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News and Opinion

Coverage of logging since February 1, 2024.

Inaccurate data on forest fuels may stoke B.C. wildfires, study finds

"...VANCOUVER Wildfire fighting and forest management decisions are potentially being hampered by inaccurate government data that misrepresents forest fuel loads in British Columbia's Interior, a new study has found..."


Danielle Smith drops uncertainty bomb on Albertas clean energy future

"...“If you put a 35-kilometre buffer on all protected areas in southern Alberta, that covers 76 per cent of the landscape,” he said, adding that the Alberta government hasn’t provided concrete details about how projects will be evaluated going forward. “I mean, if I was a wind developer and 76 per cent of that land [is affected], I'd be very concerned and ask for clarification. ”Map of Alberta showing the area affected by Wednesday’s announcement..."


Suspected illegal loggers kill 3 forest rangers on patrol in a forest in central Mexico

"...MEXICO CITY (AP) Suspected illegal loggers shot and killed three forest rangers on patrol and wounded a fourth in central Mexico, near the slopes of the Iztaccihuatl volcano..."


Search intensifies for Vancouver Island woman missing more than 1 week

"...Sara Sherry, 45, of Errington, B. C. , was last seen on Feb..."


Manitoba First Nations concerned over major issues in province's forestry plan

"...According to the statement, the province has allowed a U. S. -based logging company to harvest timber in First Nation territories without an approved forest management plan for nearly two decades..."


Parks Canada more than halfway through creating wildfire safety barrier

"...There's a big logging operation underway just west of Lake Louise..."


West Virginia agriculture bill stokes fears about pesticide-spewing logging facility

"...The facility would treat logs before they are shipped overseas. Prior to the company backing down, the state Department of Environmental Protection's Division of Air Quality said it tentatively planned to issue the permit that would let the facility emit up to nearly 10 tons (9. 07 metric tons) of the pesticide methyl bromide into the atmosphere each year..."


Greenpeace alleges lobbying push for

"...Carbon offset projects help avoid or absorb atmospheric carbon through tree planting programs. By selling credits in a program, companies that pollute can offset their emissions. Biodiversity offsets offer a similar scheme but instead of buying and selling credits for carbon, companies can set aside or improve tracts of nature, such as wildlife habitat..."


Indonesian presidential vote highlights tradeoffs between fast growth and a healthy environment

"...Indonesia has the world's largest reserves of nickel a critical material for electric vehicles, solar panels and other goods needed for the green energy transition..."


Activist group rebrands, but its hard push for a national wildfire agency remains

"...Pink paint splashed over artist Tom Thomsons iconic Northern River. A topless protester interrupts the Juno Awards with environmental messages of land back and save the Greenbelt across her torso. A shutdown of key bridges and intersections throughout Ottawa..."


Toronto conservation agency buys chunk of Ontario peninsula to protect against development

"...Over the last 25 years, environmental groups like Ontario Nature have opposed proposals by forestry operators to build year-round access roads in the peninsula..."


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Jobs in logging

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

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Logging Operation Supervisor

"...Meraki Resources (Port Alberni BC): to work on exciting projects with a tight-knit and safety-oriented team..."

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Logging Supervisor - Princeton, BC

"...The team is responsible for providing the Weyerhaeuser sawmill and other wood using facilities in the..."

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Logging Truck Driver

"...The successful candidate will possess the knowledge, experience and skill set required to complete assigned tasks in a..."

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Geotechnical Field Technician

"...Describe and classify soil/rock types in accordance with ASTM and Canadian Foundation Engineering Manual..."

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Recent episodes that mention logging.

Mind Your Farm Business Ep. 77: Budgeting on the farm

Duration: 22:16

"...If the farm is waiting for the tax filing to sort out profit and loss, decisions are being made for close to a year, and maybe more, without a full financial picture..."


Some of BC's Possible Old-Growth Deferrals Have Already Been Logged

Duration: 35:18

"...On Wednesday, the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs held a press conference to air their concerns with the deferral deadlines given to First Nations by the province..."


Old Growth 101

Duration: 35:31

"...Charlotte Dawe of the Wilderness Committee joins the podcast for a primer on old growth forests and logging. ..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about logging.

Why the EU Energy Crisis Fuels Severe Logging, even in the US

"...Biomass makes up roughly 60% of the EUs renewable energy, supported by large subsidies worth 13bn in 2020..."


We've planted 120,000 trees on a Romanian mountain - here's why

"...Sadly, this ecosystem hangs in the balance due to years of illegal logging..."


The Price of Damming our Rivers | Hydropower Impact

"..."Reducing greenhouse gas emissions of Amazon hydropower with strategic dam planning", Nature (2019) ..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about logging relevant to the latest news.

Approaches to Implementing Ecosystem Climate Projects in Russia

"...At the initial stage of the formation of the Russian carbon market, only reliable and transparent projects should be allowed to be implemented (reforestation and afforestation with mixed species; improved forest management of managed forests; management of previously unmanaged forests; restoration of wetlands/grass ecosystems; conservation of soil carbon of agricultural lands; biochar application to soils)..."


Existence of Swamps and Detention Tanks for Preventing Urban Flood?A Case Study

"...The study relates to temporal changes in land use of Bhubaneswar city in connection to the rainfall and corresponding water logging problem in conformity to the temporal variation in temporal land use and land cover..."


Genomic evaluation for breeding and genetic management in Cordia africana, a multipurpose tropical tree species

"...africana, a species in decline due to deforestation and selective logging, revealed inbreeding depression..."


The Convergence of Environmental Crime and Corruption: An Operational Typology

"...Environmental crime includes acts against the environment and consists of the following: the illegal gathering of wild fauna and flora, illegal hunting, illegal fishing, illegal logging, trade, or possession of protected and prohibited species of fauna and flora, illegal mining, illegal movement, or dumping of waste activity, and air, water, and soil pollution and degradation..."


Distinct Behavior of Biochar Modulating Biogeochemistry of Salt-Affected and Acidic Soil: a Review

"..., soil erosion, waterlogging, acidification, salinization, flooding, anthropogenic activities, and other environmental extremes, adversely restrict soil health in the long run..."


The Effects of Forest Operations and Silvicultural Treatments on Litter Decomposition Rate: a Meta-analysis

"...Purpose of Review As litter decomposition is a fundamental process in forest ecosystems, representing the link between aboveground and belowground biogeochemical processes, we developed an effect size summarisation of the implications of forest management on litter decomposition rate, by applying a multi-level meta-analysis and multivariate mixed-effects meta-analytic linear models..."


A Sustainable Approach for Flood Mitigation in Kokrajhar, Assam

"...BTR situated in the foothills of Bhutan and the northern part of the region faces common problems like flash floods, erosion, and crisis of drinking water..."


Criteria for Assessing the Sustainability of Logging Operations?A Systematic Review

"...On the one hand, productivity is linked to the environmental and social pillars, as it is related to the level of greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, and the employment rate..."


Investigating the tsunami-mitigating properties of vegetated coastal areas in Pacitan Bay, Indonesia: A synergistic approach of

"...The study utilises simulations and on-site data to evaluate how coastal vegetation reduces tsunami wave energy and enhances coastal resilience..."


A comprehensive methodology for reservoir cut-off determination

"...Finally, the determined net pay should be validated using the results of production logging and wireline formation tests..."