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Coverage of materials management since March 26, 2020.

Household hazardous waste project nets Wellington County an award

"...The county's solid waste services division was recently named a 2023 North American Hazardous Materials Management Association Award recipient. According to a news release, a local resident nominated the county's Mobile Household Hazardous Waste Depot service in the Programme Innovation category. The service provided the collection of household hazardous waste 155 days a year..."


A Montreal guide to reducing plastic packaging and food waste

"...The guide proposes, in the form of interviews with merchants, various concrete strategies to help other businesses reach the zero waste target, or at least get closer to it. These include the recovery of brewers' spent grains, the introduction of a deposit system for bulk containers, local sourcing and other initiatives that are part of a circular economy process..."


London, Ont. hospital first in Ontario to offer eco-friendly masking

"...According to the hospital, the new masks are made from plant-based biopolymers found in renewable crop resources, and the masks not only meet the gold standard for protection, but also boast of an “impressive carbon offset — producing 65 per cent less CO2e emissions over its life cycle than a synthetic mask. ”“We were thrilled to be able to partner with a Canadian company that shares our values around planetary health and environmental stewardship,” said Lori Higgs, vice president of clinical support and chief financial officer at St. Joseph’s..."


Montreal plastic bag ban to start Tuesday

"..."In addition to being an eyesore, lost plastic bags significantly impact terrestrial and marine ecosystems," the city states. "Plastic films also contaminate the quality of paper bales in sorting centres. Banning them will greatly improve the quality of sorted paper and allow for better local recycling in our Quebec mills..."


Elliot Lake Hospital needs P100 respirators and filters to protect staff

"...David Vézina is making a personal plea to the public on behalf of St. Joseph’s General Hospital in Elliot Lake for personal protective equipment that will help protect staff from COVID-19. The Manager of Materials Management is specifically asking businesses and individuals for P100 respirators and filters, which are more efficient than the N95 variety..."


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Jobs in materials management

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Materials Management Worker 2 - City of Burnaby (Burnaby, BC)

"...load, unload and move heavy material; providing information to staff regarding such matters as stock on hand, pricing and..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about materials management relevant to the latest news.

Mitigation strategies to reverse the rising trend of plastics in Polar Regions

"...Here we report how these mitigation strategies are employed in the Arctic to minimize plastic waste impacts, and move Arctic communities toward better materials management and circular economic practices..."


Value-retained vs. impacts avoided: the differentiated contributions of remanufacturing, refurbishment, repair, and reuse withi

"...Value-retention processes (VRPs), a collective term that includes practices of direct reuse, repair, refurbishment, and remanufacturing, can facilitate the cycling of products and components within a circular economy (CE)..."


Improving the understanding of circular economy potential at territorial level using systems thinking

"...It includes intervention options for reducing consumption, improving the efficiency of production, introducing recycling and reuse for materials management, including new business models geared at waste prevention..."


Estimating non-hazardous industrial waste generation by sector, location, and year in the United States: A methodological framew

"...Detailing spatial and sectoral distributions and temporal trends in NHIW generation and reuse benefits, our study could inform more systematic strategies on waste and materials management to build a circular economy..."


The Circular Economy and Circular Building Practices in Luxembourg

"...If and how the circular economy and circular practices contribute to sustainable development in the country still needs consideration and monitoring..."


Research on building material design in circular economy based on improved neural network

"...Based on this background, this paper introduces improved neural network technology to adapt to the circular economy environment, so as to complete the construction and improvement of the building materials data management system..."


Supply Chain Optimization to Gain a Competitive Edge in the Construction Industry

"...In the coming years, economists foresee a sizable surge in construction volume and a potential deficit of skilled workers, which obviously calls for the industry to pay higher wages to secure the right people, which means there will likely not be a way for the industry to lower costs in the human resources category..."


Scanning effectiveness of material flow management in remanufacturing – case study on diesel particulate filter remanufacturin

"...There were identified disturbances in the material flow management in remanufacturing which were further investigated considering prerequisites for effective materials management..."


An Interlaboratory Test Program on the Extensive Use of Waste Aggregates in Asphalt Mixtures: Preliminary Steps

"...In view of increasing social and environmental consciousness, a circular approach in waste materials management in order to convert them into new secondary resources is becoming more necessary..."


Scope of Workflows

"...In this chapter, however, the term is defined more broadly, which is why areas such as the print buyer?s purchase order, materials management, or shipping the finished products to the customer are included..."


Competitive analysis of online machine rental and online parallel machine scheduling problems with workload fence

"...The concept originates from the frozen time fence in the domain of master scheduling in materials management..."


Deterministic Materials Management

"...Deterministic techniques are used in materials management whenever portions of the cumulative lead time remain within the customer tolerance time..."