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Coverage of nuclear energy since June 10, 2023.

Cameco buys US$2.2B share in Westinghouse Electric Company

"...Cameco brings over 35 years of experience in uranium mining and nuclear fuel production, while Brookfield, known for its expertise in clean energy, is expected to complement the venture. This collaboration aims to fortify Westinghouse's position in providing nuclear plant technologies, products and services, as well as fostering strategic growth in the nuclear sector. Veronica Baker, Cameco's external communications manager, says the acquisition marks a pivotal moment for the company..."


Small modular reactors in Saskatchewan met with questions, concerns

"...Another issue is the levels of nuclear waste that are produced during the reaction process. SMRs utilize the same nuclear reactions as large-scale nuclear reactors. Uranium is the main ingredient for SMR fuel..."


Why a German nuclear power startup set up shop in Vancouver

"...After all, in Canada most of the expertise in nuclear energy is in Ontario, where the CANDU reactor was developed and where several nuclear power plants operate..."


Q&A: How China is using nuclear power to reduce its carbon emissions

"...China recently approved the construction of six more nuclear reactors, cementing its status as the world’s fastest-growing nuclear power producer..."


Quebec power utility mulls reopening of Gentilly-2 nuclear reactor

"...But Pierre-Olivier Pineau, professor of energy sector management at the HEC Montréal business school, doubts reviving nuclear power would be profitable in Quebec. In 2012, the provincial government under then-premier Pauline Marois accepted Hydro-Québec's recommendation to close Gentilly-2, in part because of the high cost of refurbishing the plant. What people are reading Canada’s war of the energy worlds is about to go nuclear By Max Fawcett | Opinion, Politics | August 9th 2023 "More than 10 years later, costs can only go up because we've started dismantling the plant," Pineau explained in an interview..."


Ontario’s clean power plan that’s ‘not really a plan’

"...After the Bruce Power announcement, the Saugeen Ojibway Nation, composed of the Saugeen First Nation and the Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation, said they will not support any new projects on their territory until there is a solution to storing Canada’s nuclear waste. The nuclear plant, which would be the province’s largest nuclear power project in more than 30 years, needs environmental approval from the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada, meaning even if it is approved, it won’t be opening any time soon. The Ontario government said large-scale nuclear power projects typically have a lead time "of a decade or more," which Brooks stresses is too far in the future to address the current climate crisis and the immediate need to reduce emissions..."


Critics say Alberta environment minister’s mandate letter lacks specifics on climate

"...But the letter also includes instructions to open up water licensing, streamline industrial reclamation, promote nuclear energy and oppose federal environmental regulation..."


Japan plans to dump treated Fukushima wastewater in the ocean. Is it safe?

"...“We cannot either understand or remain silent about the situation in which Japan fails to dispose of the nuclear waste within its own territory and takes the illegal and unethical action of discharging (the water) into the sea,” he said. The Japanese government has defended the neutrality of a report by the International Atomic Energy Agency on the wastewater release plan that concluded it meets international safety standards, denying allegations that Japan pressured the agency into publishing favorable results. Economy and Industry Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura visited the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant Monday morning to see key equipment, including an emergency shutdown system, days after the Japanese regulatory authority granted a permit to the plant’s operator for the release and the IAEA said the environmental impact would be negligible..."


Ontario announces new long-term renewable green plan

"...Initiatives being run under the new plan include advancing nuclear energy and optimizing hydroelectric power generation to continue developments in affordable and reliable green energy..."


Ontario plans massive expansion in nuclear power

"...“With our plan already in place to meet demand this decade, we are starting the pre-development work to identify future generation options, including reliable, affordable and clean nuclear energy, that will power our province into the future. ”As of 2019, about 60 per cent of Ontario’s energy mix was from nuclear, with 24 per cent from hydro and eight per cent from wind. The current generating station at Bruce Power, one of the largest in the world, has a capacity of around 6,600 MW..."


New nuclear reactors coming to Bruce County

"...After shaking hands with some of Bruce Power’s 4,200 employees, Ontario’s Energy Minister Todd Smith gave workers the news they wanted to hear. A brand new nuclear station is now under development at the Bruce Power site, along the shores of Lake Huron. “This is the biggest economic development announcement in the last 40 years for Bruce County, for our whole region..."


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Recent episodes that mention nuclear energy.

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about nuclear energy.

Chaos in Energy Markets Then and Now: 50 Years After the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo

"...Fifty years later, the embargo’s legacy includes vehicle fuel efficiency standards, and greater interests in domestically produced energy, drilling in deep waters and Alaska, nuclear energy, liquefied natural gas, and renewable energy..."


Can Nuclear Powered Ships Clean Up Shipping?

"...The U. S. , China, and South Korea are developing thorium molten salt reactors, as well as small modular reactors for ships, submarines, and offshore power plants, could nuclear energy be the answer? How does nuclear compare to diesel for transportation? Let’s explore nuclear power for shipping and when, or if, it can be the future of transportation & cargo shipping..."


273. Nukes or No Nukes - What is the role of nuclear in getting to a low carbon economy?

"...Is nuclear power the only we we can reach net-zero emissions or is it a threat to civilization and a distraction from other low carbon sources of energy such as solar and wind? Green Energy Futures teams up with the Energy vs Climate Podcast..."


Is Germany's nuclear exit a mistake?

"...The country had to fire up old coal plants to secure energy supply in the past year, while other countries continued to build more nuclear power plants..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about nuclear energy relevant to the latest news.

Assessment of Hydrogen as an Alternative Fuel: Status, Prospects, Performance and Emission Characteristics

"...However, among the practiced alternative sources, the most popular sources are renewable energy (solar, wind, geothermal, biomass energy), nuclear energy, or hybrid nuclear energy..."


Evaluating a pathway for environmental sustainability: the role of energy mix and research and development in European countrie

"...Population, wealth, renewable energy, nuclear energy, and research and development (R&D) are all factored into the STIRPAT model to determine their respective environmental impacts..."


Wind energy and sustainable electricity generation: evidence from Germany

"...The study recommended that policies such as granting of tax credit for wind energy technology, reduction in property taxes for wind power facilities, and allocation of fund for research and development (R&D) in wind energy technology are recommended to promote the use of wind energy in the economy..."


Tokyo Smart Global Megacity?Smart Sustainable Energy Solutions

"...Pioneering with best of information technology the nation has paved the path for nuclear energy; a need arising, as the country lacks with natural resources..."


Basic Nuclear Science and Engineering

"...The process of nuclear fission as the fundamental step of nuclear energy generation is also described along with its implications in nuclear waste generation..."


Review of global energy trends towards 2040 and recommendations for Iran oil and gas sector

"...According to findings, six mega-trends that would shape the future of global energy sector are as follows: growing demand for natural gas, increasing the share of non-fossil resources in the global energy consumption, divergence of economic growth with energy demand growth, stability of oil demand and oil price, increasing demand for oil in the petrochemical sector, no significant increase in the share of nuclear energy (nuclear fission)..."


Nuclear Disaster: Assessing the Compliance of Global Nuclear Safety Regime in Bangladesh

"...As a rapid growing economy, currently Bangladesh has huge demand of electricity, while the present government is trying to increase the production quickly through nuclear energy and decrease the dependence on gas and other fossils..."


Investigating the inverted N-shape EKC in the presence of renewable and nuclear energy in a global sample

"...Therefore, the present study is an attempt to examine the nexus between disaggregated energy consumption, economic growth and carbon dioxide emissions..."


Natural gas supply cuts and searching alternatives in Germany: A disaggregated level energy consumption analysis for environmen

"...Thus, the results imply that the most appropriate alternative is coal energy consumption in the short-term and renewable energy consumption in the long-term to compensate for Russia?s natural gas supply cuts, whereas nuclear energy consumption is not a real alternative for Germany..."


Energy Governance in Slovenia

"...This chapter examines the governance of energy policy in Slovenia, focusing on renewable energy, nuclear energy, and the coal phaseout as the main issues in a country that considers itself one of the leading green countries in the EU, and also aspires to become climate neutral by 2050..."