciting and impactful career opportunity with a generous benefits package, please apply on our..."

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Recent episodes that mention land use.

062 | At What Temperature Do Forests Stop Absorbing Carbon?

Duration: 38:25

"...Today I speak with environmental scientist Jason Funk, who runs the Land Use and Climate Knowledge Initiative (LUCKI) about the important findings of a paper called "Long-term thermal sensitivity of earth's tropical forests," which looks at whether forests can continue to pull carbon from the atmosphere as temperatures rise..."

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Better Land Use Could Slash US Emissions

Duration: 10:59

"...New research confirms again that nature knows best..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about land use.

Carbon Dioxide Reduction A BIG loophole for business

"...Others are banking on throwing money at carbon offset schemes like large scale reforestation to enable them to carry on business as usual..."

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Mr. Bruce Knight: Catalyzing a National Ecosystem Services Market

"...Knight explains the history of the Ecosystem Services Market Consortium (ESMC) and details how ecosystem service markets can add incentives to motivate farmers and ranchers to improve soil health..."

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Soil Health Basics: Healthy Soils for Sustainable Cotton Webinar Series, Episode 1

"...If a cotton producer adopts a soil health management system, they will help the cotton industry meet, and exceed, their key performance goals related to increased soil carbon and land use efficiency, and decreased greenhouse gas emissions, soil loss, water use, and energy use..."

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Burning Pantanal | What’s Behind the Fire?

"...Human activity such as deforestation and cattle ranching is encroaching on this precious ecosystem and causing it permanent damage..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about land use relevant to the latest news.

Agricultural Landscapes in Brandenburg, Germany: An Analysis of Characteristics and Spatial Patterns

"...The increasing demand for agricultural commodities for food and energy purposes has led to intensified agricultural land management, along with the homogenization of landscapes, adverse biodiversity effects and robustness of landscapes regarding the provision of ecosystem services..."

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Simulating land use changes, sediment yields, and pesticide use in the Upper Paraguay River Basin: Implications for conservation

"...Using a Land Cover Land Use Change (LCLUC) modelling approach, we estimated the expected pesticide load in the Pantanal and the surrounding highlands region for 2050 under three potential scenarios: i) business as usual (BAU), ii) acceleration of anthropogenic changes (ACC), and iii) use of buffer zones around protected areas (BPA)..."

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Carbon emissions in the field of land use, land use change, and forestry in the Vietnam mainland

"...The estimation of greenhouse gas emissions in general and carbon emissions in particular in the field of land use, land use change, and forestry using advanced technology to provide the input data was recommended..."

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A scenario-based approach to tackle trade-offs between biodiversity conservation and land use pressure in Central Italy

"...Land Use and Land Cover Changes (LULCC) are recognized among the main drivers affecting biodiversity and ecosystem services..."

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Grid versus off-grid electricity access options: A review on the economic and environmental impacts

"...Existing literature on the environmental impacts primarily focuses on greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation, with off-grid (solar PV and storage) systems’ emissions in the range of 50–130 gCO2-eq/kWh and grid generation from close to 0 gCO2-eq/kWh (for renewables and nuclear sources) to over 1,000 gCO2-eq/kWh (for coal)..."

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Recent advances in assessment of soil erosion vulnerability in a watershed

"...Considering availability of accurate input, researchers need to attempt more methods and perform comparative studies to attain accurate results for assessing soil erosion vulnerability leading to strategizing soil conservation in fragile regions..."

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Water-land tradeoffs to meet future demands for sugar crops in Latin America and the Caribbean: A bio-physical and socio-economi

"...We further analyse the tradeoffs between water and land use under future scenarios of climate change and socio-economic development regarding to the expected goals of biofuel policies and irrigation expansion strategies in LAC countries due to sufficient local water resources..."

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Integrated landscape approaches to building resilience and multifunctionality in the Kailash Sacred Landscape, China

"...A case study of Kailash Sacred Landscape Conservation and Development Initiative in China was quantitatively and qualitatively analyzed by land use and land cover change and its consequence on multiple ecosystem services..."

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The impact of land use and socio-economic factors on ammonia nitrogen pollution in Weihe River watershed, China

"...The soil and water assessment tool (SWAT) and statistical regression method were used to model the ammonia nitrogen (NH4+-N) pollution and explore the impacts of land use and socio-economic factors on NH4+-N pollution within the Weihe River watershed in China from 2015 to 2018..."

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Feedstocks, environmental effects and development suggestions for biodiesel in China

"...GHG variations of biodiesel production from three generation feedstocks were analyzed based on the land use change (LUC)..."

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Prioritization of potential soil erosion susceptibility region Using fuzzy Logic and Analytical Hierarchy process, Upper Blue Ni

"...Several geographical-environmental factors affecting soil erosion (land use, soil, slope, SPI, TWI, river Proximity, curvature, aspect) considered to assess potential soil erosion risk..."

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