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Natural Gas

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News and Opinion

Coverage of natural gas since April 7, 2021.

Sustainability Award at the BUS2BUS exhibition. Solaris, Iveco and many more awarded

"...Of course, the Crossway and Crossway Low Entry Natural Power buses also help to save natural resources, as they are 100% compatible with biomethane, produced from organic waste. The vehicles thus have an excellent carbon balance and make a concrete contribution to the energy transition in local public transport. The environmental benefit is a reduction in greenhouse gas production of up to 95%..."

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Launching a new report on transforming home energy retrofit programs across British Columbia

"...Our newest report now turns to the topic of income-qualified energy efficiency programs, in particular, the Energy Conservation Assistance Program (ECAP) administered by utilities including BC Hydro and FortisBC, through a lens of equity-based program design. We considered the customer experience in depth, including a process of “journey mapping” the path of a participant through all stages of ECAP. Our research also looked at better practices and program examples from several other jurisdictions including Ontario, Nova Scotia, California, and Vermont..."

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Conservatives Unveil Climate Plan

"...The federal Conservatives have disclosed their own climate change plan..."

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Freshet, wildfire seasons overlapping in Central Okanagan

"...It may technically be spring, but rising temperatures and dry conditions in the Okanagan are causing the overlap of wildfire and freshet seasons..."

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‘Hydrogen fervour’: the technology breathing hope into Alberta’s industrial heartland The Narwhal

"...Here’s how hydrogen works: once pure, hydrogen can be burned as a fuel, not unlike natural gas.  In this case, it is “burned” by combining it with oxygen, which releases energy, emitting only one thing in the process: water. Hydrogen can also be used to create electricity in hydrogen fuel cells, which share similarities with batteries, but don’t need recharging..."

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S&P/TSX composite slips despite energy sector jump; U.S. markets close mixed

"...TORONTO -- Energy sector strength amid rising oil prices proved insufficient to overcome broader market weakness and Canada's main stock index closed lower on Wednesday..."

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Cascading effects of noise on plants persist over long periods and after noise is removed

"...A new Cal Poly study reveals that human noise pollution affects the diversity of plant life in an ecosystem even after the noise has been removed. This is the first study that explores the long-term effects of noise on plant communities. It was published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B..."

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Non-profit Quebec law centre to aid environmental group targeted by Alberta oil firm

"...In March, Environnement Vert Plus and other groups accused Pieridae Energy of lobbying the federal government to obtain nearly $1 billion worth of funding for its Goldboro LNG project. In an open letter to federal and provincial leaders, the groups asked governments not to finance the project. In its formal notice, Pieridae Energy accuses the environmental organization and its partners in other provinces of having failed in an obligation based on a relationship of trust..."

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LETTER: People must change their actions to slow global warming, Langley student writes

"...This is increasing global temperature, warming up our earth and is resulting in climate change. Climate change is causing floods, droughts, storms, hurricanes, wildfires, and it's going to be a lot more frequent and intense. Glaciers have already begun to melt, just a few days ago, in India, a glacier melted unexpectedly which flooded the area, causing a lot of people to lose their lives..."

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Electric vehicle owners feeling punished amid little investments in renewable energy

"...Josh Campbell, president of the Wascana Solar Co-op, feels the budget did not do enough for renewable energy. Campbell said Alberta introduced 156 megawatts of solar panel in January and February 2021, while SaskPower only plans to add a total of 60 megawatts of solar generating capacity this year..."

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I Read the Carbon Tax Decision So You Don’t Have To: A Detailed Summary of the Main Issues Environmental Law Centre

"...The Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act [the “Act”] is the federal legislation that creates the federal carbon tax scheme. In broad strokes, the Act sets out a carbon-pricing scheme for the purpose of reducing greenhouse gas emissions [“GHGs”]. The main body of the Act is divided into two parts..."

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Deadly Islamist Insurgency Threatens Africa's Biggest Private Investment

"...MORE: Total SA and Eni SpA plan to tap huge natural gas deposits that discovered off the northern coast of Mozambique a decade ago..."

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Recommended Reading

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The Bridge

Natural Gas in a Redivided Europe

"...Any vision of a modern Russia integrated into the world economy and aligned in peaceful partnership with a reunited Europe has abruptly vanished. Two opposing narratives vie to explain the strategic future of Europe, one geopolitical and one economic, and both center on the same resource: natural gas..."

Key Topics

Jobs in natural gas

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Lead, Process Engineer

"...Our clients include several of the largest oil and gas producers in Canada and worldwide, and we are currently executing a wide range of sweet..."

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EIC Measurement Technician - High Level

"...natural gas compressor stations, measurement stations, and pipeline assets operating safely and reliably..."

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Recent episodes that mention natural gas.

How Indigenous businesses, workers and communities are finding growing opportunities in oil and natural gas

Duration: 12:48

"...Through the growth of Indigenous employment, business partnerships and home-grown companies, Indigenous communities are seeking to reduce poverty and gain economic independence. ..."

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How do we make hydrocarbons cleaner?

Duration: 24:22

"...Bryan Helfenbaum is the executive director of Advanced Hydrocarbons at Alberta Innovates, an innovation hub that facilitates innovations from funding to commercialization. ..."

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What are the priorities of Canadians during the pandemic?

Duration: 11:41

"...Darrell Bricker, CEO of Ipsos Public Affairs, chats with Energy Examined on a recent survey that explored how Canadians are feeling during the pandemic and what their key priorities are moving forward. ..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about natural gas.

Is Geothermal Heating and Cooling Worth the Cost? Heat Pumps Explained

"...Is Geothermal Heating and Cooling Worth the Cost? Heat pumps Explained..."

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Rewa Power Plant and India's March Towards A Solar Powered Grid

"...n this video we start by discussing the Rewa Power Plant, and try to extrapolate its numbers to see what it would take to power all of India with Solar Energy..."

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How Tesla Battery Farms Changed the Lives of Australians

"...In this video we take a look at how Elon Musk's Battery farms changed the World in terms of renewable energy storage solutions and how countries are slowly moving towards clean Energy..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about natural gas relevant to the latest news.

Dynamic asymmetric optimal portfolio allocation between energy stocks and energy commodities: Evidence from clean energy and oil

"...This paper investigates returns and volatility transmission between SPGCE (S&P Global Clean Energy), SPGO (S&P Global Oil), two non-renewable energy commodities (natural gas and crude oil), and three products of crude oil distillation (heating oil, gasoline, and propane)..."

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Natural gas consumption-economic output and environmental sustainability target in China: an N-shaped hypothesis inference

"...In addition, the study posits a positive relationship between natural gas consumption and carbon dioxide emissions and between urbanization and carbon dioxide emissions..."

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Resource and environmental assessment of pyrolysis-based high-value utilization of waste passenger tires

"...Reducing the consumption of electricity and natural gas in the high-value utilization process has a significant effect on the decline of the main environmental impacts..."

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Counterfactual shock in energy commodities affects stock market dynamics: Evidence from the United States

"...We investigated energy commodities namely oil price, coal price, and natural gas price employing over decadal monthly data from 1991:01 to 2019:12..."

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Resource recycling sustainability assessment in ready-mixed concrete manufactured on energy consumption and environmental safet

"...However, some typical issues are associated with industrial solid waste resource recycling in ready-mixed concrete production process such as energy and material consumption, as well as leaching pollutant emissions..."

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Status Report on Electrification Policy: Where to Next?

"...Recent Findings Recent developments include targets and incentives for heavy-duty vehicles, growing programs to promote heat pumps for buildings and electric vehicles in disadvantaged communities, shifts to energy efficiency goals and utility performance incentives to include electrification, and emerging efforts to address the future of the natural gas distribution system..."

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Exploring the influence of contributing factors and impact degree on bus emissions in real-world conditions

"...A back-propagation neural network (BPNN) was applied, and the results showed that the composition of pollutant emissions for different fuel types was various..."

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Empirical analysis of CO 2 emissions and sustainable use of energy sources in Pakistan

"...The country is also facing the problems of low economic growth, energy poverty, and environmental pollution..."

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Technical feasibility of reforming anaerobic digestion and landfill biogas streams into bio-hydrogen

"...These limitations can be mitigated by producing bio-H2 via steam reforming of biogas sources such as landfill or anaerobic digester..."

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Methane Enrichment in Biogas Mixture using Pressure Swing Adsorption: Process Fundamental and Design Parameters

"...Biogas is recommended to be a potential fuel source that can provide a continuous supply of compressed natural gas in forms of Bio-compressed natural gas..."

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How Many Wells? Exploring the Scope of Shale Gas Production for Achieving Gas Self-Sufficiency in Poland

"...Such a significant amount of drilling and hydraulic fracturing would require reconsideration and verification of national energy security plans and expectations surrounding shale gas production..."

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Hybridization of a triple-effect absorption heat pump with a humidification-dehumidification desalination unit: Thermodynamic an

"...The results reveal that the system can produce, at its optimal operating conditions, 10 kg of fresh water per hour for 0..."

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