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Coverage of natural resources since September 6, 2023.

Japan, Canada pledge more co-operation on battery supply chains, AI technology

"...Industry Minister François-Philippe Champagne was coy about what kind of Canadian subsidies could follow to lure Japanese battery makers into Canada, though he and Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson both mentioned discussions underway with Toyota and Honda..."


Feds pledge $175M for 12 clean energy projects in Alberta

"...Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Jonathan Wilkinson announced, during a Monday morning event in Calgary, a total pledge of more than $175 million toward 12 new wind, solar and smart-grid projects in the province. The funding, made available through the federal government’s Smart Renewable and Electrification Pathways program, is expected to create thousands of jobs, including many in First Nation communities. “Together these projects will provide 387 megawatts of clean reliable power to Albertans while creating hundreds of jobs and displacing emissions from high-carbon sources,” Wilkinson said..."


Washington Must Not Allow Another Stolen Election in Congo

"...Washington needs to ask whether its priorities conform to its fundamental national interest in Congo, which is to nurture a long-term relationship with a politically stable, effective state, one that can also ensure uninterrupted access to, and protection of, key natural resources for combating climate change. To achieve this, the United States needs to remain true to its democratic values. Only free and fair elections have the potential to produce leaders who will have the political strength to address the country’s dysfunctional governance and latent political instability..."


Domincan Republic closes Haiti border over canal construction dispute

"...Border towns subdued as soldiers patrolled entry points and military planes roared overhead Associated PressSep. 15, 2023 1:00 p. m..."


Australian billionaire proposes green hydrogen hub in Prince George

"...The company has submitted an initial project description and early engagement plan with the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office proposing the construction of a large-scale green hydrogen and ammonia production facility..."


B.C. deer are stressed and under population threat due to the past wildfires in the Skeetchestn territory.

"...The education campaign for deer comes after the worst recorded wildfire season in B. C. Samantha HolomaySep..."


CCS Input on the First National Nature Assessment

"...CCS broadly supports the themes and framework proposed in the draft prospectus. The themes (conservation and natural resource management, economic interests, human health and well-being, safety and security) and cross cutting areas woven throughout them (climate change, equity) all intersect with the national security of the United States and, in particular, climate and ecological security. The framework is designed to consider information from a variety of sources ranging from the peer-reviewed literature to the experiences and perspectives of local communities..."


NDP wants Suncor CEO to tell MPs why company moving away from focus on clean energy

"...OTTAWA — NDP MP Charlie Angus will ask the natural resources committee to summon the CEO of oilsands giant Suncor when the House of Commons resumes next week..."


NDP MP wants Suncor CEO to tell MPs why company moving away from focus on clean energy

"...CEO Rich Kruger told investors on a conference call last month that the company was spending too much time transitioning to renewable fuels and needed to refocus on its core business of the oilsands. A week later, during the Liberal cabinet retreat in Charlottetown, Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault said Kruger's comments underscored why regulation is needed to force oil and gas companies to reduce their emissions. Angus says after a summer of record global temperatures and devastating wildfires it is clear that no company should be allowed to abandon their responsibility to help fight climate change..."


Federal prediction says parts of Canada could see wildfires through winter

"...The latest federal government forecast says Canada's already unprecedented 2023 wildfire season could continue late into the fall or winter..."


Wildfires in Canada could burn into late fall, winter

"...The wildfires have also made greenhouse gas emissions worse, with an estimated 1. 7 billion tonnes of CO2 emitted so far this year. But the cost of fighting the wildfires has also been immense..."


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Jobs in natural resources

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Section Manager, Urban Forestry & Natural Areas - District of North Vancouver (North Vancouver, BC)

"...Considerable knowledge of the methods, procedures and best management practices related to urban forestry and arboriculture, natural areas management, invasive species management, safety and wildfire risk mitigation, ecological restoration, and natural areas recreation..."

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Water and Wastewater Engineer - Urban Systems (Calgary, AB)

"...Applying practical knowledge related to civil and process facility design principles to provide workable solutions to engineering problems on a small scale and large multi- disciplinary projects..."

related opportunities

Park Technician - Land Development - City of Surrey (Surrey, BC)

"...City of Surrey employees are talented innovators, inspired by meaningful work and the opportunity to drive our city—and their careers—forward..."

related opportunities

Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator - Okanagan and Similkameen Invasive Species Society (Summerland, BC)

"...Do you love being outdoors and working around water? Are you excited about engaging the public on important environmental issues? Do you have experience with fieldwork and supervision? Then this position is for you! We are seeking an enthusiastic, motivated individual to join our team..."

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Recent episodes that mention natural resources.

Episode #66: Jon Stika

Duration: 58:04

"...Jon Stika is a writer, agronomist, and former soil health instructor with the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)..."


Episode #65: Jay Fuhrer

Duration: 01:16:25

"...Jay Fuhrer is a conservationist & veteran Soil Health Specialist from the Natural Resources Conservation Services, in Bismarck, North Dakota..."


Exploring the sustainability question in the proposed Clean Fuel Standard

Duration: 14:54

"...The news cycle has picked up on the Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) issue recently, but the topic isn’t all that new..."


Today’s Show: handling the pandemic, Canada’s natural resources, orphaned Grizzly cub, and gun violence

Duration: 1:57:12

"...Guests: Anthony Furey, Sun papers national columnist and oped editor, Dennis McConaghy, retired TC Energy executive and author on energy and climate policy, Lisa Dahlseide, Education Director for the Cochrane Ecological Institute, and Marcell Wilson, Founder and President of One by One..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about natural resources.

Won’t it overload the electricity grid if everyone switches to an EV?

"...We asked an expert at Natural Resources Canada to weigh in..."


Mr. Bruce Knight: Catalyzing a National Ecosystem Services Market

"...Knight explains the history of the Ecosystem Services Market Consortium (ESMC) and details how ecosystem service markets can add incentives to motivate farmers and ranchers to improve soil health..."


Linking Soil Biology to Soil Health: Healthy Soils for Sustainable Cotton Webinar Series, Episode 2

"...When these soil organism functional groups are in balance and working together, they contribute to ecosystem resiliency that allows the ecosystem to bounce back after a disturbance like a flood or drought as well as resist the negative impacts of these disturbances..."


Sven Mutke - Non-wood Provisioning Services from Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems

"...Pine nuts, mushrooms, and woodland pastures are just a few examples of the nontimber forest products that are increasingly part of the bioeconomy—an economic model that embraces forests as a source of food while prioritizing biodiversity and sustainability..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about natural resources relevant to the latest news.

Barriers and drivers for sustainable business model innovation based on a radical farmland change scenario

"...The new ES in focus connect to radical land-use change, paludiculture, as used in the rewetting of farmland intended to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that drained peat soil causes..."


Stock market development and environmental quality in EU member countries: a dynamic heterogeneous approach

"...However, to the best of my knowledge, there has been no research on the linkage between stock market development and environmental quality in the EU, while controlling for natural resource rents, trade openness and energy consumption at the same time..."


Origin, Selection, and Succession of Coastal Intertidal Zone-Derived Bacterial Communities Associated with the Degradation of V

"...Terrestrial microbial consortia were reported to play fundamental roles in the global carbon cycle and renewable energy production through the breakdown of complex organic carbon..."


Social networks of online rural entrepreneurs: the case of Turkey

"...Today, entrepreneurs, the main actors in achieving and sustaining rural development, have a unique opportunity in the exploitation of social capital in rural areas by utilizing the digital platforms..."


Considerations for environmental biogeochemistry and food security for aquaculture around Lake Victoria, Kenya

"...This presents a major hazard not only to aquatic ecosystems but local riparian communities and beyond who rely heavily on this natural resource for drinking water and fish?a valuable source of dietary micronutrients and protein..."


Current status of xylanase for biofuel production: a review on classification and characterization

"...Climate change, economic enhancement, and energy security are motivating reasons behind the idea of expansion of biofuel production worldwide..."


Managing Intractable Natural Resource Conflicts: Exploring Possibilities and Conditions for Reframing in a Mine Establishment C

"...Natural resource management (NRM) increasingly relies on communicative measures to enable reframing in intractable conflicts..."


A Review of the Long-Term Viability of Municipal Solid Waste and the Impact It Has on People

"...The socioeconomic effects of improper waste disposal negatively affect society?s capacity to effectively manage resources, utilize the land, and safeguard public health..."


The dynamic nexus between biocapacity, renewable energy, green finance, and ecological footprint: evidence from South Asian eco

"...Against this backdrop, this study explores the impact of economic growth, biocapacity, renewable energy use, natural resource rent, agricultural value-added, green finance and information and communication technology on the ecological footprint..."


Are research and development on energy efficiency and energy sources effective in the level of CO2 emissions? Fresh evidence fr

"...Climate change and natural resource depletion have reinvigorated the relevance of technical advancements in energy efficiency, which has been emphasized by the Paris Climate Accord that includes a framework for carbon neutrality..."