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Nuclear Fusion

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News and Opinion

Coverage of nuclear fusion since February 10, 2021.

Nuclear fusion startup test fires plastic waste-powered rocket

"...A UK company with lofty aspirations around sustainable space travel has test-fired a rocket engine powered in part by plastic waste. Pulsar Fusion's hybrid rocket engine is part of an ambitious journey that also involves the development of nuclear fusion technology for high-speed propulsion, which could cut travel times to Mars in half. The idea of incorporating recycled plastic waste into hybrid rocket fuels is something we have seen explored before..."

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KSTAR fusion reactor sets record with 30-second plasma confinement

"...Scientists are exploring nuclear fusion technology through various experimental devices, and a popular design for this pursuit of clean, practically inexhaustible energy is known as the tokamak. An exciting example of these donut-shaped reactors can be found at the Korea Institute of Fusion Energy, where scientists have reportedly set a new record by maintaining super-hot plasma for 30 seconds. The idea behind fusion power is to recreate the processes that take place inside the Sun..."

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World's strongest fusion magnet brings new power to nuclear pursuit

"...In the field of nuclear fusion some are going big with their pursuit of clean, inexhaustible energy, like those piecing together the seven-story building to house ITER, the world's largest tokamak reactor. Others, meanwhile, are working on more compact and affordable designs in an attempt to edge the technology forward. A new breakthrough from MIT scientists demonstrates how some of the biggest advances might just come from these projects that are smaller in stature, with the team revealing a record-setting superconductive magnet, the most powerful of its type in the world..."

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Wendelstein 7-X fusion reactor on path to plasma twice as hot as the Sun

"...The Wendelstein 7-X stellarator is an experimental nuclear fusion reactor designed to bring us closer to the prospect of clean, limitless energy, and since producing its first plasma in 2015 we've seen it take steady and significant steps toward that aim. Physicists have just confirmed another "major advance" that could see the reactor host plasma twice as hot as the Sun's core as a result of efforts to address inherent energy losses in the design. Stellarators stand apart from the more common, symmetrical doughnut-shaped tokamak fusion reactors as hugely complex structures full of twists and turns..."

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Race to recreate the sun's power: Secrets of nuclear fusion explained

"...Imagine an energy that’s clean, abundant, cheap and available for everyone..."

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Gaming graphics card allows faster, more precise control of fusion energy experiments

"...Nuclear fusion offers the potential for a safe, clean and abundant energy source..."

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Celebrating stories of Ontarians: Roberta Bondar and Art McDonald, Members of the Order of Ontario

"...“Nuclear fusion powers the sun; it’s being attempted on Earth as a major green energy source,” says McDonald. “We have proven that the calculations of how the sun burns are accurate. So it’s the engineering that needs to be sorted out to create a very substantial green energy source that uses water from the oceans and can help our climate change efforts..."

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China claims new fusion record with its

"...China's Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) is one of a number of promising nuclear fusion research devices in operation around the world, and over the past few years we've seen it take some impressive steps forward. Chinese state media is now reporting that scientists working on the project have achieved a new world record by holding plasma of 120 million degrees Celsius for 101 seconds in their latest round of experiments, edging closer to the long-pursued goal of clean and limitless energy. The idea behind nuclear fusion research is to recreate the process that the Sun uses to produce monumental amounts of energy, where intense heat and pressure combine to produce plasma in which atomic nuclei fuse at incredible velocities..."

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New findings help in protecting divertor without degrading core plasma

"...The high-power and long-pulse operation of tokamak will cause excessive particle flux and heat load on the divertor target plate. The surface of the target plate will be subject to intense sputtering, and the thermal load of the target plate will exceed the material/component limit..."

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Tracking the progress of fusion power through 60 years of neutral particle analysis

"...As the world's energy demands grow, so too does growing concern over the environmental impact of power production. The need for a safe, clean, and reliable energy source has never been clearer. Fusion power could fulfil such a need..."

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Four ways to fusion: The pros and pitfalls of our nuclear power pursuit

"...For nearly a century, scientists have been tantalized by the prospect of attaining an inexhaustible source of energy through nuclear fusion. Unfortunately, engineering a controlled environment where atomic nuclei can continuously fuse under extreme pressure and temperature to produce energy that we can capture is very difficult, but that doesn't mean exciting advances aren't being made. Here we take a look at some of the different approaches to nuclear fusion, and the reasons why some appear more promising than others..."

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Bottling the world's coldest plasma

"..."To understand how the solar wind interacts with the Earth, or to generate clean energy from nuclear fusion, one has to understand how plasma -- a soup of electrons and ions -- behaves in a magnetic field," said Rice Dean of Natural Sciences Tom Killian, the corresponding author of a published study about the work in Physical Review Letters..."

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Recent episodes that mention nuclear fusion.

Steve Cowley on Nuclear Fusion

Duration: 28:10

"...Steve Cowley has said that "fusion is arguably the perfect way to power the world"..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about nuclear fusion.

Exploring a New Transparent Solar Cell Breakthrough

"...But what if we could harvest solar energy from the windows and skylights of our homes and skyscrapers, or even from our car windows and cellphone screens? Let's explore transparent solar panels and how they stack up against conventional panels..."

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This Fusion Fuel Experiment Will Bring Us One Step Closer to Ignition

"...And that’s the big dream of fusion ignition—it would produce a limitless supply of clean energy..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about nuclear fusion relevant to the latest news.

Towards Fusion Energy in the Industry 5.0 and Society 5.0 Context: Call for a Global Commission for Urgent Action on Fusion Ene

"...This article provides a high-level review of the geopolitical status quo of nuclear fusion energy and outlines a vision for the future against the backdrop of Industry 5..."

related research

IBIC analysis of SiC detectors developed for fusion applications

"...In this work, we consider a 4H-SiC detector as a plasma diagnostic system for the detection of fusion-born alpha particles in future nuclear fusion reactors..."

related research

Atomistic simulations of nanoscale tungsten clusters: From structure and energetics to melting properties

"...Tungsten (W) dust generated from the interactions between the energetic edge plasma and W-based first-wall materials in future nuclear fusion reactors can significantly affect the plasma stability..."

related research

Impact of materials technology on the breeding blanket design – Recent progress and case studies in materials technology

"...A major part in the EUROfusion materials research program is dedicated to characterize and quantify nuclear fusion specific neutron damage in structural materials..."

related research

Experimental investigation of a new hybrid structured surface for subcooled flow boiling heat transfer enhancement

"...A new scheme with hybrid submillimetre/micro/nano-structured surfaces providing both high subcooled flow boiling performance and relatively low flow resistance was proposed to develop highly efficient and reliable water cooling schemes for plasma facing components (PFCs) in future nuclear fusion engineering..."

related research

Does the pathway for development of next generation nuclear materials straightly go through high-entropy materials?

"...The concept of entropy stabilized complex materials provides a novel direction for the design and engineering of breakthrough materials to be used in extreme environments and particularly in advanced nuclear reactors..."

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Future Approaches

"...Besides those technologies discussed up to here, there are further approaches in the state of development that have as yet not been proven in practice on a significant scale to solve energy utilization problems..."

related research

Hybrid-View Programming of Nuclear Fusion Simulation Code in XcalableMP

"...XcalableMP(XMP) supports a global-view model that allows programmers to define global data and to map them to a set of processors, which execute the distributed global data as a single thread..."

related research

Manufacturing design of typical attachments in the vacuum vessel of ITER

"...The vacuum vessel is a nuclear fusion engineering equipment in ITER..."

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Lithium dilution in Li-Sn alloys

"...Liquid lithium-tin (Li-Sn) alloys are being considered in alternative concepts of plasma facing components for nuclear fusion applications..."

related research

Relevance of Dynamical Nuclear Processes in Quantum Complex Systems of Massive White Dwarfs

"...We focus on the properties of massive carbon and oxygen white dwarfs, taking into account the electron capture and pycnonuclear fusion reactions instabilities..."

related research

Shutdown dose rates calculations due to light ions induced activation using D1S methodology

"...This methodology has been widely used in the analysis of nuclear fusion installations like ITER, JET or DEMO, proving to be a very efficient tool for Shutdown Dose Rate calculations..."

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