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Coverage of life cycle assessment since September 27, 2020.

What if there was a cooking oil that didn't drive deforestation?

"...But what if there was a cooking oil that didnt drive deforestation? A California startup called Zero Acre Farms claims to have createdjust that. Zero Acre hopes its product, called Cultured Oil because its made by fermenting sugarcane, will shift American diets like Crisco did, but to a different end. The company says its oil requires 90% less land and accounts for 86% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than soybean oil, the most widely consumed vegetable oil in the United States..."


Brewing climate change? What your morning joe means for a warming world

"...A study published in the PLOS Climate journal on March 8 showed that climate change has resulted in sub-optimal growing conditions — heat waves, droughts, frosts and floods — which means coffee production can expect “ongoing systemic shocks. ”That release follows research earlier this year that also suggested the way you prepare your coffee and your consumption habits could be contributing to climate change. Researchers at the University of Quebec analyzed the amount of carbon emissions from four different coffee preparation methods..."


This Revit plugin helps architects pick materials with less embodied carbon

"...While still in their relative infancy, life cycle assessment tools and carbon calculators have their respective shortcomings, in some cases datasets of product and material information for end of life performance isnt even determined or recorded yet and details on low-carbon, earth-based materials can be few and far between, leaving gaps in the information presented by the tools. An accurate life cycle assessment also needs to account for maintenance, operation, including occupant behaviorsand consider indoor pollutants in addition to the outdoor ones..."


Plastic recycling in Canada

"...Plastic that doesnt get recycled takes up precious space in landfills. Recycling this plastic would reduce both plastic waste and the need to extract new resources. Image by Michelle Arseneault, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3..."


Volvo: useable energy commitment offered as a business solution for e-buses

"...“For several years now we have been conducting full Life Cycle Assessments for our buses. They cover environmental impact, usage of materials and resources all the way from raw materials to re-use and recycling. Our useable energy commitment is a vital ingredient..."


Opinion: Reducing beef consumption might not be environmental solution some think

"...You have heard it on the news, seen it in the headlines and clicked it on social media: We should reduce meat consumption to decrease our individual carbon footprint and protect the environment. Recently, restaurants and food websites have removed beef from their menus and recipes in claims of doing their part to become more climate-conscious. Could it be possible that in some parts of the world, raising beef cattle actually preserves endangered ecosystems, provides valuable wildlife habitat and promotes carbon sequestration? In Canada, these are the environmental benefits from the land cared for by beef farmers and ranchers and their livestock..."


Recycling next-generation solar panels fosters green planet

"...Recycling them enhances their sustainability, as the recycled perovskite solar cells could bring 72. 6% lower primary energy consumption and a 71. 2% reduction in carbon footprint, according to the paper, "Life Cycle Assessment of Recycling Strategies for Perovskite Photovoltaic Modules," co-authored by Xueyu Tian, a doctoral student at Cornell Systems Engineering, and Samuel D..."


Greenhouse gas data deep dive reaches new level of 'reasonable and true'

"...URBANA, Ill. - For the most accurate accounting of a product's environmental impact, scientists look at the product's entire life cycle, from cradle to grave. It's a grand calculation known as a life cycle assessment (LCA), and greenhouse gas emissions are a key component..."


Waste plastic could be spun into eco-friendly clothing

"...MIT engineers have found a new use for a common plastic, managing to spin polyethylene into fabric that can passively cool the wearer by allowing heat through and moisture to evaporate. The discovery could see waste plastic bags being turned into sportswear. Due to its structure, fabric spun from polyethylene could keep a wearer cool by allowing heat to escape, but it's been largely dismissed by the scientific community as a fabric candidate due to its less-than-desirable trait of tapping moisture in..."


Could we recycle plastic bags into fabrics of the future?

"...The team's dry-coloring process contributes to the relatively small ecological footprint that polyethylene would have if it were used to make textiles, the researchers say. The team calculated this footprint by using a life cycle assessment tool commonly used by the textile industry. Taking into account polyethylene's physical properties and the processes required to make and color the fabrics, the researchers found it would require less energy to produce polyethylene textiles, compared to polyester and cotton..."


Land-use to solve climate change: a focus on livestock

"...Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from agriculture, forestry and other land uses (AFOLU sector) cover the 24% of global emissions, representing the second hot spot in the contribution to climate change after the energy sector. The main drivers are CO2 emissions from deforestation, methane (CH4) emissions produced by ruminant livestock and by anaerobic fermentation of organic matter, mainly from rice crops, and nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions from fertilizer use. Thus, the land sector plays a crucial role in the contribution to climate change..."


New study shows converting to electric vehicles alone won't meet climate targets

"..."A lot of people think that a large-scale shift to EVs will mostly solve our climate problems in the passenger vehicle sector" says Alexandre Milovanoff, lead author of a new paper published today in Nature Climate Change..."


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Jobs in life cycle assessment

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Life Cycle Asset Manager P3

"...In this role you will partner and collaborate with the Operations team and Facility Management subcontractors to develop and improve Lifecycle asset..."

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Life Cycle Material Manager, P3

"...Life Cycle Material Manager (LCMM) to join our team in our Air Naval division, working on the Halifax Class Combat Systems (HCCS) program..."

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Project Director – Embodied Carbon & Life Cycle Assessment

"...Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) related to embodied carbon to join our Climate Change Resilience team as Project Director and Technical Lead..."

related opportunities

Business Information Systems, Senior Manager

"...To learn how you can grow and shine in your career at PwC, please visit: https://www..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about life cycle assessment.

How can we stop one billion bottles? (w/ David Katz, CEO/Founder of Plastic Bank)

"...We invited David Katz of Plastic Bank to join us for a Conversation That Matters about working to ensure plastic can be recycled, can be a part of the circular economy and can continue to play a positive role in peoples lives..."


Life Cycle Assessment a Key for Clean Energy Transition?

"...Experts explore how life cycle assessments for materials, products and processes can be used to achieve sustainability and circularity goals, especially amid the rising pressure to accelerate the clean energy transition..."


Life Cycle Assessment. Optimising raw materials for renewables

"...Life Cycle Assessment is becoming a vital component in the design and planning stages of any new raw material acquisition project..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about life cycle assessment relevant to the latest news.

Life cycle assessment and techno-economic analysis of sustainable bioenergy production: a review

"...We discuss life cycle assessment in terms of concepts, methods, impacts, greenhouse gases, land use, water consumption, bioethanol, biodiesel, biogas, and techno-economic analysis..."


Life cycle assessment of a marine biorefinery producing protein, bioactives and polymeric packaging material

"...Purpose Algal research has been dominated by the use of marine biomass (mainly microalgae) as feedstock in the production of second-generation biofuels, albeit with limited economic success..."


Swiss Agricultural Life Cycle Assessment: A method to assess the emissions and environmental impacts of agricultural systems an

"...This paper focuses on emission models for gaseous N, nitrate leaching, P emissions to water, soil erosion, pesticides, heavy metals, emissions from animal production and impact assessment methods for soil quality and biodiversity..."


Life Cycle Assessment of Bioretention Cell Designs and Evaluation of Environmental Impact of Media Amendments for Catalysis in

"...This study holds significance as the selection of media type, availability, transportation, and pollutant removal efficiencies directly impact on-site implementation, and each configuration incurs varying levels of environmental impacts that need quantification to meet sustainable and low-impact LID selection requirements..."


Selected Aspects of the Environmental Analysis of HDPE Film Using the LCA Method

"...Based on a life cycle assessment, the environmental effects associated with the HDEP film production technology were estimated, and the impact of the production technology on greenhouse gas emissions was determined..."


Co-benefits of climate change mitigation from innovative agricultural water management: a case study of corn agroecosystem in e

"...Beneficial water management practices (BWMPs) have been identified to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in eastern Canada by retrofitting conventional tile drainage with controlled drainage and sub-irrigation..."


A Review on Plastic Waste Management Using Life Cycle Assessment Approach

"...Plastic waste management is the only solution to prevent plastic pollution and all the problems associated with it..."