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Coverage of nature since April 15, 2021.

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Tick identification program aims to track Lyme disease

"...Developed by Bishop’s University and funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada, Manitobans can use the platform when they find ticks on animals, humans or in various habitats. Users can submit a picture to have the tick identified by experts, which will let them confirm if the tick they found belongs to a species capable of transmitting the bacteria responsible for Lyme disease..."

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Colwood speaker series celebrates Earth Month

"...The speaker series, hosted by the Citizens Environment Network in Colwood (CENiC), will highlight topics such as electric cars, community gardens, indigenous plant gardens, home energy assessments, Colwood’s little free plant and seed stand, solar installation and Clean BC Grants, how to naturescape your garden, Colwood’s waterfront plan, and little fish that feed whales..."

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Monique Keiran: Sustaining emissions drop from pandemic will require drastic action

"...The drop in traffic din and other noise pollution was immediate and obvious, noticeable even to Great Two-legged Galoots like Nature Boy. It was the first summer in decades when he was able to sleep without earplugs when the window was open..."

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Canada, Saskatchewan, Saskatoon invest $100 million in green infrastructure

"...A press release from Infrastructure Canada said that the green infrastructure projects include upgrades to drinking water and wastewater systems, improvements to solid waste management, sidewalk expansion and a new solar power plant..."

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Blanding’s turtles in Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site

"...They are also sensitive to the effects of habitat loss and fragmentation..."

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$102M funding for green infrastructure, COVID-19 resilience projects in Saskatoon

"...“The Meewasin trail network is built with goals for the lowest possible environmental impact and highest standards for safety and accessibility,” said Meewasin board chair Colin Tennent. “The planned enhancements are invaluable outdoor spaces where community members and future visitors can stay active, learn about the environment, and experience nature that supports physical and mental wellbeing. ”New trails, benches, picnic tables and interpretative signage will be added, along with increased safety measures..."

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New technique could help predict volcanic eruptions years in advance

"...Scientists have developed a new satellite-data-based early warning technique that could one day be used to predict volcanic eruptions years before they take place, according to the results of a new study. Alongside providing advanced warning, the orbital data could help the scientific community figure out which volcanoes should be fitted with sensitive ground-based monitoring equipment. Volcanoes are among the most terrifying and spectacular sights to be found on our Blue Planet..."

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How would the Conservative carbon price points card work? Here's what we know

"...According to O'Toole, “zero” dollars of this carbon price would land in federal coffers. But the money doesn't land in Canadians' personal accounts without strings attached. O'Toole said the Conservatives would work with the provinces to create the account, and will have a list of products the money can be spent on — all of which will have to help Canadians live a “greener life,” like a bike or a bus pass..."

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The Anthropocene Is Overrated

"...There is every reason to be alarmed about anthropogenic climate change, pollution, and biodiversity loss, all of which have been accelerating in recent decades and do pose existential threats. Warming trends could cause the collapse of Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets that would dramatically increase sea levels by dozens of feet by the end of this century. If that happens, say goodbye to New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, Mumbai, London, Istanbul, Dubai, St..."

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Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) Expanding the Greenbelt for Nature and People

"...Anastasia's presentation is available here: Expand the Greenbelt for Nature and People (CELA presentation)..."

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Konvekta launches EmCO2s: emission-free heating and cooling system for e-buses

"...The Konvekta EmCO2s obtains the needed energy through a CO2 heat pump that draws up to 75% of the required heat or cold not from fossil fuel or electricity, but from nature – from the ambient air, Konvekta says. Furthermore, the EmCO2S system collects unneeded heat in the bus and stores it in two energy carrier modules. If necessary, the heat is fed back into the system, directly to the points in the passenger compartment where it is currently needed..."

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The future of particle accelerators is here

"...At a press conference during the 2021 APS April Meeting, researchers will discuss how cutting-edge accelerators could collide with both energy consumption and our assumptions about the nature of matter..."

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Recommended Reading

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Silent Spring

"...This fortieth anniversary edition celebrates Rachel Carson's watershed book with a new introduction by the author and activist Terry Tempest Williams and a new afterword by the acclaimed Rachel Carson biographer Linda Lear, who tells the story of Carson's courageous defense of her truths in the face of ruthless assault from the chemical industry in the year following the publication of Silent Spring and before her untimely death in 1964. ..."

Key Topics

Jobs in nature

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Solid Waste Driver/Swamper - Labourer 2 - District of North Vancouver (North Vancouver, BC)

"...We are looking for enthusiastic and results-oriented individuals who have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, combined with a safety-conscious and strong work ethic and who enjoy working in the challenging weather conditions of the North Shore..."

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Park Operations Technician

"...Coordinate the work of students, primarily in the summer; and help provide training and ongoing..."

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Facilitator, Workplace Learning Solutions

"...confusion or adverse to the nature of the topic, feelings of insecurity based on ability or others in the room, fear of speaking or sharing ideas in front of others, afraid to see or hear the..."

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LSO OTHR 2 - Land Resource Coordinator

"...grasslands with rocky outcrops and stands of ponderosa pine and Douglas fir, its three lakes and mountain views in every direction command attention..."

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Recent episodes that mention nature.

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Langford: A Tale of Two Cities. A Best Coast Political Podcast Crossover.

Duration: 01:08:04

"...In this unique podcast experience, the Best Coast Political Podcast teams with the Capital Daily to bring listeners a revealing look at one of B. C. 's most beguiling towns: Langford..."

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Possible futures from the intersection of nature, tech and society | Natsai Audrey Chieza

Duration: 08:42

"...Source: TED Talks Daily..."

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#183 Laura Zerra: Surviving the wilderness. Persistence hunting / vegetarian / knife forging / nature / naked and afraid

Duration: 01:13:52

"...Laura Zerra is most well known from the TV show Naked and Afraid, but there is so much more to who she is..."

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Bonus Episode - Climate Census with Chelsea Webster

Duration: 13:53

"...In the last couple of weeks, people in England, Wales & Northern Ireland would have received a little piece of paper asking them to take part in the 2021 census..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about nature.

Searching for Seaweed Species

"...Seaweeds are marine algae that produce 70% of the oxygen in the atmosphere..."

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Mr. Bruce Knight: Catalyzing a National Ecosystem Services Market

"...Knight explains the history of the Ecosystem Services Market Consortium (ESMC) and details how ecosystem service markets can add incentives to motivate farmers and ranchers to improve soil health..."

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Highlights 2021 Spring Meetings | Key Green Transitions: How Systems Are Changing for 👥 and 🌎

"...The event Key Green Transitions: How Systems Are Changing for People and Planet centered on the need to decarbonize key sectors of the economy that account for more than 90% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, including energy, transport and food systems..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about nature relevant to the latest news.

A unique bacterial and archaeal diversity make mangrove a green production system compared to rice in wetland ecology: A metagen

"...Therefore, labile carbon build-up potential (38%) with less GWP (63%) even in degraded-mangrove makes it a clean production system than wetland-rice that has high potential to climate change mitigation..."

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Process and engineering aspects of carbon capture by ionic liquids

"...The accumulation of greenhouse gases, leading to global warming necessitated the research for efficient and recyclable CO2 capture solvents..."

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Combining bio-inspiration and ecodesign

"...Both the principles used by termites to passively regulate the temperature of their mound and the principles used by sharks and fish to reduce the drag across their skin can be used as an embodiment of the guideline to reduce energy consumption during use..."

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Economic assessment of rewilding versus agri-environmental nature management

"...restoring natural processes in self-sustaining biodiverse ecosystems, has been proposed as an alternative and is hypothesized to be a more cost-efficient approach to promote biodiversity conservation..."

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Enhancing methanogenic fermentation of waste activated sludge via isoelectric-point pretreatment: Insights from interfacial ther

"...The usefulness of waste activated sludge (WAS) as an energy source is limited by the poor generation efficiency of methane from WAS, which is mainly due to the complex nature of sludge and low abundance of functional microbes..."

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Circular Economy and Sustainability: the Past, the Present and the Directions

"..., climate change, nature conservation and social equity), it seems there is no consistency relating to their content..."

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Heat and weight optimization methodology of thermal batteries by using deep learning method with multi-physics simulation

"...In this study, we present an optimization methodology that can facilitate the weight-optimized design of a thermal battery by modeling the design processes and optimizing accordingly..."

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Single and multi-area multi-fuel economic dispatch using a fuzzified squirrel search algorithm

"...Because of the contradicting nature of fuel cost and pollutant emission objectives, weighted sum approach and price penalty factor are used to transfer the bi-objective function into a single objective function..."

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A scenario-based approach to tackle trade-offs between biodiversity conservation and land use pressure in Central Italy

"...Land Use and Land Cover Changes (LULCC) are recognized among the main drivers affecting biodiversity and ecosystem services..."

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Assessing the ecological balance between supply and demand of blue-green infrastructure

"...Given that improving urban ecological environment requires a clear recognition of the urban ecological elements, investigating the ecosystem service capabilities of urban green-blue infrastructures (UGBIs) becomes ever important..."

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Utilising law in the transition of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to a low-carbon economy

"...Key issues around environmental governance are discussed in depth in the light of Vision 2030..."

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