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News and Opinion

Coverage of methane since April 4, 2021.

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Monique Keiran: Sustaining emissions drop from pandemic will require drastic action

"...The drop in traffic din and other noise pollution was immediate and obvious, noticeable even to Great Two-legged Galoots like Nature Boy. It was the first summer in decades when he was able to sleep without earplugs when the window was open..."

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Sustainability Award at the BUS2BUS exhibition. Solaris, Iveco and many more awarded

"...Of course, the Crossway and Crossway Low Entry Natural Power buses also help to save natural resources, as they are 100% compatible with biomethane, produced from organic waste. The vehicles thus have an excellent carbon balance and make a concrete contribution to the energy transition in local public transport. The environmental benefit is a reduction in greenhouse gas production of up to 95%..."

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LETTER: Langley student crunches some numbers on food production's eco-impact

"...If we have too much GHG, it can affect our earth and eventually us. Believe it or not, what we eat can affect us massively. For example, meat..."

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North Island-Powell River MP introduces bill to combat food waste

"...“This bill is an opportunity to examine our food system, stop the overproduction of unhealthy foods flooding the market, and ensure that excess healthy fresh food is available for all,” said Maurita Prato, Lush Valley executive director. “This examination of food waste in our food system will decrease methane production, support food security and move our food system towards a more sustainable future. ”..."

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Ocean bacteria release carbon into the atmosphere

"...The researchers began studying sulfur-oxidizing bacteria--a group of microbes that use sulfur as an energy source--in methane seeps on the ocean floor. Akin to deep-sea coral reefs, these "seeps" contain collections of limestone that trap large amounts of carbon. The sulfur-oxidizing microbes live on top of these rocks..."

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LETTER: People must change their actions to slow global warming, Langley student writes

"...This is increasing global temperature, warming up our earth and is resulting in climate change. Climate change is causing floods, droughts, storms, hurricanes, wildfires, and it's going to be a lot more frequent and intense. Glaciers have already begun to melt, just a few days ago, in India, a glacier melted unexpectedly which flooded the area, causing a lot of people to lose their lives..."

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Saskatchewan's climate change costs going up while budget appears to have gone down

"...But moreover, the 2021-22 budget estimates show $3. 35 million for climate change and adaptation this year, compared to $5. 873 million the fiscal year prior..."

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Red Deer company poised to be part of green economic recovery: BDC

"...A Red Deer-based energy company is poised to be part of Canada’s green economic recovery, says the Business Development Bank of Canada..."

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CO2 mitigation on Earth and magnesium civilization on Mars

"...Excessive CO2 emissions are a major cause of climate change, and hence reducing the CO2 levels in the Earth's atmosphere is key to limit adverse environmental effects. Rather than just capture and store CO2, it would be desirable to use it as carbon feedstock for fuel production to achieve the target of "net-zero-emissions energy systems". The capture and conversion of CO2 (from fuel gas or directly from the air) to methane and methanol simply using water as a hydrogen source under ambient conditions would provide an optimal solution to reduce excessive CO2 levels and would be highly sustainable..."

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Better solutions for making hydrogen may lie just at the surface

"...A clean energy future propelled by hydrogen fuel depends on figuring out how to reliably and efficiently split water. That's because, even though hydrogen is abundant, it must be derived from another substance that contains it -- and today, that substance is often methane gas. Scientists are seeking ways to isolate this energy-carrying element without using fossil fuels..."

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Electric vehicle owners feeling punished amid little investments in renewable energy

"...Josh Campbell, president of the Wascana Solar Co-op, feels the budget did not do enough for renewable energy. Campbell said Alberta introduced 156 megawatts of solar panel in January and February 2021, while SaskPower only plans to add a total of 60 megawatts of solar generating capacity this year..."

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Lightning strikes will more than double in Arctic as climate warms

"...A lightning strike bump could open a Pandora's box of related troubles. Fires, Randerson explained, burn away short grasses, mosses, and shrubs that are important components of Arctic tundra ecosystems. Such plants cover much of the landscape, and one thing they do is keep the seeds of trees from taking root in the soil..."

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Recommended Reading

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Oceanic Methane Hydrates

Fundamentals, Technological Innovations, and Sustainability

"...Oceanic Methane Hydrates: Fundamentals, Technological Innovations, and Sustainability provides fundamental knowledge on gas hydrates, including estimations and known exploration and production methods..."

Key Topics

Jobs in methane

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Specialist, Environment

"...Fugitive Emission Management Program (BC and AB)..."

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Recent episodes that mention methane.

Who Cares About Methane? With Eloise Gibson,

Duration: 14:14

"...This week I ask Eloise Gibson, climate change editor of Stuff, to explain the role of methane in global heating, why it’s such a contended topic and whether emitting gas through mammalian orifices will ever be acceptable in polite company. ..."

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Celebrity endorsements, farming in advertising, and getting it right — a LIVE! with Michelle “The Farm Babe”

Duration: 31:12

"...When Burger King launched a lemongrass and methane-filled advertisement that grossly misrepresented farming, Michelle Miller, farmer and speaker from Iowa who goes by The Food Babe, was having none of it..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about methane.

Why cows might not be climate change villains (w/ Frank M. Mitloehner, University of Calif. Davis)

"...Myles Allen, an IPCC contributor and Oxford professor who says the global warming potential carbon equivalency formula applied to livestock is incorrect..."

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Impactful Health R&D – Founder Series

"...Wasted produce ends up in landfills that create methane which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions..."

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Arctic disintegration is worse than we thought.

"...But a raft of research published in the Summer of 2020 finds that it's not just the sea ice but ALL of the feedbacks loops in the region that are gaining pace at an alarming rate, including the atmospheric temperature, the heat stored in the oceans, the release of methane from thawing permafrost and the melting of the Greenland ice sheet, all of which directly contribute to the catastrophic climate change we're witnessing everywhere on the planet..."

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Growing a Sustainable Citrus Garden in a Northern Climate

"...Her subtropical fruit greenhouse uses renewable energy with a high efficiency wood gasifier furnace for heat..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about methane relevant to the latest news.

A unique bacterial and archaeal diversity make mangrove a green production system compared to rice in wetland ecology: A metagen

"...Therefore, labile carbon build-up potential (38%) with less GWP (63%) even in degraded-mangrove makes it a clean production system than wetland-rice that has high potential to climate change mitigation..."

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Digging deeper into cutting methane emissions from the oil and gas industry in the era of volatile prices

"...Although the Gulf Cooperation Council is the beating heart of the world?s largest oil and gas reserves, it remains behind the curve on a critical issue facing the industry?the nature and extent of methane (CH4) emissions and how to mitigate the same..."

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Relationships among soil factors and greenhouse gas emissions from furrow-irrigated Rice in the mid-southern, USA

"...The objective of this field study was to evaluate relationships between methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), and carbon dioxide (CO2) fluxes and emissions and global warming potential (GWP) and early season soil properties and environmental factors over two growing seasons (2018 and 2019) under furrow-irrigated rice on a silt-loam soil (Typic Albaqualf)..."

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Development and optimization of an innovative three-stage bioprocess for converting food wastes to hydrogen and methane

"...For this purpose, operating condition optimization in terms of hydrogen and methane generated in this process from food waste was conducted..."

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Differentiated mechanisms of biochar- and straw-induced greenhouse gas emissions in tobacco fields

"...Addition of biochar and straw has constituted an effective way to improve soil fertility in tobacco fields..."

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Methane Enrichment in Biogas Mixture using Pressure Swing Adsorption: Process Fundamental and Design Parameters

"...Biogas is recommended to be a potential fuel source that can provide a continuous supply of compressed natural gas in forms of Bio-compressed natural gas..."

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Biochemical potential evaluation and kinetic modeling of methane production from six agro-industrial wastewaters in mixed cultur

"...The AWW studied were swine wastewater (SW), slaughterhouse wastewater (SHW), dairy wastewater (DW), brewery wastewater (BW), fruit processing wastewater (FPW), and residual glycerol (RG) of biodiesel production..."

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Enhancing methanogenic fermentation of waste activated sludge via isoelectric-point pretreatment: Insights from interfacial ther

"...The usefulness of waste activated sludge (WAS) as an energy source is limited by the poor generation efficiency of methane from WAS, which is mainly due to the complex nature of sludge and low abundance of functional microbes..."

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Enhancing anaerobic digestion process with addition of conductive materials

"...Results regarding activities of microorganisms and morphology and properties of sludge were described and commented, and future research needs were also proposed which included better understanding of the roles of DIET in each step of anaerobic digestion, mechanisms of metabolism of pollutants in DIET-established systems and inhibition of excessive dosage of conductive materials..."

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Modeling, Optimization and Cost Analysis of Municipal Solid Waste Treatment with Plasma Gasification

"..., carbon monoxide, hydrogen, methane, water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen, as well as the concentrations of some minor components present in the final gas produced such as hydrochloric acid, hydrogen sulfide and chlorine..."

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Co-production of Tight Gas and Coalbed Methane from Single Wellbore: a Simulation Study from Northeastern Ordos Basin, China

"...Focusing on vertical multi-layer superimposition of unconventional natural gas reservoirs in coal-bearing strata, research on the co-production of tight gas and coalbed methane from a single wellbore was conducted..."

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