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Coverage of monocultures since December 9, 2022.

No statistically significant link between climate change and Chiles wildfires

"...In addition, the study notes that changes in land use such as the growth of informal settlements in forest zones and widespread conversion towards non-native species and monoculture plantations are making many regions of Chile significantly more vulnerable to wildfires..."


Opponents stage protest as clock ticks down on B.C. island deer kill

"...“So the question is why is Parks Canada embarking on this still, to the cost of almost $6 million. ”Glynn wants to see the operation paused while a scientific census of the deer and vegetation renewal is conducted. Part-time Sidney Island resident Paul Lalonde acknowledged that deer had “shredded” the island in the past, but also argued islanders' efforts had addressed the problem..."


Know This About Net Zero

"...Meanwhile greenwashing, or the spread of misleading information regarding an institution's environmental performance, has disoriented the public on what products, actions, and policies are aligned with the goal of net zero by 2050. For example, in many institutions' net zero-aligned transition plans, carbon offsetting is a crucial strategy to account for their emissions reduction targets. Rather than working to decarbonize internal operations and functions, many corporations and governments are looking outward to see where carbon removal can be maintained..."


FOREST INK: A new way forward for managing our inland rainforest

"...For those who like to get out into the woods and may be new to forest management it is an excellent guide to see first hand what results when we have practice clearcutting in an attempt to replace so-called decadent forests with faster-growing monocultures..."


New pollinator hotspots and edible landscapes on campus

"...We've started looking at different places on campus where we can take like monoculture grasses and so forth, and replace those with more pollinator species to increase the biodiversity on campus, he said..."


UTRCA receives $10K in provincial funding to tackle harmful invasive species

"...Most importantly, these species are just really detrimental to native species and to our ecosystem as a whole, Williamson said. The cost to manage these three invasive species is staggering. The longer we wait to implement control measures, the greater the impact will be economically and on the environment..."


Regenerative agriculture and drought

"...Effective precipitation describes precipitation entering the soil and leaving only through transpiration, or through the soil into natural aquifers. It does not include evaporation or surface runoffboth major issues with modern monoculture agriculture. Drought resilience is about increasing a farms effective precipitation..."


Nature Canada brings together 100 groups calling for a more accessible and biodiversity-friendly 2 Billion Trees Program Natur

"...Nature, climate, faith, and Indigenous groups from across Canada are urging Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson to adopt measures in the 2 Billion Trees Program that would increase accessibility and support for biodiversity..."


As we brace for a summer of fire

"...The end of fossil fuels is certainly not being promoted by oil companies whose lobbyists flood the halls of Parliament Hill with hands out, pushing for oil-friendly policies and tax credits to help them to keep pumping while maintaining their current record profits. Their efforts are successful. The federal government has made it clear there are no plans to dial back the pace of Canadian oil and gas production..."


Campbell River conservation group Greenways Land Trust's staff gets their boots muddy

"...“Wherever you have two habitats meeting, it’s great for biodiversity,” Andrews said. “There’s kind of like three habitats in one. You’ve got the riparian edge, you’ve got this fringe area that includes sweet gale and willow, and then you have the true marsh out here..."


GREEN BEAT: Toothless crocodiles still bite

"...The invasive plant called water hyacinth, otherwise referenced as the “toothless crocodile” is a problem around much of the globe, including in Nepal, where California State University prof Anil Shrestha snapped these pictures. Thankfully, it’s not a problem here, yet. But it has potential with climate change..."


Letter: Forestry profit analysis for public consumption

"...Times have changed, our climate has changed, the modernizations of the past are outdated and we must again modernize our forest management to one based on conservation. Even Mosaic, the large island logging company, is setting aside large areas of its forest land to conservation and revenue generating carbon sequestration credits. They see the obvious benefit of leaving the trees standing vs..."


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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about monocultures.

"Not just sticks of carbon" - how growing trees for the climate must also benefit biodiversity

"...As he publishes updated research, Crowther tells Radio Davos that growing trees must increase biodiversity, and not lead to monoculture plantations, and that it must never be an excuse to slow the drive to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions..."


Transforming Lifeless Monocultures Into Biodiverse Woodlands

"...With us, you will restore nature and fight climate change every month ..."


We've decided to plant non-native species in Iceland - here's why #shorts

"...This means the natural composition is close to being a monoculture which has a hugely reduced capacity for supporting biodiversity..."


Why It Is Not Enough to Simply Plant Millions of Trees

"...What is the Relationship Between Deforestation And Climate Change? by Rainforest Alliance ..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about monocultures relevant to the latest news.

Economic potential and management of tropical mixed-species plantations in Central America

"...However, establishing mixed-species plantations in the tropics could provide a wide range of ecosystem services including climate change mitigation and biodiversity protection..."


Stakeholders? Perspectives of Species Diversity in Tree Plantations: a Global Review

"...Summary Our findings (i) describe the geographical distribution of publications investigating human perspectives about forest plantation diversity; (ii) build understanding of how political engagement and governance systems can support forest initiatives on forest conservation, management, and restoration; and (iii) demonstrate how these perspectives can create possibilities and opportunities for sustainable development in forestry..."


Canola productivity and carbon footprint under different cropping systems in eastern Canada

"...Diversified crop rotation with an appropriate sequence may be a promising strategy for increasing crop productivity while reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and lowering carbon (C) footprint for more sustainable agricultural systems..."


Diversifying crop rotation increases food production, reduces net greenhouse gas emissions and improves soil health

"...This study provides an example of sustainable food production practices, emphasizing the significance of crop diversification for long-term agricultural resilience and soil health..."


Taxonomic and community composition of epigeal arthropods in monoculture and mixed tree species plantations in a deciduous fore

"...Tropical forests provide several ecosystem services and functions and support approximately two-thirds of the world?s biodiversity but are seriously threatened by deforestation..."


Media myopia distorts public interest in US invasive plants

"...Using a phylogenetically-controlled structural equation model, we investigated three hypothesized drivers of interest: (1) plant abundance as quantified by national and state-level occurrence records in the Global Biodiversity Information Facility, (2) four key plant traits that might influence plant conspicuousness to the general public: ornamental use, human health risks, monoculture formation, and plants with positive economic value, and (3) media coverage, in particular the volume and sentiment of news articles over the same 10-year period..."


The diversity and abundance of soil macrofauna under different agroforestry practices in the drylands of southern Ethiopia

"...Within agriculture, monoculture based systems are the most common which often result in low biodiversity because they impact the abundance, diversity, and composition of soil macrofauna (SMF)..."


Potential of agroforestry orchards as a conservation set-aside initiative in industrial rubber tree and oil palm plantations fo

"...However, the establishment of agroforestry orchards as a part of a conservation set-aside programme may aid biodiversity by providing a wider range of ecological niches to support more diverse bird fauna within industrial monoculture plantations..."


Coffee trees intercropped with common beans: An opportunity to regulate the aphid Toxoptera aurantii (Boyer de Fonscolombe) (He

"...However, chemical control is ineffective and sometimes associated with resistance, environmental pollution, and pest resurgence, leading to the deterioration of agricultural ecosystem services..."


Research on intercropping from 1995 to 2021: a worldwide bibliographic review

"...In recent decades, therefore, intercropping has gained increasing attention as a more sustainable land management alternative to monoculture-oriented intensive agriculture..."


Enhancing Tree Performance Through Species Mixing: Review of a Quarter-Century of TreeDivNet Experiments Reveals Research Gaps

"...To make these investments sustainable and resilient under future climate change, science is calling for a shift from planting monocultures to mixed forests..."


Plant?herbivore?natural enemy trophic webs in date palm agro-ecosystems

"...Among agricultural systems, intercropping considerably increases the complexity of communities compared to monocultures and alternative host plants can influence insect pest damage..."